Top 10 Most Hated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players


The Top Ten

1 SkinFreak

SkinFreak is notorious for stealing content from various other YouTubers. He blatently lied to YouTube claiming he didn't steal screenshots and even clips from other users videos. He even faked a knife unboxing by stealing the video from another YouTuber. - jarrett

2 flusha

People have their suspicions about pro players, but no more than flusha. People claim he is cheating in almost ever game he plays. Personally I don't think he is but that's my own opinion. - jarrett


KQLY is one of the many CS:GO pro players who have been VAC-Banned mid game. This wasn't just a normal CS:GO competitive but it was during the Semi-Final to the ESL Cologne tournement. - jarrett

He hacks

4 Thorin

Thorin is a well known CS:GO caster as well as player. He is most known for the racial/ethnic slurs he said while casting ESL. Immediately after the game he was removed from "Caster" position. - jarrett

5 Anomaly

Anomaly is a huge CS:GO YouTuber racking in with over 1.5 million subscribers. Many people hate him just because of his luck. I really enjoy him as a Youtuber. - jarrett

Why is he on this list? Cause of his luck?..

6 S1mple

If you play CS:GO, You know why he is hated. Hacks, Scams, and Toxic. - jarrett

7 znomel

You don't know he is but he sucks. - jarrett

8 Supersonicpanda

Small YouTuber who has around 350 subs, really terrible. Bullies and scams other. - jarrett

9 Hiko

Most people hate Hiko. He is a very good pro player. INHUMANE REACTIONS! - jarrett

10 chiken

Famous troller of lobbies. Pros hate him. - jarrett

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