Top Ten Most Hated Big Brother 6 (U.S.) Contestants


The Top Ten

1 Eric Littmann Eric Littmann

Idiot you take control of the house the first two weeks and get evicted people that take control the first couple of weeks are out of the house before you know it
Ask Mike, Jase, Jessie, Nick, or Devin

Awful repulsive delusional idiot

2 Maggie Ausburn Maggie Ausburn Margaret Ausburn is an American known for winning the reality TV show Big Brother 6, broadcast by CBS in 2005.

Once she won the money, she told fans how much she didn't like Janelle. Bad move on her end.

Good player but this bitch was incapable of emotion plus she was delusional!

The most soulless person on the show ever.

3 Ivette Corredero Ivette Corredero

She was the most repulsive person on this season by far.

Very hilarious but was in the wrong side

4 Howie Gordon Howie Gordon Howie Gordon is a reality TV personality and former contestant from the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.

He was just a liar and a punk!

Ugh it is just embarrassing to see himself after himself or Janelle win HOH with him saying over and over Super Bowl baby

5 Beau Beasley

What's a personal shopper

6 Ashlea Evans
7 Michael Donnellan Michael Donnellan
8 Kaysar Ridha Kaysar Ridha
9 James Rhine James Rhine
10 Sarah Hrejsa

The Contenders

11 April Lewis

The original big brother bigot

12 Jennifer Vasquez

Just a super annoying person. I don't know why they didn't get her out first.

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