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1 Expecto Patronum

Harry performs this spell the best. Even better than Hermione even though Hermione never had used this spell but still as she is known as the insufferable know it all, so this is the only thing Harry knows better than Hermione.

A great way to battle fear and saddess in metphorical terms, similar to one of Dumbledore's best quotes: Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light

It's just so beautiful

Best spell ever

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2 Avada Kedavra

Nobody can rescue from this spell except Harry Potter

Yes it can kill anyone even Harry but Harry lived because he was the Master of the Elder Wand because everyone thought Snape was but it was Draco Malfoy and only Harry, Snape, and Dumbledore knew it the only part that was killed was Voldemort's soul in Harry

Avada Kedavra is probably the most powerful and deadly spell, can kill anyone with just one hit.

Kills everyone even sirius


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3 Expelliarmus

My dad says "SMELLY ARMPITS! " (say it fast and you will get it.)

It sorta killed voldemort

Its his signature spell

No harm but it has come in use for harry a lot

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4 Accio

The ultimate spell for lazy people

It helps you find objects that you've lost. I can just see Ron using that spell on Hermione.

My fantasy:
RON: (outside) Hermione, where are you?
HERMIONE: (doesn't answer)
HERMIONE: (still doesn't answer)
RON: Accio Hermione Granger!
HERMIONE: (swooshing to Ron) RON! Lecture, lecture, lecture, lecture...

I'm a geek. :P

Me being the lazy person I am this would be really useful for me. Although I would use it for something different than what it's for: I would use it for things I haven't lost but I don't feel like getting :3 - avagranger

Whatever you want will come to you - Potterhead

Useful for lazy people like me

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5 Sectum Sempra

I would use this spell if I really had to, but Avada Kedavra only if it was on Justin Beiber.

Awesome spell make your victims bleed to death. nice!

A more painful killing curse

Best spell

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6 Imperio

BEST ONE EVER! - Patchflight

You can control people's mind... Like get your kids to listen to what you want them to do!

The greatest. It's technically all the spells. (When used on wizards). Evil, funny and lets you owning everything.

So cool I think they used it in the deathly hallows when they entered with the goblin

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7 Stupefy

Good fighting spell

Stunning ocmon guys what can be better than stunning

Some people don't need it, they are born with it.

Best attacking spell that doesn't seriously hurt U.Knocks out your opponent! Best spell to use to capture criminals and in friendly duels at school

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8 Crucio

Amazing spell love it

I am not terrible, but I like hearing torture scenes. Torture is terrible, But it is an interesting, cool spell. I would use it on a beetle or an ant to see their reactions. It feels like white-hot knives piercing EVERY inch of your skin. Even his penis hurt, I suppose. And Hermione, too

It's awful poor Neville and stupid bella trix

It tortures the opponent, Harry said its like warm knifes shredding your skin. This is what I should use when a teacher tells me of

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9 Wingardium Leviosa

Its leviOsa not levioSAR!

Good for lazy people who cannot be bothered to get up from the sofa and get stuff. Also if you were trying to defeat a troll in the girls toilets you could make it's club whack him on the head.

I love Hermione's quote with Wingardium Leviosa on teaching Ron. It was rad and really showed Hermione's girl power. Also, it helped Ron later in the series. And if you are lazy, just say the spell and whatever you want will come to you. I love this spell.

It's Wingardium LeviOsa, not LevioSAR! - MaxAurelius

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10 Petrificus Totalus

Love this spell! This is my TOP ONE spell in my list.

Best spell ever! All you need to do is whip out your wand and you can freeze anything in your way!

You can just stick out your awesome wand and say the words "Petrificus Totalus" how did J.K Rowling make up all of these awesome spell! I just love the Harry Potter movies and books!

I just love the way it sounds!

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11 Lumos

This charm defentely can find the something is on the loose or maybe

I find LUMOS to be the "unsung hero" of spells, since it's so easy to learn (as it were) but it's utility is astounding.

This spell gets a lot less credit than it deserves

I found lumos rubbish - LannaLau

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12 Obliviate

On many of thetoptenners.

This is definitely one of the best spells. Come face to face with someone you've had a bad history with? OBLIVIATE! Need to make sure no one has something against to when you did something embarrassing? OBLIVIATE! This is a useful, general, underrated spell which can be much more powerful and deadly than it seems. - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Its awesome

What if you're in a situation where you meet someone you have bad history with, and to defeat them, and you need to erase their memory? Then you'd need to use this spell.

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13 Incendio

Late last night while we we're all in bed...old lady Leary grabbed your wand of its a psychotic rage she wink her eye and said "INCENDIO! "

It shoots awesome fire it can even hurt opponents

Incendio sets things on fire. What more can you say? It's awesome.

Epic spell, totally epic

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14 Reducto

You can kill you opponent I mean seriously.

Helps castor to explode solid objects

Ginny uses this spell the best causing the biggest explosions from anyone in Dumbledore's army, I'd put this as number 6 in the list.

In the movies... In the books they ALL cast the spell... And seeing as how the books came first...

Blasts them to pieces and shreds them to flames - COOL!

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15 Protego

How is this not in first. It protects you from curses and jinxes! What do you do if you in a battle with a skilled opponent? Protego! It is the best go-to spell.

I've always preferred shields over more offensive weapons. In the physical sense, I'd rather "shield bash" than "kill", since if the enemy is knocked down I can disarm them rather than make a mess.

However, I doubt you can do that with this charm, but the idea of "PROTECTION", "DEFENSE", it speaks to me.

YES. ALL OTHER SPELLS ARE IRRELEVANT! ( not really but... This stops some good spells/charms/hexes )

I've always had a penchant for shields, so a charm that is literally that appeals to me.

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16 Aguamenti

You would never die of dehydration very useful

If you can control water yes I would make Emma Watson kiss me

It's useful because you can use it to put out fires and stuff

It's so cool. I don't know why but I always liked this spell

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17 Expulso

I honestly like the spell itself, because it blows up objects with enough force to drive people onto walls, and even the incantation sounds so cool. Like when you're in a situation where you're running away from a group of bullies, EXPULSO to launch them off their feet. You'll sound like a B@D@$$.

I would want to blast Snape out of the dungeons

Snape is good but still it will be fun to use a spell on him

Snape I hate him he killed dumbledore

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18 Reparo

This is a useful spell. why is it not real?

I simply LOVE this spell. I never realized how beautiful it was until I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. The scene in which they repair the city is just BEAUTIFUL.

I would point my wand at Voldemort's practically nonexistent nose and say, "Reparo."

It is a different spell when Hermione fixes Harry's glasses-Oculus Reparo-but the common spell to repair stuff is just Reparo

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19 Riddikulus


This is what charizard used to kill Percy Jackson. What an awesome spell from the hunger games

? Charizard is a Pokemon and Percy is a half blood. Nothing to do with Harry Potter, OR Hunger Games! - Tyler2436

Professor Snape in grandma's dress! HA HA HA! Looking so funny.

It's just a weird spell but I'm going to say this spell in front every fears you got. I shall say this word in front of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.

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20 Lumos Maximus

Its like the lumos spell that makes the tip of your wand light up but Lumos maximus shoots a big ball of light into the air and hovers around you

It is lumos maxima not lumos maximus

"You're saying it wrong you know... its mAximA not mAximUS..." - Hermione Granger

All of the people below me are referencing from the movie! Have any of even read the book to start commenting?

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21 Confringo

It’ll help me to kill more enemies at once.

This is what Harry used when he woke up from when he was killed by Voldemort.

It's an explosion, it's what I would use in a fight with the death eaters. That way those stupid idiots against the killing curse couldn't get on my back and it would still get the job done

Great spell! Creates an explosion

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22 Levicorpus


The perfect prank spell and able to use stealthily with it being a non-verbal spell - PenderK

Levicorpus is useful in almost any situation.

I love this spell... I wish I could use it

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23 Piertotum Locomotor

That is 1 of the only tine we see mcgongall happy

I've ALWAYS WANTED TO USE THAT SPELL (giggles slightly) - HarryPotterForeveR

I loved the way professor mcgonagall giggled when she used this.

MCGONAGALL: Piertotum Locomotor!

(Statues become animated)

MCGONAGALL: Hogwarts is threatened, protect us, do your duty to our school! To Molly: I've always wanted to use that spell (giggles).

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24 Alohomora

Great in getting into Muggle houses - MaxAurelius

Alohomora is always the spell that I best remember.

Handy when you want to sneak out at night.

Alohomora is a great spell that unlocks doors with a simple charm you can unlock doors. It help them get through and stop volderment the second time they use it.

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25 Muffliato

I would use this in class to talk to my friends without getting in trouble by the teacher. Very useful.

its sound



26 Deletrius

The incantation Deletrius can disintegrate or remove certain things.

27 Fiendfyre

This is so awesome spell why is it on 27:-/

This is my favorite spell, how is it so low? I mean you create a FIRE DRAGON how is that not the coolest thing ever?!

So cool you can do this spell and the fire turns in to serpents, lions, big birds and a dragon

Sounds so cool - Lunala

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28 Avifors

Makes small objects transfigure in birds

It transfigures small objects in birds

I love birds - Lunala

29 Eat Slugs


According to the Wikia. The spell is not Eat Slugs its Slugulus Eructo. But before that happened Ron did say that too Draco.
It also said that Treacle fudge can cure the effects in a few seconds.

Damn! I so wanted to add this, funniest spell ever - felixh24

It makes people eat slugs

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30 Bombarda Maxima

If this spell was real, l think I would blowup anything I want.

It should have been amongst one of the top ten list. Above Lumos...-Albus Dumbledore

Good for blowing up something annoying

Perfect for me I would blowup stuff all day like...

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31 Rennervate

Regenerats peapel cool

32 Impedimenta

It's just like the full body bind curse and STUPEFY but stupefy is shorter so I prefer that...

This I think is a prankster's favorite spell.

33 Propello Maxima Fianto Duri Repello Inimigotum

Really good for defending yourself against Voldemort

It is like a shield of which people can't come in nor go out

Should be in top 10

Wrong words

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34 Silencio

Why didn't Snape use this on like every film?!

I don't know what this spell does

Now we're getting to the Hispanic version of Harry Potter telling Voldemort to shut up

Look, Silencio can be used non-verbally, whereas, Avada Kedavra can not. All you have to do is whip out your wand before your opponent can finish all six sillables of said killing spell and, oh what's that? Hmmm? Cat got your tongue?

35 Peskipiksi Pesternomi

Made up by a fraud, who also claimed that Mrs Norris had been killed by the Transmogrifian Torture, who also claimed he knew the counter cure. But she had been petrified.

I love spells that don't work :3

Lockhart tried to use it?

It "captures pixies." (It doesn't work).

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36 Glacius

This would be my signature spell. In my own books, I am able to freeze things around me, so why not do so in the Harry Potter universe? - Cyri

Freezes your enemies giving them hypothermia so you can easily finish them off.

If I were fighting a death eater I would use this spell to finish them off easily.

It is awesome, but what do you do to reverse it?

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37 Diffindo

I think it's really cool, because it can be used to save people's lives - silverbird8228

38 Apparating

Pop up somewhere else instantly

This is good to get out of trouble what's the difference between this and disapparating

HOLY CRAP. You can travel anywhere in just a SECOND. How is this spell lame. It's SO POWERFUL AND DANGEROUS THAT YOU NEED A LISCENCE TO USE IT

39 Rictusempra

My go to spell


40 Bombarda

Awesome thanks

It can blow things up!

It's the best spell

Bombarda and bombarda maxima are useful like hemonie used bombard! To break the jail cell and professor umbrige used bombarda maxima to break the wall so I think those 2 spells are good and useful

41 Episkey

What? It cures broken noses and such. Nox puts lights out.

If you dident have this spell how would you put out the light

42 Disillusionment Charm

It looks like a good spell.

43 Legilimens

Allows a wizard to see into another person's mind, reading the subject's thoughts.

Read someone's mind?! How can this not be the greatest spell of all time!

44 Avis

You could make BIRDS come out of your WAND. What's not to love?

The question is, what is to love

Burds - Lunala

45 Duro


Turns any thing into stone. Even people

Medusa is a witch, confirmed...

I would use this in a dual

46 Salvio Hexia

It is the perfect blocking spell. It can block avda kaddvra

This spell is used for sectum sempra. I think it is how u say it lol. It is used to heal the cut from sectum sempra

Ok I don't know how to make a new spell so I'm doing this yes go agead call me a noob and all that but here's my spell.


When dumbeldore clapped and and made himself disappear into a flaming phinox

47 Draconifors

This spell looks COOL!

Dumb dragon

48 Animagus Charm

In my oppinion a very useful skill for eavesdropping or infiltration.
Not to mention dementors can't sense you.
And just think of the possibilities.


What if you heard something you didn't want to hear like "I'm sorry honey but we should get a divorce." Dude if that happened to rons parents and Ron was listening I'd be dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

49 Serpensortia

This is a cool one

Conjures a snake from the tip of the wand.

I liked a spell of a snake but malfoy s spells to harry potter I liked it

Gilderoy Lockhart: DISARM ONLY
Draco Malfoy: HAVE A SNAKE!

50 Flipendo Tria

What doe it do?

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