Best Harry Potter Chapters from the Book Series

This is a votable list for the best chapters in Harry Potter. It is the best list for a true Harry Potter fan as it picks out your most favourite moment in the series.

I'm aware I might have left some out, so feel free to add some chapters to the list. I did want to include at least one chapter from each book.

The Top Ten

1 The Boy Who Lived - (Chapter 1, Book 1)
2 Boggart in the Wardrobe (Chapter 7, Book 3)
3 Diagon Alley (Chapter 5, Book 1)
4 The Lost Prophecy (Chapter 37, Book 5)
5 The Forest Again (Chapter 34, Book 7)

I cry... at this chapter... every time... and I like crying... so this is my favourite.

6 The Other Minister (Chapter 1, Book 6)
7 The Battle of Hogwarts (Chapter 31, Book 7)
8 The Prince's Tale (Chapter 33, Book 7)

I'd say this one or the battle of Hogwarts. I found this chapter interesting because it unravels Severus Snape's story. I really enjoyed this chapter

9 Polyjuice Potion (Chapter 12, Book 2)
10 The Four Champions (Chapter 17, Book 4)

The Contenders

11 The Half Blood Prince (Chapter 16, Book 6)

I love this chapter because Harry finds out about the half blood prince. This is definitely one of the most important chapters in the whole of Book 6. I LOVE IT! 1

12 The Servant of Lord Voldemort (Chapter 19, Book 3)
13 The Phoenix Lament (Chapter 29, Book 6)
14 Snape's Worst Memory (Chapter 28, Book 5)

It gives us a good idea about Snape's past and why he's a dick to everyone but it's not as warm as a Prince's Take so I prefer it.!

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