Top Ten Reasons Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

I love Harry Potter and Twilight but there are a lot of reasons Harry Potter is better. There are some spoilers if you never watched / read Twilight or Harry Potter!
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1 How It Is Written

This is a weak reason but I actually loved the way harry potter felt magical- no pun intended- and harry potter has so many visions- it shows what its like, and explores all sorts of areas, like popularity, love, friendship, emotions, and it allows you to think of harry as almost a real person. Twilight only allows girls and gays to identify with bella, while anybody could think of harry potter as somebody they wished was real. The suspense, descriptions and wording of harry potter is in the most personal third person ever written.

All of the below are very true, but this one the most. Twilight just doesn't seem all that good. Harry Potter has a much fuller plot structure, the way everything adds up to several climatic moments. But Twilight, on the other hand, is basically just a bleak love story about sparkling vampires and idiot werewolves. nothing to see there. And Harry Potter much better written; I don't even need to get into the nonexistent well-writtenness of Twilight.

With Harry Potter, you never doubt that Hogwarts in real, or think that Hermione may not be an actual person, you just know they exist. And you feel exactly what the characters are feeling and understand why they make a choice when they do. With Twilight you just sit there and wonder why Edward sparkles.

When I read Harry Potter it felt like slipping into another reality- and yet it was ours. That's amazing. It was so real to me! It still is. I have tried to read Twilight. I really tried but it doesn't draw me in, it doesn't feel real. And I'm still waiting for my letter- not my vampire.

2 Morals

Harry potter, neville and so many other characters taught me to be brave, and never give up. Hermione grainger taught me to stand up for myself, not to let people bring me down, you are amazing, just because one side lets you down, you have another side to bring you up. Hermione dealt with racism, and bullying.. And what did bella teach me? Your nothing without a man, if the one you love leaves you attempt lose all the friends and family you do have, don't try and live your own life. Which morals sound better to you?

The characters of Harry Potter were all determined, brave, and willing to fight for their cause. The characters are complex and good role models- Hermione teaches girls it's okay to be more focused on your studies than your looks, Ron teaches it's important to be a good friend, etc. What about Twilight? All I can think of is Bella whining for Edward to save her. Not a good moral, in my opinion.

Think of the women of Hogwarts: Strong, intelligent, independent, and willing to get their hands dirty. There was only one girl "saved" in HP (Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets), and that was because she was 11 years old. Now think of Bella: would literally die for a man who treats her badly, with almost no autonomy.

Harry potter's moral are better. Bravery, friendship, faith and love of family while Twilight is just like those stupid teenagers who long for a lover. Stupid young love. Hey I don't hate love story but the twilight's moral is not amazing even my parents hate it. They think this is too stupid.

3 Realistic Characters

Ok, so I don't see how a school of wizards and witches are realistic, but you can associate them as real people. Twilight have empty gaps to fill in for bella, edward, and that's the reason it's a saga- identify those people with yourself. You can also see dobby and draco and dean are different, but many characters are nameless, faceless in twilight.

Even though there was magic, it had rules, and drew on mythology for its monsters, and Latin for its spells. Twilight ignored the rich, frankly terrifying multicultural history of blood-sucking monsters, and made one of the most feared creatures of all time into a sparkling teenager.

Okay I'm not implying that harry potter is a non fiction book series but Bella just randomly falls in love with some guy and the affection between them doesn't even show. Ron and herimone don't fall on love in the first book they actually slowly progress throughout the books and make a realistic relationship.

I can totally see a world much like Harry's with a secret entrance to the Hogwarts Express and the fact that they can ride a broom! Oh yeah the best series EVER!

4 Main Character

Harry is brave and has gone through so much, even embracing possiblity of death. Bella is a normal girl in love with a vampire who somehow gets a war started! And when Edward leaves she mopes around months, didn't think of getting contacts!

Harry is awesome. Bella sucks. End of story.

5 Actors

Harry potter had daniel radcliffe, rupert grint tom felton emma watson and many others who gained success through the harry potter movies, not to mention alan rickman, ralph fiennes, helena carter, maggie smith and many other famous names. No offense, but I think they went for looks over acting skills with most of the actors and I think robert patterson was a better cedric than edward!

Yeah, like, Rupert Grint RAPPED for the role as Ron. He RAPPED! Can you see a little thing going on? And also Robert Pattinson was Cedric before vampire guy. (I haven't read or seen the movies of Twilight, in case you couldn't tell)

I am in seventh grade, and my gym teacher has literally told me that with my small part in the school play last year I was better than Kristen Stewart in however many movies there are of Twilight.

Robert Pattinson was way better as Cedric than Edward. And he actually said he preferred Harry Potter! Sure, he died, but so did all the best characters! Except Hermione, but yeah.

6 Plot

Now, twilights plot is a true love story, and harry potter is about true love, friendship, fantasy, courage, power, corruption, and so many other things. A general question- do you prefer glittering fairy princess variety vampires or wizards and withches, a teen who has to fight evil?

Yeah, the plot is better, but Twilight isn't bad, either. Did you know it's possible to like both Twilight and Harry Potter? Because some people think they have to side..

Harry Potter is based on friendship and family love, with some romance thrown in there. But Twilight has nothing but romance. Seriously?

Twilight's plot sucks, makes me cringe every time I think of it. Harry Potter's plot is so much more interesting and enjoyable.

7 Better Character Development for Most Characters

Bella and Edward, anyone? Not exactly first rate development.

8 It Doesn't Suck

Always a good quality to have in a book.

9 Harry Potter Had a Better Storyline

Harry kill Voldemort. Bella marry Edward. Well is it hart to understand, Harry Potter is way better than Twilight!

10 There Is No Vampire World of Twilight

I have never been to Harry Potter world because my family can't afford it, but my cousin has, and she hasn't even finished the half blood prince, and she said that it was AWESOME even though she did not understand the things, and she got Parvati's wand. I imagine that if there was a Twilight world it wouldn't get much business, because there would only be teenagers wanting to go, and their parents wouldn't want to go, because Twilight is aimed at teenagers, so no one would go. The end. Yay.

I absolutely love universal studios islands of adventure, mostly because of the wizarding world of harry potter. There are also various other attractions world wide. I'm not sure but I don't think there is a twilight attraction.

Wizards and witches are better than vampires! I find them annoying and people love them because of their immortality, sexual needs and appearance.

You would need sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sparkling fairy princess (Edward).

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11 Harry Potter Doesn't Have Glittering Fairy Princess Vampires

Edward sparkles? SPARKLES? I respect if you like Twilight, but please sparkling vampires is the way you KNOW that your book has hit rock-bottom. Also on the other note: Did feminism never happen in the Twilight Universe or something? Bella can't do anything on her own without her sparkling vampire! Steph, we need to talk about 1920, you know, when women could vote and stuff. But I guess it's not important enough as long as we have Cedric... sorry *Edward* our sparkling hero to teach young, impressionable girls that as long as we act stupid. We'll be fine, or just attempt to commit suicide when he breaks up with you for your safety. Thank you Stephenie Meyer, for setting girls back 50 years...

Twilight vampires are not glittering fairy princess vampires.
The vampires are different.
Do you know witches used to be ugly green with long noses, warts, dressed in just black and where always evil.
Just take Twilight as different to Count Dracula.

I'm sorry, but seriously? Was Stephenie Meyer actually being serious when she made a book about about a sparkly Vampire and who in their right mind would cast Kristen Stewart as an already abysmal character?

Hehe! The person who wrote this one is so funny! So true! Why would you even think to include sparkly vampires? And wolves? Don't cross the two! Have one or the other like Harry Potter, Lupin being a werewolf. But when you look at it, which made more money? Which is more successful and which does every one prefer? HP all the way! R.I. P Fred!

12 The Romance In The HP Series Is More Original Than In Twilight

So true! In the first book of Twilight Bella immediately falls in love with that sparkling vampire (Edward). Where as, so doesn't happen in HARRY POTTER! Yes, there are more books in HP than in Twilight. But do what? It takes time to fall in love and twilight had four books, didn't it? So it would have been better if Stephanie Meyer had left the first book for letting Edward and Bellla knowing each other and then they 'SLOWLY' fall in love in the second book. Whereas in Harry Potter, that's what happened (Ron and Hermione slowly fell in love, the same with Harry and Ginny)

The romance is more relatable and real in Harry Potter. Showing how his feelings change from Cho to Ginny, and that you won't always get the girl/boy.

In Twilight, Bella automatically falls in love with Edward, this can be seen as real but that fact that she gets hurt when he is away/ignores her and knows that he hasn't fallen in love with anyone before her is just plain annoying. So what makes her different from any girl before her?

In most stories, whether they are romantic ones or not, the hero (main male character) gets together with the heroine (main female character). In HP, Hermione (the series' heroine) gets together with Ron, whereas Harry (the hero & protagonist of the series) gets together with Ron's sister (who is such a minor character, she cannot even be considered a secondary heroine, whereas Ron is the secondary hero, after Harry).

The romance, actually progresses. In Twilight they fall love SO quick. I know it's a romance book, but at least take some time for the characters to grow more interested in one other before starting a relationship. While, Harry Potter and other characters in the series take awhile to develop feelings for other characters. And do NOT get me started on Bella becoming suicidal because her boyfriend dumped her.

13 The Female Characters Aren’t Obsessed with Their Boyfriends

The females in HP are more independent and honestly, Twilight has a lot of stereotypes

14 Movies

The first three harry potters weren't exactly the best movies but the first two twilight movies were boring, and the love expressed in the books didn't show. Plus, harry potter had better music, special effects and let's be honest, twilight's acting wasn't very good.

This is probably what takes it for me
Twilight had on bad movie and the rest were unwatchable. Harry Potter has 4 great movies, 2 good movies and 2 amazing movies. It is a crime that filth like Twilight should even be mentioned next to Harry Potter. Potter is the best

The Harry Potter movies are amazing just as the books, but the Twilight movies are a lame copy of the books and they are pretty good actually...

Twilight's books and movies are overrated. "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "Game of Thrones" are so much better!

15 Better Role Models

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are better role models than Edward, Jacob, and Bella. Harry teaches us to be brave, Ron teaches us to be loyal, and Hermione teaches us to stand up for yourself and don't let others look down on you. Edward and Jacob basically teach nothing, and Bella teaches us that you can't live without a boyfriend. So obviously, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are the better role models. Plus, Ron deserves more love than Edward or Jacob, and of course, more love than Bella

Yeah, Hermione is smart and independent while Bella so relying on her boyfriend for like, everything! Stereotype much?

16 Harry Potter Has Emotion

The love in Harry Potter feels real and you can relate to some of the emotions

17 It has Tom Felton

Ya of course... I not only watch harry potter movies again and again becuase they are my favourite and the best... but because of this pretty face

I snorted on my cereal. But good point...

Died, but yah, accurate.

18 You Love/Hate the Characters for Who They Are, Not Just Because of Their Looks

Nobody likes Hermione because she's pretty, because she's just average until about the Prisioner of Azkaban. Nor do they hate Neville because he looks a bit goofy when he's younger. Robert Pattinson is hot. Get over it, or watch the Goblet of Fire.

The characters in Harry Potter aren't only loved for looks, they are loved for personality. Dumb fangirls only like Twilight because of the "looks" the "characters" have.

I'n the movies Evanna/Luna was really pretty and lunas my favourite character but not because she's pretty. I like her because she is smart unique strong and kind she would never be my favourite character if she was just a perfect Ravenclaw

I think it really true

19 It has humor

Gred and Forge- excuse me, Fred and George, are the most hilarious humans ever. And Ron, Peeves, The marauders, James II, Lee, heck, even Snape has more humor to him than Twilight. Harry Potter made me laugh out loud, and my sister to then think I was crazy. HP is very funny.

20 Twilight Doesn't Support Feminism

People say that Bella is a better role model than Hermione, Ginny, Luna and many more. But what does she actually teach? Without a man you are nothing, and its okay to fall off a cliff if your man leaves you. All the lessons that Hermione or Ginny or Luna or anyone else from HP taught about true friendship, bravery, intelligence, courage, true love... it goes on but people say that Bella is a better role model for girls. Like twilight actually sets women back to the time when they had no rights. Like seriously twilight?

Hermione is super smart, loyal, independent, and compassionate. Luna is weird, kind, dreamy, and smart. Ginny is fiery, kind, strong, and beautiful. Nymphadora Tonks is clumsy but kind, loyal, and brave. Fleur is beautiful but loyal, and brave, and does not care if her husband has scars on his face. And Cho is kind and strong and beauitful. Lily is protective, kind and the untimate mother. McGonagall seems strict but she is smart and fun.

Hermione is strong and independent, and don't even get me started on her intelligence. Bella isn't that. She's too dependent on her man, she's weak, and she's dumb.

Hermione granger teaches girls to be independent and brave. Bella just falls off a cliff just because Edward ditches her! How dumb!

21 Amount of Money Made by the Books and Movies

Yeah, the individual Twilight movies were more successful, but that's only because Robert Pattnison's hot. He has more fangirls than Daniel Radcliffe so more teenage girls went to see his movies. Fact.

As a series, harry potter sold 4 times as many books as twilight, and harry potter is 36.36% higher selling if all the series had the same amount of books. The harry potter movie series made 7.7 billion dollars. The twilight series made 3.3 billion dollars. You do the maths.

It's basically like HP = total awesomeness. Twilight = dumber than a zombie slug.

22 Character Flaws

Characters in Harry Potter have their own flaws and characteristics, but Twilight characters have no depth and practically no personality. Edward is flawless, faceless, and sparkles like a pixie. He's described as having a perfect crooked smile, however that works, and is supposed to be really hot. Belle Swan's name literally means "beautiful swan". Her only described flaw is being clumsy, and that something about that feels kinda forced. Both Sparkleprincess and Clumsygrace are very bland, and don't have any depth or character. Harry Potter characters are a lot more colorful, and have their own flaws and average characteristics.

Harry has flaws like a normal person. As do all the other characters. Edward has literally no flaws.

Harry: Arrogant, intimidating, sometimes shouts
Hermione: Bossy, know-it-all, critical
Ron: A bit goofy and dumb, foolish
Ginny: Really hot-headed, rude, rather blushy and fangirl-y
Neville: Chubby, clumsy, forgetful
Luna: Really weird, gullible

And millions more! But literally, what flaws to Bella and Edward have.
Edward: None
Bella: Clumsy

Clumsy! How stupid! That's barely a flaw.

23 Intelligent Fans

I would write a paragraph or two about how this is true, maybe even more...but it's roughly past midnight, so...
Anyways, we Harry Potter readers/watchers/I-did-both-people have a far fewer cringe issues in our fanbase than the Twilight fanbase. We are depth about everything, and we realise when enough is enough. We know the flaws and limitations of characters and plots. We recognise this all, and therefore, prevent more of our fandom from rotting. Keep it up, and we'll have a more clever fandom than Twilight will ever have.

Every reason I see for Twilight being better has bad spelling, bad grammar and is as shallow as a kiddie pool.

I don't really like either, but having a bad fanbase doesn't mean that the movies are bad.

So I can't like Harry Potter and Twilight?

24 Jacob Black is a copy of Sirius Black

Even though they appear in different book series, I guess they are from the same family... because I guess that's what the author would have wanted.

Exactly. Twilight came out in 2005 and harry potter in 1997-98. Moreover, Sirius Black was mentioned in the very first book. Hagrid borrowed the motorcycle from him. He tells Dumbledore so. So there

Seriously, it is not any copy of Sirius black...just the last name is copied. That always nude despo Jacob is nowhere near to Sirius

I would have sued if it was me, for copyright reasons.

25 Harry Potter is More Exciting
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