Greatest Harrison Ford Quotes in Movies

The Top Ten

1 ''Laugh it up, fuzzball'' - Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back
2 "It's not the years, honey; it's the mileage" - Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost Ark
3 "Strictly speaking, there's no such thing as invention, you know. It's only magnifying what already exists" - The Mosquito Coast
4 "Hey, you're supposed to be the fastest thing in the valley, man. But that can't be your car. It must be your mama's car! I'm sort of embarrassed to be this close to you" - American Graffiti
5 "The earth moved. The angels wept. The Polaroids are uh are in my other coat'' - Working Girl
6 "The report would be 'Routine retirement of a replicant,' which didn't make me feel any better about shooting a woman in the back" - Blade Runner
7 "How do I look? I mean, do I look Amish" - Witness
8 "I didn't kill my wife" - The Fugitive

On a side note, ''member the fugitive, yeah I member.'' - memberberries - htoutlaws2012

9 "If this works, you get to be Postmaster General" - Air Force One
10 "What's the last thing that you can remember about your husband that you know to be true" - Random Hearts

The Contenders

11 "Who's Scruffy Looking?" - Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
12 "I've Got a Bad Feeling About This" - Star Wars : Episode IV a New Hope & Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
13 "Snakes. Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?" - Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark
14 "That's Not How the Force Works." - Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens
15 "I Know" - Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
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