Most Hated Diary of a Wimpy Kid Characters

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1 Patty Farrell

She is definitely a vicious and aggressive character who uses any and all power she has. I think it really is though because she is insecure, most bullies are, that said she is still a spoiled brat.

She is just bullcrap. She wasn't even in the books.

She was in the 1st books.

I hate Patty so much

2 Manny Heffley

Honestly, Manny is that one character who sometimes just annoys that cr*p out of readers. I mean, I'm not saying he's a villain. He has his good moments in The Long Haul, when he saves his family, I guess. But then again, in Cabin Fever, he is one of the most hated characters. what really ticks me off is the fact that his parents let him get away with everything. This makes me see Rodrick in a whole new light, because watching his parents treat Manny nicely and let him do whatever he wants contributes to why he might be a massive jerk all the time. But yeah that's my opinion. #MadNutManny

He should be number one he almost caused his family to freeze to death this character should be banned. Please do it now, Please now DO IT NOOOW

Why is patty number one I don't even remember her

This is damm raging! Manny is connected with mummy.

3 Fregley

I actually like him. He's weird but who isn't?

He deserved a better life.

4 Rodrick Heffley

I actually really like him... He reminds me of my cousin, or sometimes even myself

How are Manny and Fregley above Rodrick?! Rodrick is soo mean!

He almost killed his brother

5 Susan Heffley

Worst mom ever. She is constantly screwing up Greg's life!

Control Freaks.

6 Gary Heffley

He was a jerk in dog days

Who Is he

7 Holly Hills
8 Abigail Brown

A low-life scumbag.

9 Gramma
10 Malvin
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11 Malcolm
12 Bryce Anderson

Nobody cares how cute your butt is

13 Ruby Bird
14 Maddox Selsam
15 Greg Heffley Greg Heffley is the main character and narrator of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series written by Jeff Kinney.

I find that this takes the place of a fake friend. He always goes against and mistreats his "best friend". I find that he is very ungrateful for a main character. He also never learns his lesson, there is absolutely no moral to the story and has no theme.

I hate everyone, there is not a single likable character in this series. Greg cheats on tests, his brother bullies him to no end, his little brother is annoying an gross as sin, and his parents are useless. Rowley is a dumb@$$ and Freely is just disgusting. Honestly, there should be some more, I don't know, relatable characters? Also the girls have no personally at all. The only traits they have is hot. I'm a girl and I hate everything and everyone in this series.

Self-absorbed, narcissistic and a bully. He's emotionally abusive to his so called best friend, yet we're supposed to side with Greg? Gimme a break.

When you love a book but you hate the main character.

16 Aunt Cakey
17 Mr. Jefferson

When Rowley and Greg try to have fun, Mr. Jefferson always has to ruin it for them.

18 Heather Hills
19 Albert Sandy

He honestly comes up with interesting rumors.

20 Rowley Jefferson
21 Mr. Beardo
22 Frank Heffley

He threw a brick at his own son.

23 Chirag Gupta
24 Sweetie
25 Nutty
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