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101 Swaysway (Breadwinners) Swaysway (Breadwinners)

SwaySway is less annoying than Buhdeuce, but still annoying

102 Ming Ming (Wonder Pets)
103 Snarf (ThunderCats)
104 Carl Wheezer (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron) Carl Wheezer (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron)

Carl? I can't see anybody hating Carl, he's probably the least hated. I think Sheen or Cindi should take his place here

I love Carl - Officialpen

I hate this fat, egotistical, jealous, and worst excuse as a friend! He always causes all the problems in the series: (Megalomanium anyone? ). And I absolutely hated the episode where he had to suck up to the Swedish girl as a boy genius! BLECH! >. <
Seriously guys, don't you agree?

105 Pearl Krabs

How can a whale come out of a crab? That makes perfect sense! *Sarcasm*

You see, when a mommy crab and a daddy crab love each other very much, they end up giving birth to A WHALE? - DCfnaf

There is a theory that a fisher killed pearls mom and Mr Krebs found her and decided to raise her.

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106 Ed Bighead (Rocko's Modern Life) Ed Bighead (Rocko's Modern Life) Edward "Ed" Bighead is a fictional character in the cartoon series Rocko's Modern Life and the comic book series of the same name. V 1 Comment
107 Doc McStuffins

Have any of you noticed she one of the few Disney junior characters that is African American? THANK YOU Disney!

Doesn't even have a diploma and didn't even get a Master's Degree or even went to college

I feel better, so much better, thanks doc for takin' all the ouchies away!
Me: Good God why Disney

108 Iris (Pokemon)

How DARE she and Cilan jump out and replace Dawn and Brock! Misty can be very bratty but is normaly sweet. May had such a nice personality. Plus, her hair was cute. Dawn was gorgeous and really hard working. Iris is horrible. Serena wasn't much better ethier, but this is Iris were talking about. Once, she insulted Georgia's hair. That was stupid because Iris has the most ridiculous hair ever. Georgia's hair is pink! You gotta love pink hair! Iris has the nerve to call Ash a little kid all the time! Hey, she's a kid too! Not even a tee yet! Ash has caught so many Pokemon and is a really experienced trainer when Iris can't even control her dang Pokemon!

Iris she is a little kid herself hypocrite and Ash is grown up he has an Infernape Torterra Charizard Krookodile Sceptile and some badass Pokemon what about you Iris where is Haxorus well it is still axes not badass yet and she can't control that dragonite or evolve that axes to fraxture to haxorus you know why she can't do those because haxorus and dragonite are so badass she can't even look at them

I HATE This kid! She keeps on calling Ash a kid when she knows that she's a kid herself and she NEVER SHUTS UP! She is so annoying! Ash:( sees a bulbasaur) hey who's that Pokemon? Iris: wow you're from the kanto reigon and you don't know that it's a bulbasaur? What a little kid! Ash: Shut up iris! GOD you talk too much! Iris:... I wish that kid would go jump off a cliff! She is so annoying!

109 Boots (Dora the Explorer)

Hi. My name is Boots. Dora couldn't come up with a name with me so she named me this stupid name. She's so horrible. She beats the crap out of me for not going with her sometimes. I belong to a zoo. I'm so stupid that I don't know what 0+0 is. Why? I don't deserve to be an girl that's head is a size of an football. - JaysTop10List

Boots is a crappy and stupid monkey and he is annoying oh and Boots more like Craps I feel like I want to take a shotgun and shot his ass.

Hi my names boots and I am so dumb that it is my middle name. Dora is a girl with the head the size of a football and her hair looks like a bum - Hollybrewer

Boots is a horrible and disgraceful monkey this is the 2nd worst character in dora the explorer show he is so annoying he is dumb I bet he don't know what is 2+2 oh and boots more like craps he makes me want to jump out the window with him grey ass self boots/craps I want to shoot you with a shotgun and eat your soul remove this stupid monkey from the show NOW!

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110 Misty (Pokemon) Misty (Pokemon) Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri.

Why is Misty on this list? I never found anything wrong with her. If she was real and you said that to her face she would get really mad. She's only 12. Stop hating on Misty!

What misty is awesome

Misty is awesome why is she on this list?


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111 Mr. Grouper (Bubble Guppies)

Mr. Grouper is the worst teacher in the world! He's fat and very tubby. I mean, orange/red/yellow/ fish live in heck. He's a really bad friend to the bubble guppies.

112 Major Nixel (Mixels)

I kind of like him. Not much, though. - Extractinator04

Why does he hate Mixels?

He is such a big jerk!

113 Mr. Poulos (Crash and Bernstein)

He's not a cartoon. - courier28

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114 Suzi (Camp Lakebottom)

Why must she be so mean to Mcgee?!

Why I hate her:

1. I hate her PINK OUTFIT!

2. She thinks the world revolves around her

3. Spoiled Brat

4. Sassy Pants!


In a Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay:

* Suzi hurt her leg and zombies are coming near *


Me: After everything U did before this happen? , Why should I help U? A bitch like U should die out here

Suzi: Baby Brof Brof, HELP ME!

Mcgee: No way Bitch, U were a mean older sister. So she was right, U should die out here

* Walks away and leaves Suzi *

115 Beautiful Gorgeous (Jimmy Neutron) Beautiful Gorgeous (Jimmy Neutron) Beautiful Gorgeous is a fictional character and the daughter of Professor Finbarr Calamitous from the American animated series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius created by John A. Davis for Nickelodeon. V 1 Comment
116 Mike the Knight

He's Terrible I Wish The Ender Dragon Would Come Out Of The End From Minecraft And Kill Him And Devour Him He's So Bratty That's Why He Sucks Don't Be A Knight Do It Wrong!

His voice makes me want to run into a wall. He's like Oh no! We ran out of apples! How we're going to find some? Dude, heard a place called the supermarket. - JaysTop10List

A kid knight seriously I bet Alexander the Great could kill him in less than a second if he were here with his armies

Who made him knight? What a brat!

Garnet: Steven (insert "Mike), your grounded!

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117 Funshine

I hate Funshine. Rainbow dash is better

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118 Marshmallow (Inanimate Insanity) V 1 Comment
119 Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls) Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls) Bubbles is the deuteragonist in the animated television series The Powerpuff Girls, along with her sisters Blossom and Buttercup. She was created in 1992 by Craig McCraken for Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls . She has blonde hair in two pigtails, blue eyes, blue dress with a black belt, and white more.

I feel sorry for Blossom and Buttercup getting so much hate. They get grounded for the bad things they do, yet Bubbles doesn't? Bubbles barely gets hate and so much love. She is so spoiled. I prefer the other two, at least they have real personalities. Bubbles has a fake personality, cries way too much,is annoying, overrated, not cute, and seeks attention. Blossom is a great leader who treats her sisters equally and has class and intellegence, yet she barely gets love? Buttercup is my favorite for her actual toughness and her fighting skills are so awesome. I also like her the best because she has real flaws people can relate to and because she is the most funniest and unique PPG. Buttercup gets so much hate and is treated like garbage. Buttercup deserves better than that, she gets treated like that because she bullies Bubbles, just because of that. I know bullying is wrong, but Buttercup is just a little girl, she is just learning, she is not an adult who knows not to bully. I know ...more

She's such a crybaby

She is my least favorite PPG, she is so overrated for no good reason. Blossom and Buttercup are way better than her. Her so called cute personality is so fake, especially her hardcore personality. She is so annoying and cries way too much. She seeks attention. She also tries to make Buttercup and Blossom look bad. In Bubblevicious, she beated up innocent people all because she was upset.

Still I don't see princess morbucks

120 Amy Rose (Sonic X) Amy Rose (Sonic X)

Amy is just annoying and won't leave Sonic alone. She is like the hedgehog Dora. Same outfit from time to time... Red tank top dress with Red boots and a red bandana. Go and change that! Not only on the show. She is also annoying on the games!

Most hate-able sonic character. Cream is better

There should be a scene on a game of sonic like this
Amy:Yay! I got you where I wanted you, Sonic!
Sonic:Oh, Crap...
Amy:I'm getting married 2X
Sonic:(Runs and leaves amy in the dust) Sayonara, Dora Rose!
Amy:I'm going to GET YOU! (Steals tails' Plane)
Tails:Hey! That's my plane!
Amy:Not anymore! (Puts plane in high speed but Amy end up crash landing)
All the characters of Sonic and People who hate Amy:Hahaaa...
Amy:Aw... That wasn't funny
Sonic:It is not actually funny. But this is funny. Hahaa
I'm begging SEGA to make a game that has a scene like this! I'll laugh so hard while playing the game. If SEGA do a game that has terrible things happening to Amy, I will Play Sonic the hedgehog again

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