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21 Lemon

Who in the world would eat the lemon just how it is? You obviously do something with it before putting your lemon thing in your mouth.

It is good to use for flavoring, but it is to sour eat.

22 Blueberry



23 Raspberries
24 Tomato

It's just rank food

25 Dragon Fruit
26 Coconut

I hate theā€¦ burnt taste of it. Especially the coconut water, tastes disgusting

27 Plum

Prunes are the only fruit I hate. They look like excrement, and they stink. I can and will eat plums though. Whoever corrupted plums by making prunes did a disservice to the food world. I eat a lot of different foods, and this is the only thing in the fruit family I won't touch. When they tell old people to eat prune juice, I want to gag. Tell them to eat a plum, instead!

28 Sultana

I absoloutely HATE sultanas. I don't know why, they're absoloutely gross.

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