Top Ten Hate Comments GoAnimate Fans Post

These are some immature hate comments GoAnimate Fans add.

The Top Ten Hate Comments GoAnimate Fans Post

1 You're a n*****

That's very racist thing to day - BorisRule

That is really racist

Racist - ElSherlock

2 F*** you
3 You suck
4 F*** you court n*****
5 Go f*** yourself
6 You're dumb
7 Go close your account
8 You're an a**hole
9 You're grounded

Accurate Comment

This word has been said like a thousand of times - ElSherlock

The classic - BorisRule

They forgot the 600 other “Grounded”s - RoseWeasley

10 You're a b**** who cannot be quiet

The Contenders

11 How dare you!
12 Baby shows are the worst thing in the world.

Some actually aren't - CaillouFanatic

13 K*** Yourself

How is kill a swear word? - DrayTopTens

14 This video gave me cancer
15 Cringe
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