Top Ten Harry Potter Spells That Would Be Very Useful In Real Life


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1 Accio

Do you ever secretly mutter any of these spells lol.

Get anything I want, wouldn't I? Just say "accio car" and one flies over from a store and into your house! - Dawnstar

I lost my phone for like a week... Instead of going crazy I could've just gone "accio phone" - ToptenPizza

Really useful spell but everyone would just get really lazy in situations where you can get it yourself.

2 Reparo

You can repair things

You wouldn't have to replace anything! - Minecraftcrazy530

One would save so much money! - keycha1n

3 Lumos

This could've been useful in the 1970s.

Very helpful in a pinch or a blackout! - keycha1n

4 Alohomora

Your just letting robbers in

But of course, one would imagine how bad the crime rates would get... - keycha1n

5 Wingardium Leviosa

Lets hope it works for online trolls as well it does for mountain ones! - keycha1n

No need to pick up the to remote anymore!

I would have been so delighted =D

6 Muffliato

No more worrying about people hearing private conversations

Wouldn't this be nice? - keycha1n

7 Aguamenti

Perfect for water fights in the summertime. - keycha1n

8 Langlock

Glues the tongue to the top of the mouth, I see many situations where this would help... - keycha1n

Certainly something I would make use of in the family. - PositronWildhawk

I need that for my maths teacher

Bla Bla Bla... ! Thank you Snape! ;-)

9 Avada Kedavra

JK Rowling didn't even invent this, it used to mean destroy the opposite of Abracadbra which was luck.
But if you wanted to cast this you are crazy or you want to murder someone who could start World War 3. Dictators?

The Killing curse is cool but it will come useful if you want to be a murderer - LannaLau

Who the heck would put that on here,!

Useful?!? It's the killing curse! How would it be USEFUL!?

10 Petrificus Totalus

The Contenders

11 Scrougify

Yes yes. I would never have to clean my desk or my room or the kitchen after I make a snack.

Used to clean things. By the way, one notices that I don't have any unforgivable curses on here, but I have total faith that people will add them... - keycha1n

12 Expecto Patronum

One of my favorites!

Who doesn't want a light-up animal that is made of happiness?

My lonely life needs an unwavering compainion wow that's deep lmao

13 Legilimens

Of course I've wanted to look into someone's mind... Problem is. They'd be pretty mad at me!

Haven't you always wondered what was going on in someone's mind?

14 Riddikulus

Whenever you're faced with something you fear, there you go and it's funny!

15 Emperio

You can control people

Imperio u idiotic dweeb

16 Crucio


17 Expelliarmus

The spell you'd cast if your younger sibling steals something and won't give it back.

18 Vulnera Sanentur

Heals cuts? Umm... Yes please!

There's also Episkey, which does basically the same thing. Tonks used it to heal Harry's broken nose, and Harry used it to help his Chaser on his Quidditch team.

19 Serpensortia

Yay. Snakes

20 Salvio Hexia
21 Imperio

We can get everything! - Cyclne

22 Protego Totalum
23 Reducto
24 Nox

The opposite of Lumos!

25 Rictusempra
26 Mimble Wimble

This one will make you laugh!

27 Eat Slugs
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