Top Ten Most Hated Anime Female Characters

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1 Sakura Haruno - Naruto Sakura Haruno - Naruto Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I'm about to go on a rant.

First off, she claims to be in love with a guy based off nothing except looks. Literally Sasuke doesn't even acknowledge her but she's obsessed. However I tried to ignore this while watching and be fair because there were other female characters at the time who were all over Sasuke.

But then she started treating Naruto like trash, as if he was nothing when he's in reality ten times stronger than her. I'm not saying she isn't strong (and there are times I actually don't find her useless, which is rare, like during the war or when she fought Sasori, who she couldn't even defeat without Lady Chiyo) but she isn't even close to Naruto and Sasukes level, who are reincarnations of Asura and Indra for crying out loud. She has the nerve to claim she's caught up to them when even in the beginning I recall her being self conscious about the fact that she had to rely on Sasuke and Naruto to protect her all the time.

Also, what has Naruto done so ...more

I hated her ever since the first episode, First of all she was horrible towards the protagonist. All he ever did was show her his feelings and protect her. She fell for a boy whose only redeeming feature was his looks. She was only ever useless.."Oh look at me I cut my hair off and bit some guy! Then I still end up getting the crap kicked out of me. But ya know I'm a different person with short hair! I'm stronger and more reliable." No, No you are not Sakura get over yourself. Such a pointless useless character.

She is so annoying when trying to be strong but she really just looks weaker every time, she always gets beaten anyway and someone always ends up saving her skinny ass. AND what and she chases after a guy who tried to kill like TWICE and she beats up the person who saves her! Naruto! Damn no wonder sasuke tried to kill her BECAUSE she is SO stupid

Kishimoto just sucks at making female characters. He doesn't know how to write female characters without having a stereotypical female-stigma on them.

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2 Nico Robin - One Piece Nico Robin - One Piece "Devil Child" Nico Robin is a fictional character of the One Piece manga franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

Robin is the most annoying one here.

The heck? She's like the coolest female character in OP. I understand if someone hates Nami, but Nico is the best!

Die nico robin

I understand if someone hates robin, but Nami is the best!

Ugly and useless. God I hate her.

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3 Chi-Chi - Dragon Ball Chi-Chi - Dragon Ball Chi-Chi is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

No common sense. What is the point of studying if the Earth is destroyed?

No words can express how useless and stupid this idiot is.

If she didn't force gohan to study all his life, he probably would have been strong enough to prevent any of the catastrophes that befell the earth.


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4 Misa Amane - Death Note Misa Amane - Death Note Misa Amane is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

She's stupid, worthless, dumb and worse of all, she thought that Light loved her! First of all, she was being used not loved, she gave half of her life twice in order to please that narcissist jerk, and who would ever love that stuck-up princess?

She helped Light to kill L, THE BEST CHARACTER IN THE WHOLE ANIME! She thought that she was cute, but actually, there's no natural beauty in that girl, unlike Naomi Missora the best female character in Death Note, there's about 10 pounds of make up in that idiotic face.

She manipulated Remu to kill L, just to make Light "love" her, and one of the best parts in the anime was when L gagged and tortured her (one of the reasons why I like him).

Resuming, she is the most annoying anime girl I have ever seen and she is a shame to all girls and women in the world. The best thing she did was to jump from that building.

"Misa-misa loves Light-kun! Misa-misa will do anything to Light-kun! Misa-misa is pretty, ...more

Why does she have to say Misa-Misa all the time?! She sounds like a 5 year old because of that! Misa-Misa is so cute! More like Misa-Misa is so annoying. I just can't stand her - MLPFan

How in the world is Misa Amane NOT on the first page? And how are Hinata and Asuna above her? Is there no justice in the world?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I really hate her being clingy and throwing herself for light who is just selfish being thinking he is god she does not have a pride as a woman and she is disgusting what is her problem and too does she really think that jerk will love her

She's great - ParkerFang

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5 Karin - Naruto Shippuden Karin - Naruto Shippuden

Screw Karin. Stupid ass freak. She should of died. Sasuke only belongs to one girl and that's Sakura. Karin is annoying and has no special skills besides giving ALL of her chakra in one go to heal one time and sensing people then becoming useless afterwards hinting why Sasuke tried to kill her afterwards. Karin doesn't even love Sasuke, she's just attracted to his huge amount of chakra. At least Sakura was always there for Sasuke, no matter what. Sasuke is even hinted at several times having feelings for Sakura but nooo everyone ignores them because they refuse to believe that Sakura has matured into an amazing heroine. Japan has the brains because they all like Sakura over there. This poll just shows how big the stupidity of the Naruto fandom is.

I could probably name a million reasons why Karin does NOT deserve to be on this list. Everyone's comparing her to Sakura and it makes me sick honestly. Karin has done more for Sasuke than Sakura could have ever done. At least Sasuke actually loves Karin, whether it's romantically or not. And Karin is anything but useless. - Mugi

I tried to like her but I really can't... She has something that make me pissed...

Well I'm not hating on karin or something I'm just gonna say that she wasnt really much to me because of the crap of I heard of she is saradas real mother I don't ship sasuarin because it just doesn't make sense and as we all know sakura is saradas real mother who she gave birth to and now I feel bad for sasuke because well he's DEALING WITH 2 GIRLS and karin doesn't even look good however she does help sasuke by healing which ill support that but the fact that she tries to be sexy for sasuke and wearing cloths that have holes to show her belly and tries to act all sexyish so sasuke that he will marry her but I would be happy if she was better off with the guy who she punches a lot but then his face is water ( I forgot his name) but yeah!

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6 Nina Einstein - Code Geass Nina Einstein - Code Geass Nina Einstein is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.
7 Nami - One Piece Nami - One Piece Nami is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. She is based on Ann and Silk, two characters from Oda's previous manga Romance Dawn.

She is seriously the weakest out of all the main characters. She does nothing at all, except steal whatever she can. She also tries to run away from any battles. She is too loud and obnoxious and always getting saved by everyone. She always hit others (Zorro, Luffy, etc) for no apparent reason. Why can't she use this strength and stamina in real battles, lol. I hope she dies in the future. What a useless breath of a character that no one gains from. Tell me one battle where she was actually deemed useful.

Just no, she is so annoying, she ruins one piece for me heck usopp is better than nami.

What? I understand if someone hates robin, but Nami is the best!

Robin is way more likable than Nami, literally no one hates her, besides salty Nami fans - smill

A badass. So much better than the ugly archaeologist, I don't remember her name.

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8 Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard in the guild, Fairy Tail. Her magic is called celestial spirit magic which allows her to summon spirits from another world. She currently possesses fifteen celestial keys, which is an extraordinary number for a celestial mage. She gets along best with Team Natsu, containing more.

Oh my God, oh my Jesus Christ... I'm finding it extremely difficult to watch fairy tail because of her, an annoying brat, and always a damsel in distress, always needed saving instead of trying to be a strong, Independent woman
(I'm a kind of guy who likes that type of ladies :D)

Like the beautiful Queen Erza, lucy can learn a lot just by asking erza teach her how to fight if she lost keys, like sword fighting or martial arts or maybe both. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES AROUND THAT!

And also, what scared me more... Is that I can cannot believe girls look up to her as a role model, she is has done nothing other than showing her breast and her naked body 90% in most fairy tail episodes, it's disgusting put some clothes on! And girls like it as well as guys do?! You ladies have no problem with it?! You would even recommended to kids?!

Most (but not all) fairy tail fans I seen so far are perverts both guys and girls, and trying to come up with as much excuse as possible of ...more

So I mean everyone is being a prostitute half the time not just Lucy. I don't look up to her as a role model but I still like her. She can be annoying but everyone else is so damn annoying I'm not sure why she's such a problem. I hate that they made her the weaker one of the bunch but she's still a great character. I can't tell if your a creep or not. I mean you sound very obsessed with Erza. Cause I mean Kagura is a very strong independent lady. Evergreen is strong in some sense and an independent lady (who's dating Elfman), most of the girls are strong independent women. They may not be super strong like Erza and Kagura, but they sure as hell aren't all damsels in distress. - ScarletBlade

I don't even understand why she is even made so important!

1. Lucy is thinking she is the hottest and is using her looks to get what she wants. She thinks she is prettier than Mira cause she is two years younger than Mira. That is arrogant.

2. As a Spirit mage she is having a better chance to win than everyone, cause her Spirits can think and make plans too. Still Lucy is losing and weaker than the most. Her only other magic is urano materia, but she even wanted to use it against weaklings like Flare. She is also not using her Spirits useful in fights.

3. Lucy literally became around 75% of her power as a gift. Her first Spirit(s) a gift from her mother. Urano Metaria from Hibiki put into her mind. She became Sigattaurus ( or how he is written) as pay while the other didn't get a thing. Also somehow the Star dresses are something for which you don't need training ( not like other magic), cause you put the power of your spirits in your body. The dresses also don't ...more

I agree. I prefer reading her in the manga than watching her on anime because that's when I can actually tolerate her.
I see the same case of Sakura Haruno in Naruto (the first one, not the Shippuden) Weak, stays at the side line, cries out at most things. She actually can't do things for herself, ALWAYS a damsel in distress in every situation, 70% naked (90% when she gets beaten up) and what peeves me even more is that she apologises that she's not strong enough and cries about it but doesn't actually do anything to help herself. E.G. her keys go missing what does she do? Nothing. Why? Because Natsu will save her. She quite dependant on Natsu when something goes wrong. She had no form of martial art skills in case her keys get taken away from her, no spells, no swordsmanship, Nada. She had whip, but doesn't even know how to use properly! She doesn't help herself to become better and then she become damsel in distress and people risk their lives saving her while she cries thanking ...more

I don't understand why you guys hate Lucy so much. She didn't do anything to you guys.
She can actually fight and once you get futher in the series she can summon more than one celestial spirits, she always has there powers way later on.
She also saved Natsu by rewriting the end just for him!
And also she if changed places with Erza or Mira, would you guys hate on her? Why are guys making such a big deal?! Its just a Anime T.V. show!

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9 Kurome - Akame ga Kill Kurome - Akame ga Kill

Oh, you talk about the worst and hated anime female characters, well, Kurome is one of them, also!

Looks like everyone is free to hate a character like her. - NaruHinaBlaze1

Just what we need. A prick on the loose, again. And Kurome is that prick!

Ugly ass freak!

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10 Pan - Dragon Ball GT Pan - Dragon Ball GT Pan (パン, Pan) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. She is the granddaughter of Earth's savior, Goku and the world champion, Mr. Satan. Pan's heritage is primarily Earthling, being the offspring of the Saiyan-Earthling hybrid Gohan and the Earthling more.

She's awesome! Shouldn't even be here. - Goku02

She is average

Insufferable little idiot.

Hate her!

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? Chitoge - Nisekoi Chitoge - Nisekoi

How can people like a girl who is abusive, ungrateful to the person who saved her, always act bossy around like Chitoge. She can’t even cook or do any chores. Please, Onodera or Marika are much better than this Tsundere bitch. - Angelatran

? Petra Ral - Attack on Titan Petra Ral - Attack on Titan Petra Ral was a hand-picked soldier of the Survey Corps by Levi Ackerman placed in the Special Operations Squad.

So annoying! Quit the act “kind and sweet” and get away from Eren. You 2 faces bitch! - Angelatran

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11 Sekai Saionji - School Days Sekai Saionji - School Days Sekai Saionji (Saionji Sekai) is one of the two main heroines of School Days along with Kotonoha and appear as a secondary character in Summer/Shiny Days and Cross Days
12 Hinata - Naruto Shippuden Hinata - Naruto Shippuden

Who the hell put her on here?!

It's obvious that Narusaku fans put her on this list! They are still angry that their ship isn't canon. Lol!

She's not that good of a character. She just looks good because the creator made Sakura extremely bad.


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13 Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha Kagome Higurashi is the main female protagonist of the anime/manga series Inuyasha, equaled only in importance by Inuyasha himself.

I don't know how she's not higher up. She's a constant damsel in distress, everyone's ALWAYS taking her side even when she's CLEARLY in the wrong, she has a bland and dislikable personality, she's abusive towards Inuyasha, she's always getting her way, all she seems to do is whine, and she has absolutely zero character development throughout the series.

Kagome is the most annoying female anime character. I tried everything to like her but it's impossible. She's weak, jealous, and self-centered. She's the kind of person who gets angry at Inuyasha for grieving over Kikyo's death and trying to find her dead body (she survived though, it was her second time). I wish Miroku, Sango, and Shippo would stop taking her side and realize that she's just a whiny girl who abuses Inuyasha. If Kagome was real, I would definitely slap her face for being a coquette.

It's always about how Kagome feels. Why should nobody nor nobody else take Inuyasha's side for once? Huh?

I watched the entire Inu Yasha series and movie, and realized that I hate Kagome for being a damsel in distress. She's forgiving and kind and all, but sometimes I see it way too dumb, like bitch why would you stay with Inu Yasha if he clearly chosen Kikyo? Plus, she always question everything. I know for a fact that she is not smart (or as powerful as Kikyo in Feudal era), but BITCH THINK WITH YA HEAD! I lost count of the times when I pause the video to double face palm. Her character hasn't developed in the entire series and she would clearly be consumed in the void with the Shikon no Tama if it wasn't for InuYasha's rescue.

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14 Louise de La Vallière - The Familiar of Zero Louise de La Vallière - The Familiar of Zero

Poor Saitou.. Having to deal with a nuisance of a wife. I can't even bare calling her a tsundere! I'd rather call her a bitchy attention seeking whore.

15 Misty - Pokémon Misty - Pokémon Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. She’s the gym leader in Cerulean city & specializes in water Pokemon. In the games, she’s known as ‘the tomboy mermaid.’ more.

Misty is a tomboy, alright! A worst one, that is! Always talking about her bike, every single day!

Ugh, please don't mention that. I already have problems with that girl. And I strongly don't want to know how she always complaining about it. - NaruHinaBlaze1

I have reasons why I hate her. - NaruHinaBlaze1

Always complaining about her bike for who knows how long! Such a waste of character in the series. - NaruHinaBlaze1

Carrot top scaredycat of bug type pokemon. What a weak wuss!

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16 Sae Kashiwagi - Peach Girl

Nobody in this world has to talk with this girl. - NelMemazo

I despise this girl.

17 Inoue Orihime - Bleach

She's so annoying always Kurosaki-kun this Kurosaki-kun that. She's useless too, having to be ordered around like some dog. And she tried to mouth assult Ichigo in his sleep without his consent after climbing through his window, it was so gross like some stalker. Now she's wearing boob outfits to get Ichigo's attention she has no self respect as a woman.

Useless, annoying, selfish, and pathetic. She chose a guy who never once showed any romantic interest in her over her best friend to say goodbye to. Ignored a hurt and bleeding Uryuu to beg a dying Ichigo to save her. Was too worried about not seeing herself reflected in Ichigo's eyes instead of supporting him. Too many more to list here...

The worst character ever written. The show wouldn't have gone down hill if she was never in it.


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18 Bulla - Dragon Ball Bulla - Dragon Ball Bulla is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

Gt that's all

19 Iris - Pokemon

Iris was not only annoying, but also a hypocrite. In the episode when Ash battled Trip the third time, Trip challenged Iris to a battle. She refused and made some excuse like "I'm not in top form." The real reason Iris refused was due to her Pokemon wouldn't obey her... and axew sucks. A minute later, ash challenged trip and he refused. Iris took jabs at Trip for refusing to battle... like she did a minute ago.

You people make up the stupidest excuses to hate on her. Seriously get the hell over misty and get used to the new Pokemon anime

Still better than Serena.

She is garbage

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20 Yui - Diabolik Lovers

She is the WORST. No personality, no fighting will, nothing. She's basically just a ragdoll full of blood so that the vampires have something to play with.

Who put a picture of a girl from angel beats? Yui from Diabolik Lovers is so dumb. What do you do if a vampire is after you? Yui's answer "Take my blood! "

Yui has every reason not to stay in that house but instead of trying to find a way out she just makes the situation worse

Her voice is annoying I don't and every time she whines it's so annoying. I don't need to explain really need to explain why but lord help the woman

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21 Grandeeney - Fairy Tail
22 Kazari Uiharu - A Certain Magical Index

She is a stupid lesbian which I will torture

I’m glad Kuroko slapped her that she whining like a little baby. She deserves it.

23 Asuna Yuuki - Sword Art Online Asuna Yuuki - Sword Art Online Asuna Yuuki is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

I like the idea of sao but the execution was poor, a big reason being her. They made it way too lovey dovey in my opinion. If she was never there to begin with the show could've taken a very different direction and actually encourage me to watch the second season

She deserved to be hated! I stop watching series because her. She's annoying.

Thank you for having a brain asuna is just too annoying she should just dissolve in the harem


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24 Honoka Kousaka - Love Live! School Idol Project
25 Korra - Legend of Korra Korra - Legend of Korra Avatar Korra is the title lead character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, in which she is depicted as the current incarnation of the Avatar, responsible for maintaining peace and balance in the world.

This isn't even an anime character! - Coreylordo

Ugh...she's so angsty and hotheaded. She disrespects the people around her and abuses her powers. At first it was kinda cool...I mean imagine the development, the journey this character could go through to become more spiritual and calm. But NOPE.

She NEVER learns from her mistakes, always punches, and asks questions later and falls for traps that a 6 year old could avoid. WHAT THE HELL, KORRA?!

She annihilated the greatness of the avatar the last air bender cartoon series.
A.k.a. should of made her love asami right away instead of focusing on mako first.
If she did then she wouldn't of annihilated but wrecked the cartoon.

P.s. the first below is only because aang exists. if not then she would of been fine if she chose asami only.
should f saved Mako from korra!

26 Yuno Gasai - Mirai Nikki Yuno Gasai - Mirai Nikki

Yuno is my favorite anime female character though...

She deserve to be the 1st

But I like yuno :(

She’s overrated and straight up annoying. All I gotta say

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27 Ami Kawashima - Toradora Ami Kawashima - Toradora

She's too much of a princess manipulative bitch and since she fakes her personality that's the worst thing. She's unlikeable in every manner and she's a fake ass bitch

This bitch is so annoying she is a himedere bitch

28 Serena - Pokemon Serena - Pokemon Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship more.

She's annoying and pairing fodder. Half of the season she doesn't know what to do with her life and acts like barbie. And all of her fans are shippers.

Her relationship with ash reminds me of Sakura and Sasuke. One being her sticking annoyingly close to him. But at least Sakura made a move right?

Just terrible. Why can't we have Misty back? - ClicheUsername69

Why the hell she is lower than misty. Misty is better than stupid serena.

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29 Elizabeth Midford - Black Butler Elizabeth Midford - Black Butler

People she shouldn't be here she showed a nice side in the manga and protected ciel (the guy who needs everyone to protect him)

She is manly used for comic relief in the anime to show off Ciel stature she's and utter travesty compared to the manga.

Just disappeared!

Don't really like her, she's kinda annoying

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30 Yuki Cross - Vampire Knight Yuki Cross - Vampire Knight
31 Eclair Tonnerre - Ouran High School Host Club

But I like eating Eclairs... Wait... this is that character that appeared once right?

She really deserves to be on the list! She is so annoying

Don't like her one bit

She is very annoying, she shot the phone to Tamaki and pushed him over the bridge next to Haruhi, she really was not interested in Tamaki Hahaa but I'm glad she was left alone, she deserved it for bitch! - NelMemazo

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32 Kirino Kousaka - Oreimo Kirino Kousaka - Oreimo

She's so cute but it's so sick to my stomach that she is with her own brother! 🤢🤢🤢🤢 - NaruHinaBlaze1

33 Annie Leonhardt - Attack on Titan

What an evil and psychotic woman. She should die instead of crystallized.

Why? She is a cool villain!

SHE'S A USELESS HUMAN BEING. tell me what kind of human being would go and destroy their own kind! PSYCHO

I just can't stand here face!

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34 Saionji Sekai - School Days

She's a total homewrecker and she's a horrible friend. I'm glad that she died along with Makoto.

I agree. She was a homewrecker and when she got upset at Katsura for intruding on her new relationship with Makoto, it was a lot hypocritical. She had no right to judge Katsura and tell her to stop. For crying out loud, Katsura mustv'e been mentally ill.

She deserved to die from the start... So took makoto away from sakura so she deserved death wayy more than makoto did!

She should be number 1

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35 Angela Blanc - Black Butler

I still don't know if it's a she or he

I personally didn't like this character but Alois pisses me off more

Anime-only characters hah. I read the manga first

She is cute but so childlish and annoying

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36 Kikyo - Inuyasha Kikyo - Inuyasha

Hey! Take her off the list now.

I never hated a character until Kikyo. With other characters there's a reason for the way they are but even after learning of her past and struggles Kikyo was just a horrible person.

I hate her, because she has no personality, and if you're dead, stay dead! And where do you get the bright idea to drag the person you love into hell?! AND WHY DID SHE GIVE THAT HUGE SHARD TO NARAKU?!?!? I also just feel this way because I ship Kagome and Inuyasha.

I hate her so much. She’s the type of person to practically torture another girl if she likes the same guy she does. Never able to let go.

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37 Mai - Avatar the Last Airbender

Why can't thetoptens distinguish between DBZ's Mai and the Mai from Avatar TLA? Then again, ATLA is not even an anime. - Goku02

“Don’t care if ATLA isnt anime cause I’m gonna rant either way.€Her design is ugly and she has no personality. I’m gonna judge her relationship with Zuko cause that’s all this bitch is, his ‘girlfriend’. I hate how she emotionally shuts down Zuko and treats him badly when all he ever does is try to please Mai. She can’t say she ‘loves Zuko more than she fears Azula’ when she doesn’t know the guy anymore. She didnt even know why Zuko broke up with her. If they were really tight she would have been supporting him through out his development. He was gone for what? 3 years or so? Zuko has changed dramatically to a whole different person. While her ‘love for him’ exists because of a little childhood crush. Just kill her off thanks” - Whatever28

38 Satsuki Momoi - Kuroko no Basuke

Momoi is annoying I hate how she called Rico b cup and how boys fall for her stupidity she isn't even cute she's also a crybaby always needing help she hits people when she's mad and she's stupid and weak. I get how she's important in the series but I'm just super annoyed at her it makes me stressed up and wants me to punch her every time just seriosly she won't shut up about kuroko

Shes so annoying tetsu-kun tetsu-kun she wont shut up shes stupid,whiny,boastful shes the worst person for me plus shes always crying shes such a stupid cry baby go die momoi

Satsuki Momoi, more like Satsuki is a bad MORON

She only doesn't like kuroko but the boys in the pool scene

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39 Haruhi Suzumiya - The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya - The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya is the title character and female protagonist of the Haruhi Suzumiya series created by Nagaru Tanigawa.

She's the reason why I hate this show because of the writers of this show. I really wish anybody has the strong, stronger and strongest powers to teach her a painful, tough lesson the hard way including losing her powers for all eternity. It's those stupid writers of this show who should've have her punished for her bad behavior. Nobody deserves her and she doesn't deserve anybody either. She never ever even deserve to exist in the first place anyway. She never ever even respect anybody. She is or was never ever even patient. She is never ever even respectful. She never ever even learn from her mistakes. She never ever even swallow her pride by not admitting she was wrong. We all know she's a snobbish brat. She never ever even accept anything. She's never ever even thankful for whatever she has. She never ever even appreciate for what she has. Nobody has to deal with her. I always hope bad things happen to her if she never ever even change her tyrannical ways. She never ever even care ...more

It's all Haruhi who had no interest of ordinary human beings, she got interest of nonsense like time-travelers and aliens and stuff.

Ok, this is the worst anime show ever like what the heck is this?!, all people like all people like this show, yeah right. This is even worse than Negima. The plots of the show is full of nonsense like what the heck, like fighting and war against boys likewise. The voice acting is terrible even in the Japanese version, but actually the English version was more horrible than Japanese version but I like Haruhi's English voice.

I just don't like anime nowadays, all I need to do is watch nowadays is to watch anime with a genre of action.

This show is one word: crap. The show has no point and is full of nonsense. I don't get why there's so many hyper fans for this stupid anime?! There is NO character development, whatsoever. Haruhi is the "most" annoying lead character I have ever seen in anime. She is stuck-up and loves kissing up to ...more

She should've remained a loner for all her life. Nobody should ever even try to talk to her. Nobody should be friends with her. I wish she was gone forever so the less I had to see her the better. Nobody goes near her. I hope she loses her powers forever and I wish she lost her powers for all eternity. Nobody deserves to put up with her. Everybody should ignore her. I can't stand her. She will never ever even change for the better. She never ever even change her ways. I wish the show never ever even introduced her in the first place. What were those stupid creators thinking letting her getting away with everything instead of having her being painfully punished and worse? Huh? I hate those creators for letting her getting away with everything. Why can't those stupid creators of this show have her punished? Huh? I never ever even like her because of her brattiness, bossiness, obnoxiousness, pushiness, aggression, arrogance, selfishness, immaturity, pride, stubbornness and foolishness.

I first liked this show. But yeah, this show sucks now. And Haruhi Is a jerk to her friends and In episode one, she was obviously forcing people to be on her club! Look at poor Mikuru. 10/10 for that statement of Haruhi! - MLPFan

I wish she died of a heart attack.

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40 Midori - Green Green
41 Yuki Kuran - Vampire Knight

She should be in the top 5 of most annoying without a doubt. No personality or backbone. Constantly state of angst, indecision, pining and/or whining.

I think Yuki is very lovesick and that may result a very bad issue.I quit watching Vampire Knight so I forgot about her character.Yuki needs to stand on her own two feet and she acts as if she is a a leader of some sort.I do like her a bit and well...

42 Yuka - Elfen Lied Yuka - Elfen Lied

She is garbage

Take it up with the Japanese culture, will you?

. She's his cousin! Why the fudge is she getting jealous over his affection for Nyu/Lucy.
I hate this anime character type.

This character should die.. (ʘ'ʘ╬)

43 Seryu Ubiquitous - Akame Ga Kill Seryu Ubiquitous - Akame Ga Kill

She is a psychopath! She is so twisted... I thought that she was the good girl at first, but it turned out horribly wrong..

This girl has issues! She is a psychopath! She lets people put weapons into her arms! Plus she (spoilers) killed Sheele which (unknown to me at the time) would end up with pretty much every character dying!

I hate I had to Vote Seryu in order to share my opinion. Seryu is one of my favorite characters in Akame ga Kill. She is an Inspector Javert. She has so understanding of mercy and will kill anyone she feels strayed from the good side. Even though she killed Scheel (Also one of my favorites) I feel she is an amazing character who does not deserve all this hate just because she is VERY obsessed with carrying out her justice.

Let’s not forget that she found a group of bandits and murdered them all becuase they were Hungry. - Greninjafan127

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44 Katara - Avatar: The Last Airbender Katara - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Neglects Aang's feelings and think that she is always right I'd like her better if she was with zuko. She thinks that her "magic speeches can always change people and save the day. So corny. She is kinda strong though but I can't take the goodie attitude

I hate Krista. She is so annoying and stupid and neglects Aang's feelings for her. she should have juyst dated zuko maybe I would have liked her more. She thinks that optimistic speeches can always change people or save the world like please come on such a hypocrite always playing the sweet string girl till her true colours show.

I hate her she is so annoying. She always neglects Aang's ferki

I hate her

45 Miaka Yuki - Fushigi Yuugi

Okay here's my gripes about her... I went into Fushigi Yuugi because it looked interesting, had beautiful designs and hand drawn animation and had a RICH lore surrounding the four gods inspired from Chinese Mythology and had a great AU of Tang Dynasty China... Things I WOULD have gone for... Problem?

MIAKA! The girl doesn't Even THINK! I would have liked this anime so much more if it weren't for Her! UGH! I lost count over how many times I wanted to flip a table over while I was watching Fushigi Yuugi, in fact I didn't even make it through the first season (episodes 1-26) because after that I was DONE with her. Seriously if you're going to survive a harsh world you NEED to THINK Miaka doesn't even DO that ONE simple THING!

Here's something else -I'm going to get a lot of bashing for this...- I actually DIDN'T BLAME Yui the Seiryu priestess for her actions (minus her B! $@#y move for trying to take Tamahome for herself where even I was raging at her) because HOW could you ...more

Damn her so annoying at all time!

Gosh the series might of been a bit more decent if, excuse the SPOILER, not everyone fell in love with super annoying miaka, even the transgender woman lost character and said that she loved miaka as a man. Also the bitch is completely useless and always ducking running away, causing nothing but trouble for people. I wish her bitch friend (who I hate just as much) just killed her and then committed suicide. A bunch of annoying characters, could even watch half the series.

46 Heroine - Amnesia

She doesn't even have a name. I know it was originally a game but come on. I have an issue with shoujo romance animes (especially reverse harems) where the main female shows no character traits that warrant the affection she gets from the guys. It makes no sense.

...Hello? Personality? Are you there?

God that's the worst character with the worst damn personnality

I don't really hate her,but I don't like her either - BlueRiver

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47 Sachiko Kawamura - Nana

Sachiko deserves to be much higher on this list...but I hate Junko more...she was never a good friend.

Ugh I hater her. She acted all cute and stuff in front of Shoji and ended up cheating. She is so manipulative.
And then starts crying when she sees Nana, When Nana is the one who's supposed to be crying

People think that Sachiko is so cute, but she's really a manipulative, homewrecking bitch

48 Ryuko Matoi - Kill la Kill Ryuko Matoi - Kill la Kill Ryuko Matoi is the main protagonist of Japanese anime series 'Kill La Kill' produced by Studio Trigger. Ryuko Matoi is a highschool student who attends Honnouji Academy to find her father's murderer.

Now now. Why is this stupid whore not in the list. She can't fight without Senketsu. Only time I liked her was when Junketsu wore her. - SelfDestruct

A disgrace to any decent female protagonists, there are a lot of female leads that have a way better personality than this angry, attention-whore bitch

49 Sayaka Maizono - Danganronpa

Sayaka is horrible. She lacks originality, personality or anything else

She needs to be higher, people! So let's vote for her until she gets into the first page! - MLPFan

Um... skip every other number she deserves to be number 1

Her character lacked individuality, it was clear from the start that she was meant to be a love interest for Naegi. What makes it worse is that some fans hate on Leon for killing her and say she did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve to die, when she was the one who lied to Leon and was going to attempt to murder him and pass the blame on the Naegi. I’m not saying she deserved to be murdered but she certainly isn’t as innocent as people try to make her seem.

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50 Amy Rose - Sonic Amy Rose - Sonic Amy Rose is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a pink anthropomorphic hedgehog with a cheerful, competitive personality, and is infatuated with the series' main character, Sonic. She serves as the first playable female character in the series.
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