Most Hated Diary of a Wimpy Kid Characters


The Top Ten

1 Patty Farrell

She is definitely a vicious and aggressive character who uses any and all power she has. I think it really is though because she is insecure, most bullies are, that said she is still a spoiled brat.

I hate her so much! - nintendofan126

She was in the 1st books. - sdgeek2003

Yeah, fool!
Top 3 worst
1# Patty
2# Greg Hefley - lizard302

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2 Fregley

I actually like him. He's weird but who isn't?

3 Rodrick Heffley

I actually really like him... He reminds me of my cousin, or sometimes even myself

4 Susan Heffley
5 Gary Heffley

He was a jerk in dog days - RockStarr

6 Holly Hills
7 Manny Heffley

He's annoying - WinchesterGirl26

This is damm raging! Manny is connected with mummy.

8 Gramma
9 Abigail Brown
10 Malvin

The Contenders

11 Malcolm
12 Ruby Bird
13 Maddox Selsam
14 Aunt Cakey
15 Bryce Anderson

Nobody cares how cute your butt is - RockStarr

16 Rowley Jefferson
17 Greg Heffley Greg Heffley V 1 Comment
18 Mr. Beardo
19 Frank Heffley
20 Mr. Jefferson
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