Top Harness Drivers of 2014

The Top Ten

1 Yannick Gingras

Green hornet is untouchable. He is making a difference for harness racing on and off the track. He is a great face for the sport!

He is amazing! He will be in the hall of fame. Super intelligent and extremely aggressive lethal combination.

He has over 15 million banked this year with minimal drives. He is truly a master!

He currently is at 53% in the money and 25% of drives has been WINS!
He is unbelievable!

2 Tim Tetrick

He knows how to get it done. Can race any style and he is great when the big money is on line.

3 Jody Jamieson

He has turned into one of the best drivers. He is an all around driver.

4 David Miller

He is consistent and reliable. Great driver!

Brings in the long shots great horesman

5 Brian Sears

He is not driving as much but he is always dangerous. Maybe one of the best of all time!

Maybe the best in the business right now


6 Doug McNair

This young Driver wins no matter what the odds very dangerous and skillful consider his tenure in the sport.

7 Scott Zeron

Another young driver lots of talent and wins often. he moves to Meadowlands and will have a tough time getting great mounts but will be in the top 5 this year.

I like zerons courage

8 Corey Callahan

Another smart driver that will make his mark this year. he knows how to win!

Does great with horses that don't have the best odds.
Fun to watch

9 Sylvain Fillion

Top driver can drive any style. Great with pacers and deadly with trotters.

10 Walter Paisley

Probably the best driver ever at Chicago area tracks. Not well known nationally since nearly all of his drives were at Illinois tracks.

The Contenders

11 Chris Christoforou

He is underrated driver. He is extremely smart driver and he is absolutely deadly coming from the back. His timing and patients what makes him great!

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