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141 Sherry Belmont - Zatch Bell!

I really didn't want to put her on the list, but I had no choice. The comment I posted was just an act.

She's just an unlikable spoiled bitch who's just pissed off just because she is abused by her mommy and saw her only friend get possessed by a demon. She needs to learn to just get over it, stop being hateful to everyone, start being nice, and quit whining! She's just a cliched character-with-brooding-past, and I don't care what you guys think! The anime is not that good, by the way. So take that, idiots!

142 The Prince Yuki Fan Club - Fruit Baskets

They are so mean to Tohru and stalk Yuki. I wish they would get in trouble for doing things to other people.

Who doesn't hate creepy stalkers who are annoying? - Elric-san

They are a dork-Yuki-obsessed -fan club that wants Yuki to themselves. Geezz give him space! I really want to kick their buts real hard that they jump off the school building!

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143 Minashi Maki - M3: The Dark Metal
144 Akise Aru - Mirai Nikki

Who could hate him? He's hot and smart, unlike some 3D guys

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145 Zouken Matou - Fate/Zero Zouken Matou - Fate/Zero

He needs to be way higher on this list because if you haven't read the Heaven's feel route in the Fate/Stay Night, then you're in for a world of anger when you get to see the movie(s) over that route. He is just an absolutely sick bastard that just finally needed to die! Thankfully it was painful too when his time finally came.

I hated him so much for what he did to poor Sakura when she was just a child! No wonder Kariya Matou left the Matou family! I would do the same thing as Kariya due to how much of a sick old man that Zouken was! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Poor Sakura, being locked up In a basement and getting crest worms In her. And whose responsible for such things to her?
The guy on the photo, which is, Zouken. - MLPFan

146 Suneo Honekawa/ Sneech - Doraemon

Hey noby why are Friends when him

147 Frieda Reiss - Attack on Titan

I don't know why frieda loved Krista so much then suddenly she tries to delete her memory so frieda can be the only person to protect krista. Trust me it say in her wiki personality.

She tried to delete krista's memory so she can be the only person who is the best person to protect her

Frieda loves krista so much. But Frieda's ability is to delete krista's memory so she can be the only person to protect her. by the way it says in her wiki

148 Bertolt Hoover - Attack on Titan

He is responsible for most of the deaths in snk plus what he'd did to poor little armin is unforgivable.

He killed armin but made the scourge that will kill all titans

He's the reason why Eren's mother died

149 Naru Narusegawa - Love Hina
150 Yuri - Bokura Ga Ita

Let's see, she has sex with her dead sister's boyfriend. Need I say more?

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151 Takanashi Rikka - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren: The Rikka Wars

Why is she hated, she was the best outta all

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152 Gluttony- Fullmetal Alchemist


Yeah - Endergirl

153 The Zuka Club girls - Ouran High School Host Club

They make decisions for others without asking!

Annoying brats. Lobellia


154 Ebisu - Noragami

Obviously you haven't read the manga, because he is amazing and his back story ruined me

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155 Takumi Fujiwara - Initial D V 1 Comment
156 Ken Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul

I don't see why he's on this list...he's actually pretty cool

A whiny little albino with no real personality to begin with. Really can't stand this char.

He needs to go

In the beginning he was a little naïve, stupid wuss but he's coolish now

157 Drew - Pokemon
158 Quitela - Dragon Ball Super

He is the worst god of destruction he cheats and spys on other universes and also snictches on universe 7 and frieza was almost tricked by this dumb rat - ikerevievs

159 Bulma - Dragon Ball Z Bulma - Dragon Ball Z Bulma is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Bulma is the most significant female character in the series.

Ya'll dumb. Let me guess, she was added by jealous Chichi fans. Typical. Bulma is still the most loved and relevant female in Dragonball. And she slapped Bills TWICE and got away with cause she's that badass and he and Whis were willing to save only her. Also the only female to find ways to secure Earth's safety when Vegeta and Goku couldn't do it.

Bulma is cool and so much better than Chichi. She's also the better wife, mother, and friend.

Comparing Bulma to Chi-Chi is an insult to Bulma. Hell, comparing ANYONE to Chi-Chi would be an insult to said character. - Goku02

Nah, Bulma is cool. Only her, 18 and Launch are the only worthy females of DBZ. They bring something different to the show and aren't boring and useless.


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160 Oryou Sonozaki - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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