Sakura Haruno - Naruto

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Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


She was the annoying, useless, loud mouthed and bratty damsel in distress. Hated her since the first words left her mouth

This girl has absolutely no redeeming qualities of her own and is still so egoistic and overconfident and fails every single time and devolves into a helpless cry baby after.
Plenty of naruto side characters have a more tragic backstory that shapes their character make them more badass and strong character wise, while sakura's romantic infatuation with a guy who might as well be a psychopath, who she knows nothing beyond his looks, is migraine inducing does nothing for her except make her look pathetic and shallow.
She makes no real impact in the story is always just in the background or forgotten despite being a main character

I think Shippuden would have become more popular near the end if she had died instead of Neji.

She is just so annoying. Every time she appears, I just wanna punch her. I really wished Sasuke killed her.

Her character was changed compeletely from annoying fangirl to "mature woman" without any real reason. Although "mature" she still chases after sasuke and has irrelevant angst scenes in Naruto to waste time in the anime and to give her more "depth". Sakura in the land of iron arc made me vomit and then at the end when she gets married to sasuke and turns into a house wife. She is an irrelevant character. Any inportance she had could have easily been given to another character

Everyone says shes so badass in Shippuden but shes even worse
Shes still a stupid damsel in distress who beats up her saviour, admires a guy that's out of her reach and would have died without chiyo during her battle with sasori. this can never surpass tsunade, never mind Naruto sasuke and kakashi.

I do not hate Sakura but I think she a dumb woman falling in love to Sasuke just because Sasuke handsome.

I love when I look at my topics and Sakura Haruno is on them. And I look under her name to look at her top tens and most of them are Most Annoying Females, Most hated characters, etc. I'm evil but it makes my day. - ScarletBlade

... Sakura is so annoying all she cares about at times is sasuke even when naruto to saves her or he does something sweet, but he gets a punch and gets nagged. She also crystal a lot and can't do a thing except try's to Care about everyone but naruto poor naruto.

I actually like her. Maybe it's because we're both loud, annoying, and have large foreheads but I like her as a person.

I hate Sasuke which is probably why I greatly dislike how Sakura has the 'love no matter how much of an ass you are' thing. She really should've stayed single because in the end, Sasuke is toxic and cold.

Sakura's personality doesn't fit well with Sasukes (Only Naruto and the Uchiha family could deal with that...Actually Ten Ten and Neji. Tenten since she deals with Neji, Neji since he's Neji.)

Kishimoto should've spent more time developing her into a character that the audience could relate with, stop portraying her as weak, and stopped trying to make Sasuke oh so powerful (since in the end, the other characters become underdeveloped).

If Kishimoto HAD spent more time on the other characters (People that are not Itachi, Sasuke, Kakashi, Obito, Madara, etc.) maybe the other characters would've had a chance to have a personality that was ...more

I just, okay I get it, her and sasuke do have a daughter in Boruto but it was so forced they show little to no development and I mean come on, he tried to kill her, naruto and kakashi so I mean... why she still likes sasuke? I don't know. But I do like the fact that Sakura grew so much in strength other than that she's annoying.

Sorry but she's just always in the way and I can't really say more.

Absolutely no idea why kishimoto would create something so disgusting like Sakura since day 1 she has been chasing a guy she will never get and beating up the guy that actually likes her. Thumbs down too that

I don't get why people are hating on sakura, I know she didn't do much in Naruto but look at her now, she's strong and open minded and has saved the hero and future hokage of the hidden leaf and she has worked her ass to be where she is now.You guys should appreciate and not hate.

She is very annoying and a weak character. She is so obsessed with Sasuke that she doesn't observes Naruto's feelings for her. She is just so annoying...

She was actually almost killed by sasuke three times and each time she ran bsck to him she has no pride or brains at all she should have just died horribly and she is even worse now she never accomplished anything and the chuunin exam filler arc made her look horrible and the worst part of that was she was supposed to be one of the main focused character in that filler

I'm So Pretty! Sasuke kun please please rescue me you're so Hot I'll leave my whole family for you! I'll also be rude and annoying to Every Person but you!

I think that I like her personality...buut I really hated it when she was always running after sasuke when he tries to kill her and she never appreciates naruto because she abandoned her pride another woman would not be so proud of that act but I really liked how strong she is

I mean I really don't like her, every time I look at her I just want to scream.

She is way too much of a let down as a female lead

Annoying and I don't want to talk about it

She is a annoying fangirl who loves screaming like a banshee. Damn pink-haired brat. Though, she is better on the finishing episodes in Shippuden, she is still loud.

Horrible attitude and just like Rin in the anime. She cares little for people who are closes to here.

Her character development was very poor, I don't think she deserved to have Tsunade's techniques. She treats Naruto like trash and got seperated from other ninja students, a loner. I just hate her.

I've always disliked her, especially in part 1. Though I do believe fans are a bit too harsh on her. - Amilee