Top Ten Harry Potter Deaths that Nobody Cared About

With plenty of sad deaths in the franchise, this one is a much harder list to make.

The Top Ten

1 Scabior

For those that don't know, he's half-wizard, half-werewolf, who lead the charge past the barrier at Hogwarts. Only he dies once the wooden bridge collapses and he falls. Since nobody knows or cares who this guy even was, he's the first one on this list. - NuMetalManiak

A good number one choice, he was such a minor character must don't even remember the character - germshep24

Harry Potter has about a gazillion characters...and probably about ten memorable ones.

2 Pius Thicknesse

This is an odd one because this death doesn't happen in the books, but in the final movie. Basically Voldemort got annoyed by him then and just killed him while they waited. - NuMetalManiak

Sad...He didn't even do anything... - Ananya

3 The Basilisk

Well, obviously any large and dangerously threatening creatures in Harry Potter aren't gonna be mourned by the audience that much. The basilisk, with its "stare of death" was one of the few that basically everyone wanted dead. - NuMetalManiak

This list is kinda weird to make, no body character about the Basilisk but everyone enjoyed the Basilisk death and doesn't enjoying a death equate to being a death people cared about - germshep24

4 Bellatrix Lestrange Bellatrix Lestrange A psychotic death eater who escaped from Azkaban, and is fiercely loyal to Voldemort. Murderer of many people such as Sirius Black, and also a sadist who drove the Longbottoms mad.

I'll bet the majority of people were really glad this crazy witch met her end. She was chaotic evil in many senses, no one really mourned her passing except maybe her closest allies, but even then, she was a character people just loved to hate. - NuMetalManiak

I really enjoyed this character although the movies didn't give her character justice, her death was a big deal, though I can forgive all the people that only know the movie - germshep24

What a wasted death - MaxBravo

Psycho - TriggerTrashKid

5 Aragog

The spider really wasn't that important at all. He had a signature scene in Chamber of Secrets when Harry and Ron met him, but wasn't seen afterwards until in Half-Blood Prince where he already died. Yeah, Hagrid had a funeral for the spider, but other than him, who really liked this thing? - NuMetalManiak

That is messed up this is one of the most touching deaths in the series only beat by major characters like Dumbledore.
I was shocked and heartbroken by his death - germshep24

6 Nagini

Much like Aragog and the Basilisk, you really think nasty animals deserve to be mourned? Me neither. She was the last Horcrux, and of course Voldemort cared the most about her, but it was a necessary death to end the series. - NuMetalManiak

Don't think anyone cared about her death but Voldemort - germshep24

7 Quirinus Quirrell Quirinus Quirrell

A pretty forgettable character that we only remember because Voldemort was connected to him, his forgettableness made the reveal really work - germshep24

Shame that he didn't get to stick around much, due to having Voldy at the back of his head and Voldy's weakness being the touch of love. His timidness was a nice touch to his character, but barely anyone cared THAT much. - NuMetalManiak

8 Igor Karkaroff

Durmstrang's headmaster being a former death eater is a nice backstory, but too bad he apparently went into exile and was later killed offscreen. Lame. - NuMetalManiak

9 Vincent Crabbe

I pretty much just forgot about him after he died

Crabbe basically ended up burning everything in a room through his own stupid use of a curse, including himself. For those that watched the movie, it was Goyle, but that's because Jaime Waylett was doing community service and they had to redo the scene differently. - NuMetalManiak

10 Peter Pettigrew Peter Pettigrew

He was strangled by his silver hand, for those who only watched the movies. - Cyri

The Contenders

11 Frank Bryce

The opening of Goblet of Fire saw this old man in the wrong place at the wrong time, an apparent necessary casualty to ensure Voldemort's secrecy. No one really saw him do anything interesting. - NuMetalManiak

12 Bathilda Bagshot
13 Hedwig
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