Top 10 Best Harvey Beaks Characters

I dont know that much about Harvey Beaks, but after the first episode I INSTANTLY fell in love with the show, so why not make a "Top 10 Best Harvey Beaks Characters"

The Top Ten

1 Harvey Beaks Harvey Beaks
2 Fee Fee

Best Character

She's awesome

3 Foo Foo
4 Irving Beaks
5 Dade Dade

I hate Dade he a jerk

6 Piri Piri Piri Piri

She's adorable! As in, on par with the Female Villager from Mario Kart 8!

7 Technobear
8 Claire
9 Miriam Beaks
10 Rooter Rooter

I like his Austrailian accent

The Contenders

11 Kratz
12 Princess
13 Officer Fred Officer Fred
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1. Irving Beaks
2. Rooter
3. Fee
1. Fee
2. Foo
3. Harvey Beaks
1. Fee
2. Harvey Beaks
3. Foo

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