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21 Confringo

This is what Harry used when he woke up from when he was killed by Voldemort.

It's an explosion, it's what I would use in a fight with the death eaters. That way those stupid idiots against the killing curse couldn't get on my back and it would still get the job done

Great spell! Creates an explosion

It is great!

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22 Levicorpus

The perfect prank spell and able to use stealthily with it being a non-verbal spell - PenderK

Levicorpus is useful in almost any situation.

I love this spell... I wish I could use it

Counter jinx Leviarbacorpus!

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23 Piertotum Locomotor

I loved the way professor mcgonagall giggled when she used this.

MCGONAGALL: Piertotum Locomotor!

(Statues become animated)

MCGONAGALL: Hogwarts is threatened, protect us, do your duty to our school! To Molly: I've always wanted to use that spell (giggles).

This is an amazing spell, I don't understand how it isn't in the top ten. - LukeLongTimeAgo

Don't they should the really tiny music teacher

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24 Alohomora

Handy when you want to sneak out at night.

Alohomora is a great spell that unlocks doors with a simple charm you can unlock doors. It help them get through and stop volderment the second time they use it.

The best spells Yeh butt

I vote for Alohomora

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25 Muffliato

I would use this in class to talk to my friends without getting in trouble by the teacher. Very useful.

its sound



26 Deletrius

The incantation Deletrius can disintegrate or remove certain things.

27 Fiendfyre

This is my favorite spell, how is it so low? I mean you create a FIRE DRAGON how is that not the coolest thing ever?!

So cool you can do this spell and the fire turns in to serpents, lions, big birds and a dragon

Best spell ever you can change the cursed fire into anything!

Sounds so cool - Lunala

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28 Avifors

Makes small objects transfigure in birds

It transfigures small objects in birds

I love birds - Lunala

29 Impedimenta

It's just like the full body bind curse and STUPEFY but stupefy is shorter so I prefer that...

This I think is a prankster's favorite spell.

30 Eat Slugs

Damn! I so wanted to add this, funniest spell ever - felixh24

Funny from the second movie when ron trued to use it on malfoy

It makes people eat slugs

Draco Malfoy: (to Hermione) What are you doing, you filthy little Mudblood?
Ron Weasley: You'll pay for that one, Malfoy. (casts broken wand) EAT SLUGS! (wand ricochets it back on him) gulp... BLECH! gulp... BLECH!

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31 Rennervate

Regenerats peapel cool

32 Bombarda Maxima

Perfect for me I would blowup stuff all day like...

" it's a spell that creates a massive explosion

An Underrated spell

I now right

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33 Propello Maxima Fianto Duri Repello Inimigotum

Really good for defending yourself against Voldemort

It is like a shield of which people can't come in nor go out

Should be in top 10

Awesome ;-0

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34 Peskipiksi Pesternomi

It "captures pixies." (It doesn't work).

Very usefull spell! Captures pixies! Would be very powerful in a dual!

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35 Silencio

Why didn't Snape use this on like every film?!

I don't know what this spell does

Now we're getting to the Hispanic version of Harry Potter telling Voldemort to shut up

Look, Silencio can be used non-verbally, whereas, Avada Kedavra can not. All you have to do is whip out your wand before your opponent can finish all six sillables of said killing spell and, oh what's that? Hmmm? Cat got your tongue?

36 Glacius

Freezes your enemies giving them hypothermia so you can easily finish them off.

If I were fighting a death eater I would use this spell to finish them off easily.

It is awesome, but what do you do to reverse it?

Or how it is now know:
The Curse of Mei

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37 Rictusempra V 2 Comments
38 Episkey

What? It cures broken noses and such. Nox puts lights out.

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39 Avis

You could make BIRDS come out of your WAND. What's not to love?

The question is, what is to love

Burds - Lunala

40 Disillusionment Charm
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