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41 Vanessa Rousso

She literally bribed fellow house guests with trips, gifts and money. Not sure why CBS never aired any of that. They really wanted to give her the smart game player edit. She also cried by herself over her girlfriend and people in the house not liking her. You don't cry alone to manipulate, you cry alone because you're a loser.

I never liked her because they always showed how she was the underdog in a way, but she made her way to final 3.

Just a bad bad person

Maybe she's a good poker player, but she was a lousy BB player! You can't play a social game by spending so much time alone.

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42 Alex Willett
43 Glenn Garcia

After what happend on Twitter I am not surprised that he is on here.


44 Dan Gheesling Dan Gheesling

Shouldn't be on here. He played the game better than everyone, and if you don't agree with how he played it... too bad. He played a ruthless game and he's not immoral in real life.

What he did to frank shows what a piece of trash that guy really is

This guy is an egomaniac.

Trash! Yep that says it all

45 Frank Eudy Frank Eudy

He should have played s18 like his own season.

My favorite he shouldn't be on here

He was funny, but he shouldn't have smacked DaVon's butt, that was disrespectful.

He's a sexual assaulter and a loud mouth. #pointblankandtheperiod

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46 Chima Simone Chima Simone Chima Simone is a TV personality and freelance journalist, best known as a former contestant on Big Brother 11. She is also notable for surviving an attack by the Bathtub Killer, Dale Devon Scheanette.

Honestly, should've just followed the rules. And had a super weird face that no one understood.

She got herself expelled for a reason.

I think she should be #1. Most annoying, rude, conceded player ever! I was glad she self evicted.

She could have won if she followed the rules

47 Julia Nolan

Julia was even more useless than Victoria. She couldn't win comps, was never there for game talks, she was more concerned with making silly faces or tanning than actually plkaying the game. Liz was definitely the better player and smarter twin. - mikeyp150

48 Jeff Schroeder

Homophobic. #pointblankandtheperiod

He shouldn't be on this list. Must be a big type-o.

This guy just suucks. I mean Jordan did win by basically riding his coattails so I'll give him credit for that, but ever since his season, feel like I can't watch BB without seeing his smug ass face pop up on my screen as if to say "HAHA you thought you could take me off T.V.? you thought you could have a camera rolling without me being in front of it? THINK AGAIN, BECAUSE IT'S TIME FOR THE CONDESCENDING, BORING SHOW! "

49 Ronnie Talbott Ronnie Talbott

This guy looks like a frog and a rat mated in a sewer that had feces that contained the AIDS virus in every last ounce. Not only was he just a disgusting thing to have on the screen that kind of made everyone want to go out, buy a gun, take shooting lessons, get a permit, and then go back to their home and shoot their television a good 46 times, but he was just an annoying ass that really couldn't play the game as well as he thought. Every time people saw him, I almost wanted to ask them how they could resist saying "ew, who let this hobbit into the house? ". It just looks like he is missing all of the necessary chromosomes, but gained all of the ones that scientists are still trying to figure out why they even exist.

If there was an award for "Biggest Liar on Big Brother" this guy would win it by a mile. He literally lied to every single houseguest within only 4 weeks. He also acted like some know-it-all big brother encyclopedia, so yes the encyclopedia lasted only 4 weeks

This rat honestly thought he was genius who wouldn't get caught playing both sides so obviously

Not just a bad player, but a horrible person. Should be tied with Chima.

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50 Steve Moses

Why does Steve have hate? He won because he got out Vanessa and that is something Liz wouldn't have done

I agree, he never should have won. He was just a puppet.

One of the least deserving winners. Didn't do any game moves on his own time, didn't manipulate anyone, was he even there for the first half of the game?

He only won because the whole jury was buthurt about Vanessa, making him a savior for getting her out.

51 Jeremy McGuire Jeremy McGuire
52 Joshua Welch

Universally hated by all viewers, which says a lot.

53 McCrae Olson McCrae Olson
54 Becky Burgess

Why was she even chosen to be on big brother?

She is tough.

55 Victoria Rafaeli Victoria Rafaeli

I honestly can't tell if her strategy was to look so weak that everyone thought they could beat her so she gets dragged to the top three or that she really is just that poor at competitions

Total idiot! Did nothing the entire game. Mega floater, would hate to see her come back

Victoria was the best, shouldn't be on this list

Floater x1000000. Clueless, really.

56 Alison Irwin
57 Kaitlin Barnaby

Worst player ever. Weirdest bedroom scene with Jeremy, EVER.

Worse than Christine during her time in the house.

Love her

One of the Plastics from BB15 with Aaryn and GM.

58 Helen Kim V 2 Comments
59 Shelli Poole
60 Caleb Reynolds Caleb Reynolds Caleb Matthew Reynolds is a hunting guide from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He is best known for his appearance on the sixteenth season of the reality series Big Brother, where he placed fourth,.

Caleb was crazy hot, but also just crazy. His behavior towards poor Amber was pretty much stalking, and not the light hearted, obsessed from afar, John Hughes kind, but the "I'm in your closet watching you and trying on your shoes" kind of stalker. He was a full blown delusional creep, and pretty much the reason vasectomies and lobotomies were developed.

He would've won if he wasn't so obsessed with Amber and if he wasn't too loyal.

Super hot but delusional.

I liked Caleb.

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