Most Hated Big Brother (U.S.) Contestants Ever


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1 Paul Abrahamian Paul Abrahamian Paul Raffi Abrahamian is an American reality television personality, clothing designer, and musician born in Tarzana, California.

He thinks he is so funny, cool, and smart, but I'd rather stick needles in my eyeballs than to have to watch him on the show or listen to him talk about "friendship". How cheesy coming from a grown man! He is so arrogant and I don't understand why none of the houseguests have picked up on that or why it hasn't gotten out how hard he fought to get the Vets out at the beginning of the game.

Annoying! Thank God for Nicole to win the season. I was seriously thinking of stop watching the show had he won the season.

Production is straight up trying to get this guy to win and everyone thinks he's amazing for it. They gave him three weeks of immunity, let him know about the double eviction in advance, had him play a bunch of comps he had already won from last season, put in him the house with Raven (who he knew in real life) and they sell merch in their store with his face on it. I mean come on... he tells the house to bully people and even call out Cody's time in service and his daughter. He's a douche canoe and only perceived as "good" because production is pushing him and put him in a house of lemmings. It's ridiculous.

Biggest scumbag, douche hole ever

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2 Amanda Zuckerman Amanda Zuckerman

I love Amanda! She's one of few people who flaps her yap more than I do. She don't hold anything back and I respect her for not trying to mislead us otherwise. Gotta love those villains! They always make sure to keep things interesting. - theOpinionatedOne

Amanda Zuckerman is the most controlling houseguest in the history of the game, which is a bad thing because she just wants to show that Big Brother is easy, which it is not. And when she got nominated by GM, she was just whiny and thought it was dumb move on Gina Marie's part and everyone in the house wanted to evict Elissa. Not only a controlling personality but a lack of self-awareness too. She is also the biggest hypocrite on her season because on Week 2 when Aaryn was make derogatory remarks, she tried to tell her to stop. That just flew out the window 4 weeks later and it continued. Let me put it this way, it seems as if she was raised by Ann Coulter

I loved Amanda, she was an amazing manipulator and played a great game. She never won competitions, yet people STILL listened to her. You all sound like bitter jury members. Yes she was mean, but so were a lot of other houseguests who are considered some of the best. I don't know why she's #1 on this list.


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3 Frankie Grande Frankie Grande Frank James Michael Grande Marchione (born January 24, 1983), usually credited as Frankie Grande or Frankie J. Grande, is an American dancer, musical theatre actor and singer, producer, TV host and YouTube personality. He is the older half-brother of singer and actress Ariana Grande.

One word for him, Diva. Because he was voted to be in team America, a member in many alliances, and the brother of a struggling pop star makes him the king of the world. By the way why didn't just take money out of his own pocket to donate, he did say he owned a part of a major company.

One of the rudest people to ever play the game. From making fun of Victoria's virginity to telling Jocasta to kill herself, he is one of the most disliked players to ever play the game.

I don't know why people like this guy. He was so cocky, he thought he was invincible, and just needs a reality check. He would be nobody if his sister weren't Ariana Grande.

Yeah well, his sister is worse - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

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4 Mike "Boogie" Malin

I really think he did not like women. His strategy was always demeaning to the all the women in the house. In both years he never befriended a women in house. I think that is strange.

At the end of his first appearance, he fake-proposed marriage to another contestant. The couple split up almost immediately, but not until Mike had received some publicity and media attention. During his second appearance, there was the infamous "ho-mance." Mike seems to have little regard for his female housemates.

I can't stand him. He's not even cute and he thinks he is.

Definitely a misogynist. Probably one of the more ugly players as well.

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5 Aaryn Gries Aaryn Gries Aaryn Elizabeth Williams is an American reality television personality, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and former model from San Marcos, Texas. She is best known for her appearance as a contestant on the reality television show Big Brother 15.

She is by far has the most hideous character. Her racist rants and taunts of the minorities in the house were deplorable and I have no respect for a person like her.

A complete idiot and has no sense that other people in the world actually have feelings of their own. What comes around goes around and she will get her whats coming.

I've never seen a less capable or likable person on this show. What is she thinking? Even if she were to make it to the end nobody would vote for her as her strategy if ignorant and savage.

Was happy to see Julie confront her over her racist remarks.

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6 Jessie Godderz Jessie Godderz Jessie Godderz also known as Mr. Pec-Tacular is an American professional wrestler signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling where he is a former two-time TNA World Tag Team Champion with Robbie E as The BroMans.

He is an egotistical, arrogant, misogynistic douche bag.

When dan was americas player, america voted to get him nominated and evicted that says it all

He is the only veteran to enter the Big Brother House and not make it to at least the final 2. He was a horrible player, a whiny man child, and all around unwatchable.


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7 Eric "Cappy" Littmann

HE started the Nerd Herd and when he was HOH he had the audacity to act like he owned the Big Brother house! Plus Eric played a really bad game. Started by making a final four deal w/ James, Michael, and Kaysar on DAY ONE and then he went against Michael because he liked to flirt w/ the girls and he turned the situation into a school yard bullying session by getting those coward girls to worship him! And don't get me started on how he and the Nerd Herd thought America was gonna vote him back in and we were going to love him! Ugh!

PART OF the nerd herd says it all

More like Eric "CRAPPY" Littmann

He just sucked

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8 Jen Johnson

Honestly, I liked her! She was entertaining to watch!

Hated by everyone in the house and most of the viewers, crying over a picture WOW

She's annoying ugly an idiot a moron

I have never seen a more self centered person in my life and she was SO OBLIVIOUS TO IT! Seeing Dick do what she did to her all season was so satisfying

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9 Maggie Ausburn Maggie Ausburn Margaret Ausburn is an American known for winning the reality TV show Big Brother 6, broadcast by CBS in 2005.

If she is ever your doctor, no matter the circumstance, get a different doctor. Maggie said that she has killed her patients. She should be in prison right now!

Hated her and the nerd herd. I wish Janelle would have won and she could have evicted Maggie before the finale. That would have been great.

Say what you want about Aaryn, Amanda, and Frankie. They have fans and there's a strong chance that they'll return to play Big Brother in the future, neither of which apply to Maggie.

Maggie and get alliance the nerd herd was so mean. Funny thing is, they couldn't understand why America kept voting for Janelle to win... How ignorant they were

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10 Rachel Plencer

Why is Rachel from S6 so high on this list? Just curious cause she never seemed mean.

I am shocked that she is so high on the list, I never saw anything that she did to put her on this list.

Yeah she didn't do anything bad...

She is annoying

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11 Paulie Calafiore Paulie Calafiore

He acted as if he had played the game before and liked to think that he was better than all the other houseguests. He never stopped talking about his idiot of a brother and always bragged about how he knows Derrick and how great his brother's alliance was. Derrick basically did everything for his brother, yet he acts like he comes from a family of amazing players. He was a jerk to everyone in the house, he treated Zakiyah like garbage, but she let him. He cried whenever things didn't go his way and he would constantly try to get sympathy by using his aunt's cancer. He was also extremely rude to Natalie who had done nothing but expose his gross disgusting ways. He displayed how he has no clue what a feminist is to Bridgette, shown when he equates feminism to racism, and his screaming match with Michelle from a different room was just embarrassing because he thought he was running the house when everyone hated him.

Big Brother portrayed him like the boy next door when he wasn't. He disobeyed quite a few rules and was a sore loser. He's spiteful, misogynistic, and very disrespectful. If I'm not wrong, he has some issues he was working through before being brought to the show. He mentioned a therapist he never told the producers about. Though, he did have the whole house wrapped around his finger, he deserves a rank on this list. I can't believe Julie didn't even mention his bad attitude during his interview, but I guess that just has to do with him being a straight white man. Glad Periwinkle Crap is in the jury house where the girls will knock some sense into him.

He got coached by Big Brother's most boring winner, Derrick Lava-whatever. He treats women like crap and even cheated on his past girlfriend. He has this huge God complex and he tried so hard to be Paul. He was exposed by Queen Natalie and definitely deserves all of the hate he gets leaving the Big Brother house.

Misogynistic, arrogant, two-faced, sleazy, insufferable, spoiled little twit is just some of the words to describe how much of a double this guy is!

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12 Bryan Ollie

He would've won if it weren't for Ollie

13 Ivette Correredo

Rewatching S6 now and she annoys me more than all the other houseguests. She is down right cruel in the diary room. She acts bratty, entitled, and hypocritical throughout the whole season. And her voice is annoying as hell.

I couldn't stand it just listening to her speak. She was so annoying.

Basically stalked james and annoying ass voice and hated janelle rachel and kaysar for no reason; made final two deal with james when SHES SUPPOSED TO TAKE BEAU TO THE FINALS because he's HER PARTNER. shes nuts

I hated her. That's all.

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14 Derrick Levasseur Derrick Levasseur Derrick Levasseur is an American police officer from Providence, Rhode Island. He is best known for winning the reality television series Big Brother 16 in 2014.

While he did deserve to win, he was such a party popper on the feeds. Wonder why there wasn't much drama and fights, this guy made sure we did get it.

Don't know why he's on this list; you all must be bitter he manipulated your favorite players!

I loved him he was so cool who says you have to be a stark raving lunatic to win he's my favorite by far out is the best way to get evicted

Made for a boring season.

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15 Gina Marie Zimmerman

She is racist, hateful, delusionally devoted to a man she barely knows, rude and just overall a bad person to her core.

Should be in the top 10. In my opinion she is worse than Amanda or Aaryn because she is a bully outside of the house to.

Why is she not higher on this list?

A pure racist through and through. What a skank. Lynne White.SC

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16 Kent Blackwelder Kent Blackwelder

I haven't seen a more hateful and vile person other than Justin in the early stages of this show.

Keep in mind that Kent is gone now. Insulting him does nothing.

Poor guy passed away :(

17 Christine Brecht Christine Brecht

The only person from her season to be 'BOOO-ed' on stage when leaving the house! How she got a man to marry her in the first place is baffling, but how/why he is staying with her after she practically flaunted an affair while on the show is BEYOND my comprehension. Worst person to EVER be on big brother in all of Big Brother history! So rude and mean and disrespectful! Not just to the other players in the house, but also to her family, to her husband, to her God, and most of all to all of AMERICA!

A complete embarrassment to her family and to her husband, just looking at this young lady "hurts"... Not blessed with one appealing quality about her, I am getting ready as its coming.. The part where she becomes completely befuddled that she is about to get sent packing... And her whiney little voice and that Big Bird stair of her's... it's a lot for one fan to handle... She is about to go ON and ON about how could they... typical player who honestly believed her skills way surpassed others, its going to take some convincing to makew her realize each week was a mere gift from the group.. It truly saddens me that a player like Nicole doesn't have the oppertunity to send "Big Bird " packing... shes not even remotely in the same level as Nicole - GarynKatie601

Let me get this straight, I don't hate Christine. However, she is a terrible player. She betrayed the girls and my favorite (Nicole) for some guys who weren't going to take her past the top 5 regardless. That being said, I don't hate her.

Just no

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18 Mike Lubinski
19 Zach Rance Zach Rance

He tries so hard to be the villain of his season when Christine is the villain so easily and effortlessly.

Zach is the kind of guy that you would probably bang but then you'd feel gross about it afterwards.

Zach blew up too much

Zach blew up to much but if you look past that than he was a good player.

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20 Alex Ow

Disgusting person. When people like someone who had said some of the awful, bigoted, dangerous things Jason has said more than they like you, there is a big problem. She's an awful person who's in for a big shock when she leaves the house.

Vile human being

I actually really like Paul because he made Alex look like the biggest idiot in BB19. Glad he sent her packing and gave her a reality check. Not nearly as good (or as hot) as she thinks she is. I love that she gets to sit at home and see for herself how badly she sucked. Whiner, hypocrite, brat. GO KEVIN!

She's awesome

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21 Raven Walton

Needs to realize she isn't the victim in every situation. Plays victim in situations that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with her. Plays victim and victimizes other people.

Most annoying HouseGuest

She should be way higher. The #ravenexposedparty is booming and I'm sure as time comes she will shoot up sky high on this list. Raven is definitely the most hated houseguest ever next to Aaryn. I don't know why Amanda is in first

Besides the game play and social game she "had" she really was gross and messed with Matt every night and would clean herself down there with lotion on camera. Can't believe her.

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22 Cody Calafiore

Cody was one of many this year (Season 16) on BB... Completely at a loss on how to play the game.. The one or two times he DID have any real control you would have thought he had just contracted the Napolean disease.. His attitude took over and he actually quit listening to what others wanted and any coalition talk.. Even with Derrick... power went straight to this kids head... They talk about about Victoria hanging on Derricks zipper? Cody is EVERY bit as bad... And has been all year.. Not a REAL competitor by ANY means... He should be going soon too.. Derrick would be best to kick him and kept Donny or Nicole... and THAT is gonna bite Derrick eventually you watch! Oh wait were still tallking about Cody arnt we... See how quickly he gets forgot about... that happens when you arnt a strong player... - GarynKatie601

He was an idiot. Made weak game moves and was taken to the end by his master Derrick. All the moves Cody made were ones DERRICK told him to. Sorry Cody you suck

The pretty boy athlete that failed to make a bug game move against rival Caleb! After his HOH reign Derrick took him under his wing and is hating on fan favorites Zach and Donny (who play better games than him).


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23 Rachel Reilly Rachel Reilly Rachel Eileen Reilly Villegas is an American television personality, a talk show host, an actress, and a reality show participant.

In season 12 she was annoying as hell and she embarrassed herself on national television by how she acted towards houseguests, but she quickly was loved in 13 due to changing the way she acting including feeling emotional for other houseguests & when she teamed with Jordan, fans loved!

Perhaps one the most hypocritical players in all of BB history. "They don't like me" " They attack me personally" "Cassi has to go because I don't like her" "she got rid of my man, she has to go" for someone preaching about not playing personal, she sure plays personal! And she distorts reality in a way I have never seen! "She is such a poor loser" says the girl crying in the bushes and attacking someone for being happy when they beat Rachel (point of view Season 12 week 5 - Kathy). Not to mention she is incredibly annoying.

Watching previous seasons with her in them. Makes me not want to watch Big Brother anymore. Grow up little girl and get a grip. Wow is all I can say, how did she pass the psych evaluation?

Rachel is the best and most unforgettable BB player ever. Don't be hating.

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24 Joe Arvin

Probably somebody you wouldn't want as a librairian yells all the time says he will get revenge when he gets nominated

25 Andy Herren Andy Herren

Why is he not higher up? He's a nice guy but did not deserve to win. He played a social game, but he was a rat. He was a part of the exterminators, yet he played the part of the weasel, the rat, the entire game. What a hypocrite.

Goes to place to place around the house so mean and he is too much of a cry baby stop crying there's nothing to cire about he's a big baby

Andy is the ugliest person inside and especially outside I have ever seen on my T.V.

Uuugghhh! I hate this little weasel! Sickening!

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26 Danielle Murphree

Embellished her medical background. Stalked fellow contestant Shane who was obviously so not into her. Posed incessantly in the mirror. LIED and LIED and LIED about non game related things. Most mentally unbalanced person ever cast. Employers and potential boyfriends...beware and proceed with caution.

Lied about having cancer, claimed her father was an abuser & alcoholic who forced her to get drunk while he hit on her underage friends, talked openly about swallowing and tossing salads, told the world her mother has a red bush, is a hypochondriac and habitual liar.


What was wrong with her?

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27 Chelsia Hart Chelsia Hart

Left the house with no class, and she was so rude to the finalists.

28 Mike Dutz
29 J.C Mounduix

He's just so annoying and arrogant. I can't stand to watch him take credit for everything. Plus, production is blatantly favoring him by giving him so much positive screen time. It's actually surprising, considering how awful some of his actions have been. He's so disrespectful, I don't understand how people can stand him.

€�Best Puppet Master” Sorry, Raven holds that spot

Unpopular opinion: I just find him cringy and unwatchable. His sense of humor just makes me roll my eyes and cringe beyond my normal level of cringe. He’s at least smart (game-wise but education-wise... suprised he even passed high school) so I’ll give him that. Honestly everyone from that season except like 5 people were or became cringy and unlikeable in my opinion.

He is so annoying and EVIL and he’s not smart. I can’t stand seeing him on this show. When will they realize they need to kick his a$$ to the curb already. #cringeworthy in my opinion and his political view toward his ethnic background + social stance (LBGT) makes it so difficult to even watch his crap.

30 Josh Martinez

This guy is literally the worst. His instinct is to kick people when they're down and then stomp on their head. He's an aggressive bully who acts like a victim, ultimately "playing himself." He exemplifies the worst human behavior.

Bullying comes natural to him because it's probably the only kind of attention he ever got from his peers fit to his being a total bi-polar cry baby loon!

He is socially semi-retarded. He is a parrot who repeats everything that Paul says. Then he almost gets smart enough to make a big move and then backs off. I hope he wins.

Don’t call people retarded that’s so offensive

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31 Bayleigh Dayton

Obnoxious, ignorant, privileged, irrational, and possibly crazy based off that blowup she had. Really unpleasant to see on the screen. Not even a good villain to love to hate, just irritating.

Arrogant, hypocritical, and empowered (in a bad way). Only thinks her voice matters and talked over everyone to try and prove it.

Mean spoiled entitled and most importantly a terrible player

Racist, lying, disgusting. There is 0 class in this ghetto girl.

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32 Jozea Flores

I hated him at first, but then realized he would've made the show much more entertaining if he wouldn't have made such a target of himself the second he walked in. One of the only people who was WOKE enough to target Nicole and Paulie, including other Vets. Smart gameplay, horrible execution.

Oh god probably one of the most narcissistic people to ever play this game. He came in way too confident and full of himself, and then wasn't even humble enough to admit to the mistakes he made in the big brother house.

He seriously called himself the Messiah. Really, no one likes you.

I loved Jozea, funny as all heck. Hope he comes back again!

33 Dick Donato Dick Donato Richard Louis Donato, known as "Evel Dick" Donato, a bar manager from Los Angeles, California, is the winner of the reality game show Big Brother 8. He and his daughter, Daniele Donato, are the only family member pair to win the American Big Brother program's top two prizes in the same competition.

His actions were so uncalled for and not required for his game. He trashed an entire religion (Christianity) just like Amanda or Aaryn, and abused fellow housemates, destroying their personal property while physically and mentally harming and scarring them. No wonder his daughter doesn't talk to him. I wouldn't either. I don't even think he's human, and to anyone that thinks his actions were gameplay and parts of his strategy then you're delusional because he was saved by america's player, and his season was basically rigged.

EvelDick bullied his way around the Big Brother house. He is the worst bully to ever play the game. He's not nice in real life, either. The guy is a class-A jackass who hates women (ask his ex, or maybe his daughter), is very insecure with himself, and can only feel any true form of happiness if he is belittling someone for being "worshipped" by his Twitter minions. He's disgusting.

Aaryn was 22 when she went into the house. Dick was 44. At least Aaryn had some gameplay without any racism/bullying. Dick had none. Oh and at least Aaryn seems to be learning from her mistakes from her season. Dick hasn't and has only gotten less tolerable on Twitter. Also, he's HIV+ so there's that.

He was the best liar and back stabber in the history of big brother. And I loved his personal attacks

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34 Austin Matelson Austin Matelson

He thinks the Sixth Sense is the "good guys" and the world likes him. Guess what Austin... YOU ARE HATED. He is a creep, annoying and extremely boring to watch. He easily made it to the Top 5 with the help of Vanessa. He made sure the fan favorites went home and he is a total douche. Big Brother don't ever bring him back to host a competition.

He cheated on his girlfriend for a dumb blonde. Also he doesn't wash his hands. What is there really to like about him?

His obsession with Liz was the creepiest thing I've ever witnessed on Big Brother. - mikeyp150

He’s an idiot

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35 Kaysar Ridha Kaysar Ridha

Why is kaysar on this? He's a king

Kaysar is overrated. I mean, of the 4 who could return, he received 82% of the votes to return. EIGHTY-TWO! Then he gets immediately evicted right after, sounds good. And he returns for All-Stars. What exactly did he do?

Nope! Not Kaysar. He and Janelle was everything during his season.

I love him

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36 Michelle Meyer Michelle Meyer

This person was hard to watch and even harder to listen to! All she did was whine and cry she does not deserve to be called a big brother superfan!

She is the type of person that hates herself so much that she has to project her low self esteem on anyone she thinks people like more.

The wAy she was a jerk then turn around and cry cause her feelings were hurt! Hard to watch her! She needs psychological help!

She was bitter, jealous, and a coward. She was not a good player in the slightest.

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37 Willie Hantz

At least, Russell could get to the end of the game.

Big mouthed and got himself expelled after getting nominated

One of the worst players ever.

38 Nicole Franzel Nicole Franzel

She's not interested in winning the game. She just wants the boy. GO ON THE DATING GAME, NICOLE! Her only game moves are under the covers, with Corey. She contributes absolutely NOTHING to the entertainment values of this show and its live feeds. She lies and she sleeps...just like a snake. It's sad that someone else didn't get on the show, because she got the spot...again. She says she's willing to give the win to Corey...her family must be so proud.

She absolutely did nothing to deserve to win. She stayed in bed most of the time and didn't socialize with anyone (except the person she had sex with on the live feeds). When anyone reached out to her to include her in the game she immediately turned against them. She was lazy, unlikeable, and basically worthless. She wasn't even a good villan. Some unlikeable people make interesting T.V.. She couldn't even do that. She has no personality. Jury members disliked her but were led to believe (either by production or by a few other players) she had actually been playing the game. Other people who actually competed and fought hard to stay in the game were clearly more deserving than this floater.

Casual viewers love her. It's pathetic. She has made no improvement since being brought back. Still threw her game down the drain for a guy. If anything, she should be at he top of the list for most disappointing houseguest.


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39 Swaggy C

Arrogant People sometimes step up the ladder of success but take no responsibility for the people who get stepped on on their way up. People get hurt and while they may forgive, they never forget. Karma is a hitch and Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. What a tool!

Chris is a very Young Man, & has had a rough upbringing. Chris Father passed away, and he had long separations from his Mom. His arrogance is a form of Chris hiding behind his obvious insecurities. In time Chris will grow up, & become the Man he was meant to be.

What a buffoon!

Arrogant person thinks he’s better than everyone else

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40 Da'Vonne Rogers Da'Vonne Rogers

QUEEN OF STAYING WOKE. Can't get anything past her! I live for her! If anyone deserves to win, it's her. Greatest source of entertainment and not even close to being hated.


I like her, she just needs to remember its just a game, don't get so serious. But, I don't blame her for getting upset when Frank slapped her butt. That was not okay and very disrespectful!

She sucks at the game. they brought back 3 deserving houseguests that won competitions & made it far being huge underdogs and then her... waste of a spot amanda or elissa deserved it over her.

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41 Jason Dent Jason Dent

He's very dumb person

42 Liz Nolan

Liz was better than Julia. Liz actually played the game, talked strategy, won comps, and caused drama. Julia was Victoria 2.0, she didn't do anything but pretend it was Summer Camp. I was glad when Liz made it further, Julia didn't deserve it. It should have been just Liz in the house from the start. - mikeyp150

Not a floater but she was easily given F2. She has no entertainment value what so ever and insults many of the houseguests. She never left a goodbye message for Clay when he helped evict Jason so her dumbass can stay in the game. What a weak player she did everything Vanessa and Austin told her to do. Liz thinks her and her sister were the stars of the show um it's an overwhelming NO.

Honestly, Julia should have been the original twin. That goodbye message to Jason was hate mail worthy. Honestly, this girl just made the Big Brother 17 cast look even more un-diverse than it already is. Liz Nolan is a garbage player in a nutshell.

I liked Julia much better.

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43 Morgan Willett

Morgan came in the house with an entitled, snobby, attitude. The backhand comments border on discrimination.

Thinks shes so likable but shes not - supergeekslayer346

Such a bitch

44 Cody Nickson Cody Nickson

He was mean and bullied people and even cause people to leave the game by self eviction he was all around terrible human being not to mention he sucked at the game - kingolight

I almost stopped watching BB because of this guy. He was a cocky jerk on the show and I cannot see why he was a fan favorite. He and Jessica will be married soon but I give that marriage less than 5 years.

I hated this transphobic POS.
He only gets praised because he took on Paul with his soon to be snot wife Jessica Graf. His blank stares into nowhere. Bland personality but for some reason this dude is popular. Yawn. - BlackDiamonds

When I learned that he was a marine, I was severely depressed. I thought to myself “They let this kind of man serve our country? This same man who hated the whole house of people he never even met before without even giving them a chance? This man who treated everyone aside from his girl as if they were trash? This man who caused probably 60% of the fights that went on in this house? Screw it, I’d rather be blown up then protected by this ass-hat. Hell, knowing him he’d probably give them the ammunition they need”

45 Christmas Abbott

Very rude person - greninjafan24

Lied about her past not a cross fit champion and that NASCAR pitcrew was a publicity stunt which she failed miserably at. Please please don't bring her back.

Call her Kwanzaa...a phony holiday is a better nickname for a phony person.

46 Vanessa Rousso

She had to be the biggest bully and the biggest liar on the whole game. I don't know if she was the most obnoxious player or if her fellow house guests were just the most stupid. She worked everyone in that house, but when she would lie and then swear that on her mother or her girlfriend, I was done. Who does that. Lying came way to easy to her for it not to be part of her life outside the big brother house. I believe she is truly unattractive inside and out.

She literally bribed fellow house guests with trips, gifts and money. Not sure why CBS never aired any of that. They really wanted to give her the smart game player edit. She also cried by herself over her girlfriend and people in the house not liking her. You don't cry alone to manipulate, you cry alone because you're a loser.

I never liked her because they always showed how she was the underdog in a way, but she made her way to final 3.

Maybe she's a good poker player, but she was a lousy BB player! You can't play a social game by spending so much time alone.

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47 Chima Simone Chima Simone Chima Simone is a TV personality and freelance journalist, best known as a former contestant on Big Brother 11. She is also notable for surviving an attack by the Bathtub Killer, Dale Devon Scheanette.

Honestly, should've just followed the rules. And had a super weird face that no one understood.

She got herself expelled for a reason.

I think she should be #1. Most annoying, rude, conceded player ever! I was glad she self evicted.

She could have won if she followed the rules

48 Devin Shepherd Devin Shepherd

Devin was in my Top 10 all time BB dumbass's... Hands down.. From day one he showed his cards... Wow he was a dumbass.. He should have had Victorias spot it would be same results damn near! - GarynKatie601

Devin wanted to rule the game every week and he made like 13 alliances and added someone new to the bomb squad every 2 days. So annoying

He had way to many alliances and he goes down in the dumbest players of all time

, I couldn’t stand him. His smile is creepy. he's creepy. I just can’t..

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49 Corey Brooks Corey Brooks

Such a boring person. Would be the worst guy to try to have a conversation with if he could even do that. Just looking at his ugly face every episode is enough to make me not want to watch big brother.

Big hypocrite. Hates gays but he's gay. He also supported paulie's comment about Natalie being as fake as her boobs.

He says he likes nicole but he is a gay dude

He is gay and didn't deserve to be on this season. he has a crush on victor. he should've just came out as gay to the houseguests. he sucks at this game and he should die

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50 Monte Massongill

Massongill by name, douche by nature!

Racist that was just like that gang from BB15

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