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61 April Lewis

She is the original big brother bigot during the terror of conflict on the house she makes fun of howie who is missing a pinky and has a damaged ring finger and says hope you can compete without your fingers and she called both howie and jannele immature and does something more immature then what they were doing to her that's pot calling the kettle black I don't try to hate on people just because there in a certain alliance I liked the friendship except for her and eric

In my opinion the worst

Whenever she cried I wanted smash the T.V.. So hypocritical and annoying. Her dog was cute, though

62 Steve Moses

Why does Steve have hate? He won because he got out Vanessa and that is something Liz wouldn't have done

I agree, he never should have won. He was just a puppet.

One of the least deserving winners. Didn't do any game moves on his own time, didn't manipulate anyone, was he even there for the first half of the game?

He only won because the whole jury was buthurt about Vanessa, making him a savior for getting her out.

63 Audrey Middleton Audrey Middleton

Audrey played to fast and never laid low until she knew she was about to go.

Audrey, never laid low until she was about to go out.

Audrey didn't do anything except hide from other players. Stole someone's place in the house.

The fact that she got emotional over her own lies drove me crazy

64 Shelli Poole
65 Jeremy McGuire Jeremy McGuire
66 Joshua Welch

Universally hated by all viewers, which says a lot.

67 McCrae Olson McCrae Olson
68 Howie Gordon Howie Gordon Howie Gordon is a reality TV personality and former contestant from the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.
69 Victoria Rafaeli Victoria Rafaeli

I honestly can't tell if her strategy was to look so weak that everyone thought they could beat her so she gets dragged to the top three or that she really is just that poor at competitions

Victoria was the best, shouldn't be on this list

Total idiot! Did nothing the entire game. Mega floater, would hate to see her come back

Floater x1000000. Clueless, really.

70 Kail Harbick

Homophobic and boring.

71 Kaitlin Barnaby

Worst player ever. Weirdest bedroom scene with Jeremy, EVER.

Worse than Christine during her time in the house.

Love her

One of the Plastics from BB15 with Aaryn and GM.

72 Helen Kim

Y'all just plan racist


73 Caleb Reynolds Caleb Reynolds Caleb Matthew Reynolds is a hunting guide from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He is best known for his appearance on the sixteenth season of the reality series Big Brother, where he placed fourth,.

Caleb was crazy hot, but also just crazy. His behavior towards poor Amber was pretty much stalking, and not the light hearted, obsessed from afar, John Hughes kind, but the "I'm in your closet watching you and trying on your shoes" kind of stalker. He was a full blown delusional creep, and pretty much the reason vasectomies and lobotomies were developed.

He would've won if he wasn't so obsessed with Amber and if he wasn't too loyal.

Super hot but delusional.

I liked Caleb.

74 Natalie Martinez Natalie Martinez Natalie Emilia-Romagna Martinez is an American actress and model. She is known as the spokes-model for JLO by Jennifer Lopez, and for her role in the 2008 feature film Death Race.
75 April Dowling
76 Daniele Donato Daniele Donato Daniele Donato-Briones, was a contestant on Big Brother 8, and Big Brother 13 along with her father, Dick Donato.

The only reason she got as far as she did was because of her dad. She was super whiny and annoying and acted as though the world revolved around her. But to be fair, Dick did understandably screw up her entire childhood, so she's not completely at fault for how she behaved.

77 Shelly Moore Shelly Moore

Hated by casuals for going against Jeff and Jordan in BB13.

78 Michael "Cowboy" Ellis

Super boring, did nothing on his season, only known for having a sister he didn't know about in the house. He tried and failed to get onto 2 other seasons. My least favorite player by far.

Pretty hated during BB5.

79 Amber Siyavus

Her constant Diary Room videos of her crying literally made me what to shoot my brains out.

80 Victor Arroyo Victor Arroyo

I liked Victor. He battled his way back into the house 2. I wish he would still be in the house.

I like him, he's annoying at times, but he seems kind. He cleans a lot which is good and shows his respect for the BB house. His mama raised him right. Hope he wins.

His face annoys me

He's sexist

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