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41 Diffindo

I think it's really cool, because it can be used to save people's lives - silverbird8228

42 Apparating

Pop up somewhere else instantly

This is good to get out of trouble what's the difference between this and disapparating

43 Legilimens

Allows a wizard to see into another person's mind, reading the subject's thoughts.

Read someone's mind?! How can this not be the greatest spell of all time!

44 Duro

Turns any thing into stone. Even people

Medusa is a witch, confirmed...

I would use this in a dual

45 Salvio Hexia

This spell is used for sectum sempra. I think it is how u say it lol. It is used to heal the cut from sectum sempra

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46 Sacrificial Protection

Best spell ever! Why the Boy who Lived? Why Voldemort can't silent the crowd? Why Neville didn't die? The Magic of Love! Sacrificial protection by Lily and Harry! Best counter-charm! - Spino

Love is awesome when Neville was about to die in love Lily and Harry done Sacrificial Protection so! CoolπŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

47 Draconifors

This spell looks COOL!

Dumb dragon

48 Locomotor Mortis

It's the leg locking curse Draco used it on neville in the first book

I put the one above

49 Bombarda

Bombarda and bombarda maxima are useful like hemonie used bombard! To break the jail cell and professor umbrige used bombarda maxima to break the wall so I think those 2 spells are good and useful

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50 Immobulus

Makes an object immobile if they simply did this spell it would of been much easier to defeat voldermort and his death eater

51 Jelly-Legs

Mentioned in the books quite a few times. I'm sure it would make for a good prank spell.


52 Serpensortia

Conjures a snake from the tip of the wand.

I liked a spell of a snake but malfoy s spells to harry potter I liked it

Gilderoy Lockhart: DISARM ONLY
Draco Malfoy: HAVE A SNAKE!

53 Incendio Tria

This is my fave it can produce penguins out of random objects such as when harry said to peeves about this spell hogwarts turned into a penguin. This was is book 9! My 76th fave Harry Potter book

Seariously hurt the person

54 Splendora
55 Animagus Charm

In my oppinion a very useful skill for eavesdropping or infiltration.
Not to mention dementors can't sense you.
And just think of the possibilities.


What if you heard something you didn't want to hear like "I'm sorry honey but we should get a divorce." Dude if that happened to rons parents and Ron was listening I'd be dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

56 Engorgio

Engorgio enlarges an item of any size

57 Confundo

Makes the opponent confunded. Must be really fun when someone uses this on you :D

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58 Furnunculus

This spell produces boils out of the wand

It's awesome, how is it not up higher?

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59 Arresto Momentum

Albus used this spell on harry when he falling down on dementor attack

60 Flipendo Tria
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