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21 Carla Abellana Carla Abellana

She is Trying Hard and She always comparing her self To another Actress

Bitter and insecure! Her legs are ugly! Not a good actress! Ill-mannered!

She's annoying & egoistic

I'm the one lucky guy who sex carla in first sexual interaction. I am robin lawler

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22 Jhong Hilario
23 Julie Anne San Jose Julie Anne San Jose

Julie is not so beautiful shes not perfect with jake vargas shes so tall then very music always no brain for family

Julie anne san jose is a rip-off Miley Cyrus...

She Can't Not Sing...

Not beautiful

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24 Gary Valenciano

Best Singer That Ever Leave...

I Like This One

25 Maine Mendoza Maine Mendoza

She is so irritating in her commercial.

Actually she's not beautiful pag walang make up!

Overacting and everything she does is a put on

Overacting, palaaway, and mga fans Niya ay mga war freak and I hate her. Yuck - Janinelesley

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26 Nadine Lustre

I thought that nadine has a very very bad attitude because many kathniel fans says that she is.but when I met her personally, she's very very kind and humble actress/person. For me shes one of the most kindest person I ever known. And I don't know why kn fans are so mad of her. And shes not a copycat. Many of her clothings are just recommended by her manager or whatever and because shes kind she will follow them. And she doesn't even know that kathryn wears a same thing because shes not a stalker of kathryn.

I Really Hate Her To Okay. Because She's Over Acting All The Men!

Why hello there KathNiel fans!

I don't like her and I hate her.. super yabang and napaka trying hard..

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27 Luis Manzano

Duck boy

28 Julia Barretto

I am not going to meet her in person because of I can tell she's a mean girl herself so I am past that

Again She's Not A Singer

She Looks A Rabbit

Wlang talent

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29 Liza Soberano Liza Soberano

My sister took my 9-year old niece to one of the events that LizQuen performed. Forevermore was so popular then and both of them became fans. When I asked them what happened when I saw them. They said they were very disappointed at Liza. My sister said that they waited for Liza backstage after the event and they were very excited since they're only a few of them who knows where the actors would exit, and they're in the front line of the crowd. When LizQuen appeared, my niece said hi. Both actors looked at my niece but Liza opted to ignore her. She turned her head, walked straight to their vehicle and closed the door. Enrique saw my niece's sad face and immediately went to her. He greeted her cheerfully and took selfies with my sister and my niece. They were so thankful to Enrique, but still disappointed since they went there for Liza. From then on, my sister and my niece never bother to watch any of Liza's series, events or movies.

Drop or throw the old T.V. in the window

Inexperienced! Haba pa baba. And yeah, she looks like a monkey! Stupid fans!

She always deny that she’s pretty, but look at the selfies she took. Obviously, she finds herself beautiful. Her denying it, just means that she’s fishing for compliments.
She’s not humble. That’s what you call compliment fisher.

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30 Loisa Andalio

I'm confused that despite PBB, she has any fans? Clearly, the show depicted her bad attitude. Brat, immature, fake, selfish, conniving and manipulative. Did y'all watch same show?




31 Anne Curtis Anne Curtis Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith, also known as Anne Curtis-Smith or simply Anne Curtis, is a Filipino-Australian actress, television host, recording artist, and VJ in the Philippines.

She's hypocrite. She pretend to like/love people in low level but the truth is she's very boastful and she look herself as if she can buy or she can do anything she wants because shes popular

She's a fake, pretending she loves the low and middle class people but the truth she is conceited and boastful.

Trying hard to sing with her ear splitting ugly voice.

Hindi na nakakatuwa and pagkanta niya!

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32 Sarah Geronimo Sarah Geronimo Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only more.

Nothing you about it...

I know that's the worst ever in the Philippines

OVER CONFIDENT! But not deserving!

Di ko ren sya feel ever since.. :|

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33 Alex Gonzaga

Over acting and not beautiful..

Not beautiful.
She's copying Ariana Grande.

Haay over acting!


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34 Pia Wurtzbach Pia Wurtzbach

I Have Nothing Say To Her.

She looks a horse...

Not true. please remove this item of the list - waraypiso

Paking tape guys, ba't hated siya? Yes she is hated because she is not perfect. Not everyone can like her. Yet, if it wasn't for her then Philippines would've got nothing for defense to the Miss Universe then.

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35 Joey de Leon

Rapist together with vic sotto

Low ratings because abs cbn sucks!

Go To Sleep In The Pain


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36 Julia Montes Julia Montes Mara Hautea Schnittka, known professionally as Julia Montes, is a Filipino-German actress and commercial model.

Julie Montes Is The Most Beautiful Girl Ever...

Her body looks great

She is real, Good actress

Abs cbn ratings goes to 0.55 to 0.38

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37 Benigno Aquino III Benigno Aquino III

True traitor of the Republic of the Philippines, always boast the works of his parents,but in reality it only lead to starvation of majority in the Philippines,

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38 Alden Richards Alden Richards Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr., also known by the stage name Alden Richards, is a Filipino television actor, host, model and recording artist signed with GMA Network.

I really hate this actor and I don't know if he is a real actor or just trying to be an actor but he can't. He's so pabebe and pacute. He doesn't even have a good voice.

Now That's Cool.


Cge ride on ka lang kay MAINE! MONEY!...MONEY!...MONEY!

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39 Jessy Mendiola

I am not sexy, I even have large tummy but her thighs are bigger than mine


Abs Cbn:0-23

She cheated on JM and lied about her relationship with luis was the reason. Angel Locsin is aloot better than this girl who doesn't know how to handle herself! too pretentious and sobra kung maka pa charming effect!

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40 KC Concepcion

I Hate ABS Cbn For Real This Time

Even Worst Her Acting.

She looks a fat pig...

Okay I Hate Too

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