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61 Age Line

Keeps people away and ist trolled by the ageing poitten


62 Mimble Wimble

good hex

Not a spell

63 Langlock

So cool: it glues your tongue to the roof of your mouth! = )

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64 Lapifors

No need of rabbits

65 Vera Verto

Highly useful to turn my brother into a water goblet

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66 Defodio

Nox puts out lights

Witch kind of light.

If you dident have this spell how would you put out the light

67 Arania Exumai

Is useful to free your room from spiders

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68 Lumos Solem

This could be a weapon by shining it in someone's eye's since shines a light as bright as the sun.

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69 Oculus Reparo

I like this because I break a lot of stuff

What is the difference between reparo and oculus reparo

One is just repair this one is for repairing glasses

Oculus Reparo has an extra Oculus

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70 Vulnera Sanentur

Heals cuts; counter-curse to Sectumsempra.


71 Fianto Duri

Very defensive! Used in a big scale...

72 Petrovitch Locomotor

Awesome spell it calls the hogwarts army

73 Morsmordre

Could be used as a prank, or to get someone to go to it when all the chaos is a mile or two away.

Summons the dark mark

I got a dark mark in a dark place

Sooo cool! Uhhh

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74 Tarantallegra

Make my enemy dance in school? Yeah I would use this spell!

Makes the object it is used on dance uncontrolably. Seriously who wouldn't use that spell all the time..

75 Oppugno

A pug said Ron no said hermione with no capital

When combined with Avis it rocks. look at hermione did that to ron

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76 Nox

Disable the light in wand

You can only use this spell if you know lumeness

If you dident have this spell how would you put out the light

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