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21 Scabior

Yo its so funny when he fell of the bridge and Neville said "that went well ". So he's a bad death eater I can't really explain him.

He was a fool for thinking he could beat the best wielding school of all time.

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22 Aragog

Aragog tried to kill Harry and Ron

They were friends of Hagrid an they were trying to help Hagrid from Azkaban and what do they do try and eat them.

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23 The Werewolf Lupin

Lupin was really good apart from some problems

Lol you he was a Werewolf and you probably didn't listen to it

Who put Lupin on here?

He tryed to kill serius

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24 Alecto Carrow

Spat in Minerva McGonagall's Face (BIG NO-NO)

Actually Amycus spat in Mcgonnagols face. She slashed Neville and is a death eater

Death eater

25 Rodolphus Lestrange
26 Krum

Actually if krum didn't take hermione to the ball Ron wouldn't gotten jealous and Ron and hermione wouldn't have gotten married

Krum well guess what he took his best friends friend dancing partner at the dance

27 Antonin Dolohov

I hate him so much. He killed Lupin! But then Flitwick killed him. Go Flitwick! Go Flitwick! Go Flitwick!

28 Basilisk

A great villain

29 Griphook

Griphook betrayed Harry Potter and his friends,he said"I said I will help you get in not get out"

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31 Cerberus
32 Regulus Black V 1 Comment
33 Peeves

Peeves in NOT evil he just likes joking around

Seriously like who made this list


I like him :D - _iTzJan

34 Igor Karkaroff V 1 Comment
35 Pansy Parkinson

Was willing to fork Harry over during The Battle of Hogwarts to save her own skin

36 Kreacher

Kreacher in not evil, he was just mean in the order of the Phoenix but was good to Harry, Ron and Hermione in the Deathly hallows

37 Vincent Crabbe

Did anyone else notice that crabbe was using the killing curse while goyle and draco were using the cruciatus curse on harry during the seventh book?

38 Gregory Goyle

Followed Malfoy and his gang

39 Gilderoy Lockhart

Lockhart is full of himself and copies off of what other people have done, like a fraud, and even tries to erase Harry and Ron's minds.

Am I a professor?

Umm he is NOT evil for being a copy cat

40 Moaning Myrtle Moaning Myrtle

What? Are you crazy? Moaning Myrtle helps Harry in the Goblet of Fire and in The chamber of secrets!

This list is so wrong!

Don't worry guys this person wasnt paying attention to the books he/she read

So annoying

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