Top Ten Harness Drivers of All Time

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21 Dave Magee

Started watching harness racing in 1975. I believe that was when I first saw Dave Magee. In Chicago along with Ron Marsh and Walter Paisley. Dave was special.

Should be in the top 2. He and John Campbell. Best ever at rating a horse. Always helped trainers with rigging a horse. Great hands.

Smart driver with great hands.

22 David Miller

I followed David's career from the very start at my home track(Lebanon Raceway). He was a natural and the amazing thing about David is that he has only gotten better as the years have passed. No matter where he has driven he has been the Driver to beat when he has a horse of comparable ability. From Lebanon Raceway to Northfield Park to Scioto Downs to The Meadows Racetrack to now driving against the top drivers at Harness Racings Mecca The Meadowlands. I have to admire a guy like David that made his mark in Harness Racing by his amazing ability to get his horses to perform at a very high level. The mark of greatness is when you can improve any horse that you have an opportunity to drive and that is what I believe describes David's entire career in the bike.

He came from a small circuit here in Ohio where he was dominate and has fine nothing to disappoint on the big stage. Definitely top 10.

Dave Miller was robbed on 8/5/2017 in the 13th race!

Can't have a top 2
10 with out David. No shot Sears can drive with Miller

23 Paul McDonnell

He is an under rated driver. He drove mostly for William Wellwood and I think hurt his overall number even though Wellwood had some amazing horses. He was patient driver but knew how to get it done. Was the driver of some of the best horses I saw run. He didn't make many mistakes. a true professional!

24 Walter Paisley

Walter treated his horses like he treated the people who worked for him; with respect and fairness.

Possibly the best driver at Chicago tracks. Got as much out of a horse as any driver ever did.

Was awesome

25 Brett Miller

One of the best drivers in the world. One of very few people that makes almost every horse go a lot faster.

26 Jody Jamieson

Nova Scotia Proud. The man is definitely top 10 in Canada. He's an awesome all around driver. Great guy on and off the track

27 Don O'Dwyer

Good hands could drive with everybody!

28 Jack Bailey

King of Vernon

29 Doug Mcnair

Great driver. Better then Chris Christoforou

He is the new kid on the block.
watch out

30 Buddy Gilmour

Great driver Good man

31 George Sholty

Half mile tracks greatest driver. His fakes of horses quitting at the three quarter pole left many drivers with mouths open.

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32 Billy Haughton

Take Billy every time. He was the best in my opinion when it was all on the line.

33 Kevin Wallis

Can get a horse off the gate quicker than anybody..Great hands!

34 William Haughton
35 Charles Lawson

Ist driver to break the 2 minute mile record.

36 Robert Shahan
37 Vernon Crank
38 Brian Gath

Versitile as they come all round Champion and could match it with any driver in the world!

39 Gavin Lang

Here in Australia Gav AKA ICE MAN, more Group One races than and other driver here in OZ and could definitely take on the best in the world.

40 Örjan Kihlström

Cool under fire!

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