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What is your favorite Harry Potter couple? Vote on this list for your fave to get to first place! No hating please xx

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1 Drarry = Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter

It's the most popular ship? It doesn't make any sense.

If you don't see the chemistry, then you are blind.

I was born for this ship. I support gays!

I love these two!

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2 Dramione = Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

They are just perfect for each other. I reckon Hermione can knock some sense into Draco and Draco can help Hermione let go and not be so tense about everything

They are my favorite, I love them

The opposite of love is indifference anyway.

They should be number one

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3 Romione = Ron Weasley x Hermione Granger

It's simply one of the most heart melting (I don't know if that's an expression or whatever) ship ever.

Ron is amazing and deserves Hermione. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

This is so cute Ron makes Hermione do more fun things and Hermione makes Ron be more serious

This one deserves the top spot. Who are voting? I doubt they have read the books or gushing over tom Felton's good look after watching the films

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4 Wolfstar = Remus Lupin x Sirius Black

Honestly this completes my life. Wolfstar is my heart and soul. On another note: has anyone thought that Wolfstar sounds like the name of a Clan leader in Warrior Cats?

Wolfstar just rules!
Sirius and Remus have so much chemistry, I wish when they hugged in prisoner of Azkaban they kissed because they look good together.

"Wolfstar" Sounds like the name of a leader in Warriors. - RoseWeasley

I wish wolfstar raise baby harry James potter together then baby harry James potter would have a lovely childhood with his adopted fathers.

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5 Harmione = Harry Potter x Hermione Granger

I don't get why they did not end up together?!, they have a really great chemistry and the far more obvious pairing throughout the series! so why?!

They are just made for each other

Yes yes yes Harry is brave and Hermione is smart and they have the most romantic chemistry and the fan art is da best yes

The best

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6 Hinny = Harry Potter x Ginny Weasley

So underrated and Romione.
The evidence for both ships is easy to read in every single book.
You need reading classes if you don't notice it.
The films make people choose other. Like Harry and Hermione's dance in the later films.
Harry and Draco at the top. That is a joke. Its obviously the films because of how hot Daniel and Tom are.

Perfection! Harry and Ginny are made for each other!

This couple just belongs together. Ginny dealt with the horror of Voldemort in the Chamber of Secrets. Also, she loved Harry ever since the beginning.

I didn't see this one coming but when it did I thought they went together really well

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7 Scorbus = Scorpius x Albus Severus Potter

Just perfect

It's like just perfect



8 Nuna = Neville Longbottom x Luna Lovegood

YESSS! They have so much chemistry!

YES - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

I wish Neville end up with Luna lovegood instead of Hannah.
Neville / Luna could got marry have children / grandchildren.

9 Jily = James Potter x Lily Evans



Harry is their kid. Without them doing it, the whole series would not have existed.

No I'm glad that harry James potter is the son of jily because Jilly are my second favorite ship after hinny of course.anyway harry James potter wouldn't exist if harry son is Snape / lily. harry would have a different personality and harry will look like Snape and he would be called harry Snape or something.

10 Tomarry = Tom Riddle x Harry James Potter

I love this ship

My absolute favorite

Rule 41
Also Rule 45-

I don't know why I like it but ah well

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The Newcomers

? Snamione = Snape x Hermione

Yes. Ship. You can’t stop me.

? Snolly = Severus Snape x Molly Weasley

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11 Fremione = Fred Weasley x Hermione Granger

They bring out the better in each other and they're both very intelligent. They can gain a lot from each other.

Jk rowling wanted it

Wait... what the... - Hermione_Granger220

what... - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

12 Snily = Severus Snape x Lily Evans

Best ship ever

YES - RoseWeasley

I wish lily potter didn't get killed off then lily could raise baby harry with Snape then harry James potter would have a lovely childhood with stepfather Snape and his mother lily and possible half siblings as well...
I wish lily potter and Snape got married have kids / grandkids.


13 Grindeldore = Gellert Grindelwald x Albus Dumbledore

Yea...but that Wizard who was wanting to wear a woman's nightdress could've been gay.

You know... two mighty wizards, connected by ideas... Also, it's first canon gay ship from this universe

My two favourite ships are grindeldore and wolfstar😍😍❤❤

14 Lunarry = Harry James Potter + Luna Lovegood

So cute

I love this ship so much!

15 Linnny = Ginny Weasley x Luna Lovegood

I wanted to add this I think if Drarry did happen I would want Ginny to end up with Luna. Luna is for sure my number two pairing with Ginny

16 Drinny = Draco × Ginny

I don't understand why I like it, I just do.

(It's probably because if they had a child it would actually look like me )

17 Druna = Draco Malfoy x Luna Lovegood

Luna is so forgiving and wise. Draco could really benefit from her personality. He could learn so much from her. Draco was in such a bad place for most of their time at Hogwarts while Luna was always being picked on. Her and Draco defending each other would be so amazing to see.

How about ME + Draco?!

Leave them alone
They can ship whoever they want

They are a cute couple

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18 Candyshipping = Ron x Harry James Potter

This ship is so pure I love it so much -


19 Tomione = Tom Riddle x Hermione Granger
20 Alphi = Delphi Riddle x Albus Potter
21 Scorose = Scorpius x Rose Weasley
22 Runa = Ron Weasley x Luna Lovegood

Ron is mine. - Hermione_Granger220

um - KatyMartinezAndTheDiamonds

Honesty I wish Ron could up with Luna.because then harry would end up with Hermione.
Ginny would end up with Neville.
Draco could end up with pansy.
And they all live happily ever after with their kids and grandkids

23 Snarry = Harry James Potter + Snape
24 Cedrry = Harry x Cedric

I’m the fifth book when Dudley said “who’s Cedric - You’re boyfriend? ” It made my mind go yes we stan this

25 Drastoria = Draco x Astoria
26 Deamus = Dean x Seamus
27 Ronks = Remus Lupin x Nymphadora Tonks

I just love this ship! It is definitely my favourite, its just such an adorable pairing! Both of the characters are so sweet, and I just love the ship!

28 Scorlily = Scorpius x Lily Luna Potter
29 Jamlice = James Sirius Potter x Alice Longbottom Jr.
30 Charry = Cho + Harry James Potter
31 Nevah = Neville x Hannah
32 Drasy = Draco x pansy
33 Jeddy = James Sirius Potter x Teddy
34 Grindelmione = Grindelwald x Hermione

It's a cute pairing, if that staple of fanfiction, time travel is incorporated.

35 Luneville = Luna x Neville
36 Quirreldemort = Quirrel x Voldemort

If you watch A Very Potter Musical then you'll diehard ship this. I used to not ship it but then I watched AVPM so now I do.

37 Chedric = Cho + Cedric
38 Jorpius = Scorpius Malfoy x James Sirius Potter

THis is MY SHIp! You CAn't STop Me.

39 Demembridge = Dementor x Umbridge
40 Lilyander = Lily Luna Potter x Lysander
41 Lorlily = Lily Luna Potter x Lorcan
42 Liddy = Lily Luna Potter x Teddy
43 Hansy = Pansy + Harry James Potter
44 Harbus = Albus x Harry James Potter

Hey Draco/Harry is at the top and they would never fall in love in a million years.

For God's sake, ALBUS IS HARRY'S SON! - RoseWeasley

45 Chudley = Cho x Dudley
46 Permione = Percy x Hermione


47 Lucissa = Lucius Malfoy x Narcissa Black
48 Haphne = Harry Potter + Daphne Greengrass

This is the best ship ever!

49 Skeetumbridge = Rita Skeeter x Umbridge
50 Margumbridge = Marge Dursley x Umbridge
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