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1 Amanda Zuckerman Amanda Zuckerman

Amanda Zuckerman is the most controlling houseguest in the history of the game, which is a bad thing because she just wants to show that Big Brother is easy, which it is not. And when she got nominated by GM, she was just whiny and thought it was dumb move on Gina Marie's part and everyone in the house wanted to evict Elissa. Not only a controlling personality but a lack of self-awareness too. She is also the biggest hypocrite on her season because on Week 2 when Aaryn was make derogatory remarks, she tried to tell her to stop. That just flew out the window 4 weeks later and it continued. Let me put it this way, it seems as if she was raised by Ann Coulter

I love Amanda! She's one of few people who flaps her yap more than I do. She don't hold anything back and I respect her for not trying to mislead us otherwise. Gotta love those villains! They always make sure to keep things interesting. - theOpinionatedOne

I loved Amanda, she was an amazing manipulator and played a great game. She never won competitions, yet people STILL listened to her. You all sound like bitter jury members. Yes she was mean, but so were a lot of other houseguests who are considered some of the best. I don't know why she's #1 on this list.

She was rude and got into lots of fights in her season

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2 Frankie Grande Frankie Grande Frank James Michael Grande Marchione (born January 24, 1983), usually credited as Frankie Grande or Frankie J. Grande, is an American dancer, musical theatre actor and singer, producer, TV host and YouTube personality. He is the older half-brother of singer and actress Ariana Grande.

One word for him, Diva. Because he was voted to be in team America, a member in many alliances, and the brother of a struggling pop star makes him the king of the world. By the way why didn't just take money out of his own pocket to donate, he did say he owned a part of a major company.

One of the rudest people to ever play the game. From making fun of Victoria's virginity to telling Jocasta to kill herself, he is one of the most disliked players to ever play the game.

Spoiled little rat face who thinks to be a hero, but is worse then zero. I don't listen to Ariana anymore

Too bad Ariana wasn't an only child.

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3 Aaryn Gries Aaryn Gries

A complete idiot and has no sense that other people in the world actually have feelings of their own. What comes around goes around and she will get her whats coming.

She is by far has the most hideous character. Her racist rants and taunts of the minorities in the house were deplorable and I have no respect for a person like her.

I've never seen a less capable or likable person on this show. What is she thinking? Even if she were to make it to the end nobody would vote for her as her strategy if ignorant and savage.

She was a plain bitch

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4 Mike "Boogie" Malin

I really think he did not like women. His strategy was always demeaning to the all the women in the house. In both years he never befriended a women in house. I think that is strange.

At the end of his first appearance, he fake-proposed marriage to another contestant. The couple split up almost immediately, but not until Mike had received some publicity and media attention. During his second appearance, there was the infamous "ho-mance." Mike seems to have little regard for his female housemates.

I can't stand him. He's not even cute and he thinks he is.

Boogie is awesome! Haters keep hating.

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5 Paulie Calafiore Paulie Calafiore

He acted as if he had played the game before and liked to think that he was better than all the other houseguests. He never stopped talking about his idiot of a brother and always bragged about how he knows Derrick and how great his brother's alliance was. Derrick basically did everything for his brother, yet he acts like he comes from a family of amazing players. He was a jerk to everyone in the house, he treated Zakiyah like garbage, but she let him. He cried whenever things didn't go his way and he would constantly try to get sympathy by using his aunt's cancer. He was also extremely rude to Natalie who had done nothing but expose his gross disgusting ways. He displayed how he has no clue what a feminist is to Bridgette, shown when he equates feminism to racism, and his screaming match with Michelle from a different room was just embarrassing because he thought he was running the house when everyone hated him.

Big Brother portrayed him like the boy next door when he wasn't. He disobeyed quite a few rules and was a sore loser. He's spiteful, misogynistic, and very disrespectful. If I'm not wrong, he has some issues he was working through before being brought to the show. He mentioned a therapist he never told the producers about. Though, he did have the whole house wrapped around his finger, he deserves a rank on this list. I can't believe Julie didn't even mention his bad attitude during his interview, but I guess that just has to do with him being a straight white man. Glad Periwinkle Crap is in the jury house where the girls will knock some sense into him.

He got coached by Big Brother's most boring winner, Derrick Lava-whatever. He treats women like crap and even cheated on his past girlfriend. He has this huge God complex and he tried so hard to be Paul. He was exposed by Queen Natalie and definitely deserves all of the hate he gets leaving the Big Brother house.

A serious rat child - supergeekslayer346

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6 Eric "Cappy" Littmann

HE started the Nerd Herd and when he was HOH he had the audacity to act like he owned the Big Brother house! Plus Eric played a really bad game. Started by making a final four deal w/ James, Michael, and Kaysar on DAY ONE and then he went against Michael because he liked to flirt w/ the girls and he turned the situation into a school yard bullying session by getting those coward girls to worship him! And don't get me started on how he and the Nerd Herd thought America was gonna vote him back in and we were going to love him! Ugh!

PART OF the nerd herd says it all

More like Eric "CRAPPY" Littmann

He just sucked

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7 Jessie Godderz Jessie Godderz Jessie Godderz also known as Mr. Pec-Tacular is an American professional wrestler signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling where he is a former two-time TNA World Tag Team Champion with Robbie E as The BroMans.

He is an egotistical, arrogant, misogynistic douche bag.

When dan was americas player, america voted to get him nominated and evicted that says it all

He is the only veteran to enter the Big Brother House and not make it to at least the final 2. He was a horrible player, a whiny man child, and all around unwatchable.


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8 Maggie Ausburn Maggie Ausburn Margaret Ausburn is an American known for winning the reality TV show Big Brother 6, broadcast by CBS in 2005.

If she is ever your doctor, no matter the circumstance, get a different doctor. Maggie said that she has killed her patients. She should be in prison right now!

Say what you want about Aaryn, Amanda, and Frankie. They have fans and there's a strong chance that they'll return to play Big Brother in the future, neither of which apply to Maggie.

Hated her and the nerd herd. I wish Janelle would have won and she could have evicted Maggie before the finale. That would have been great.

lol duh

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9 Rachel Plencer

Why is Rachel from S6 so high on this list? Just curious cause she never seemed mean.

I am shocked that she is so high on the list, I never saw anything that she did to put her on this list.

Yeah she didn't do anything bad...

She was such a little twat to beau when he was hoh " thanks beau beau" sore loser. Then afterwards ivette says this in her goodbye message that she's a sore loser. She answers to Julie Chen in her condescending way " what's that about

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10 Jen Johnson

Honestly, I liked her! She was entertaining to watch!

Hated by everyone in the house and most of the viewers, crying over a picture WOW

She is very selfish. Mean spirited

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11 Bryan Ollie

He would've won if it weren't for Ollie

12 Ivette Correredo

Rewatching S6 now and she annoys me more than all the other houseguests. She is down right cruel in the diary room. She acts bratty, entitled, and hypocritical throughout the whole season. And her voice is annoying as hell.

I couldn't stand it just listening to her speak. She was so annoying.

Basically stalked james and annoying ass voice and hated janelle rachel and kaysar for no reason; made final two deal with james when SHES SUPPOSED TO TAKE BEAU TO THE FINALS because he's HER PARTNER. shes nuts

I hated her. That's all.

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13 Paul Abrahamian Paul Abrahamian

He thinks he is so funny, cool, and smart, but I'd rather stick needles in my eyeballs than to have to watch him on the show or listen to him talk about "friendship". How cheesy coming from a grown man! He is so arrogant and I don't understand why none of the houseguests have picked up on that or why it hasn't gotten out how hard he fought to get the Vets out at the beginning of the game.

Annoying! Thank God for Nicole to win the season. I was seriously thinking of stop watching the show had he won the season.

He thinks he so funny thank god nicole won

I still can't belive he ditched the'vonne he deserves to be on this list

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14 Gina Marie Zimmerman

She is racist, hateful, delusionally devoted to a man she barely knows, rude and just overall a bad person to her core.

Should be in the top 10. In my opinion she is worse than Amanda or Aaryn because she is a bully outside of the house to.

Why is she not higher on this list?

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15 Derrick Levasseur Derrick Levasseur

While he did deserve to win, he was such a party popper on the feeds. Wonder why there wasn't much drama and fights, this guy made sure we did get it.

He played two games in the house. 1) his big brother game against his fellow Houseguests 2) a speedster game where he true to manipulate the audience as well by lying to us in his Diary room sessions and on live feeds. Not cool Derrick not cool

I loved him he was so cool who says you have to be a stark raving lunatic to win he's my favorite by far out is the best way to get evicted

He does drugs and cheats on his wife

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16 Kent Blackwelder Kent Blackwelder
17 Mike Lubinski
18 Christine Brecht Christine Brecht

A complete embarrassment to her family and to her husband, just looking at this young lady "hurts"... Not blessed with one appealing quality about her, I am getting ready as its coming.. The part where she becomes completely befuddled that she is about to get sent packing... And her whiney little voice and that Big Bird stair of her's... it's a lot for one fan to handle... She is about to go ON and ON about how could they... typical player who honestly believed her skills way surpassed others, its going to take some convincing to makew her realize each week was a mere gift from the group.. It truly saddens me that a player like Nicole doesn't have the oppertunity to send "Big Bird " packing... shes not even remotely in the same level as Nicole - GarynKatie601

The only person from her season to be 'BOOO-ed' on stage when leaving the house! How she got a man to marry her in the first place is baffling, but how/why he is staying with her after she practically flaunted an affair while on the show is BEYOND my comprehension. Worst person to EVER be on big brother in all of Big Brother history! So rude and mean and disrespectful! Not just to the other players in the house, but also to her family, to her husband, to her God, and most of all to all of AMERICA!

Let me get this straight, I don't hate Christine. However, she is a terrible player. She betrayed the girls and my favorite (Nicole) for some guys who weren't going to take her past the top 5 regardless. That being said, I don't hate her.

Booed, slutted, disgusting, evil

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19 Zach Rance Zach Rance

He tries so hard to be the villain of his season when Christine is the villain so easily and effortlessly.

Zach is the kind of guy that you would probably bang but then you'd feel gross about it afterwards.

Zach blew up to much but if you look past that than he was a good player.

Zach blew up too much

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20 Rachel Reilly Rachel Reilly Rachel Eileen Reilly Villegas is an American television personality, a talk show host, an actress, and a reality show participant.

In season 12 she was annoying as hell and she embarrassed herself on national television by how she acted towards houseguests, but she quickly was loved in 13 due to changing the way she acting including feeling emotional for other houseguests & when she teamed with Jordan, fans loved!

Perhaps one the most hypocritical players in all of BB history. "They don't like me" " They attack me personally" "Cassi has to go because I don't like her" "she got rid of my man, she has to go" for someone preaching about not playing personal, she sure plays personal! And she distorts reality in a way I have never seen! "She is such a poor loser" says the girl crying in the bushes and attacking someone for being happy when they beat Rachel (point of view Season 12 week 5 - Kathy). Not to mention she is incredibly annoying.

Watching previous seasons with her in them. Makes me not want to watch Big Brother anymore. Grow up little girl and get a grip. Wow is all I can say, how did she pass the psych evaluation?

Rachel is the best and most unforgettable BB player ever. Don't be hating.

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