Best Harry Chapin Songs


The Top Ten

1 Taxi
2 Cat's In the Cradle

Time is simultaneous

A really great song. I first heard of this while playing Grand Theft Auto V.

3 A Better Place to Be
4 Mr. Tanner
5 There Only Was One Choice

This story deserves to be heard. So personal yet with a strong universal theme. The stuff "great American novels" are made of.
A musician's journey through life - hopeful dreams, adventures, disillusionment, renewal.
Ah well, even if we are merely a "dance band on the Titanic" we may as well go down singing. - Billyv

6 Story of a Life
7 Sequel

A revisit in later years to the story begun in Taxi. And another brilliant, worthy endeavor. - Billyv

8 Circle

This was my Dad's Song.. Mum told me how he used to sing it on the Prawn Trawler when they met back in the 70's.. I Miss U Heaps Dad.. I can Now Play It On Guitar & Sing It :) If Only U Could See Me Do It Champ.. x

9 Corey's Coming
10 Dreams Go By

The Contenders

11 Remember When the Music
12 I Wanna Learn a Love Songs
13 Everybody's Lonely
14 30,000 Pounds of Bananas
15 The Parade's Still Passing By
16 She is Always Seventeen
17 Any Old Kind of Day
18 The Shortest Story

This Song Is So Beautiful - Beatlesboy9

19 W.O.L.D.
20 I Finally Found It Sandy
21 Dance Band On the Titanic
22 If My Mary Were Here

A very personal favorite that I couldn't quite put on my remix top ten but I sure do wish my Mary had stayed - Billyv

23 Caroline
24 On the Road to Kingdom Come
25 Same Sad Singer
26 I Miss America
27 Bluesman
28 I Do It for You Jane
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