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21 Stretch

What the hell, Stretch? You betrayed your own neighborhood and almost had Franklin and Lamar killed like 3 times!

Stretch, why did you betray the Ballas? And I actually liked you, prick. - danielwotsits

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22 Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips

Trevor is the only character not motivated by money. He might eat people, he might not- All the characters kill people, Trevor just put em to use in the same way Cletus does with hunted animals. His sanity issues can be easily understood after learning more about his childhood and past. His loyalty is beyond doubt and shows true sadness at Michael's 'death' shown by the R.I. P Michael tattoo on his upper arm and keeping in touch with Brad. He also shows the same loyalty to Franklin. "grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother"

What is he doing here he's awesome, just don't like that he killed Johnny Klebitz.

Trevor Is the best character

You can like him all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a huge douche bag. He killed The Lost for no good reason, He raped Wayde's cousin, and destroyed Deb's apartment.

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23 Reni Wassulmaier

Sex changes gives me the creeps, especially this guy in Vice City Stories

24 Lance Vance

He is the most annoying character in Grand Theft Auto series. I hate his face and voice and annoy too much in missions

I can't believe I put this annoying twat on this list, Glad Tommy killed him!

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25 Little Jacob

He is Jamaican, everybody from Jamaica speaks like that, so remove him from this list, he is a nice guy!

Can never understand what he says with the fake-ass accent.

I can never understand what this retard is saying, not to mention the helicopter rpg mission...

26 Mori Kibbutz

I wish we can kill him in Grand Theft Auto 6

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27 Dimitri Rascalov

This guy has irredeemable qualities. At least, Mikhail (despite being paranoid and extremely violent) had the best of intentions for his family and his most respected men. Dimitri was, is, and always will be a backstabbing ass. And what is worse, depending on the path you take, he is either directly or indirectly the cause of death to the people closest to Niko. At least, you get to off him in both ending missions.

I always hated him, he's just a total piss-taker. I chose to kill him, RIP Kate. - danielwotsits

He turner out to be a idiot folks

28 Dr Friedlander

This douchebag betrayed Michael for a stupid T.V. show. I was so mad I couldn't catch up to him to kill him!

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29 Frank Tenpenny

He's a well-written character despite being a scumbag. That's why he's not among the most hated.

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30 Armando Torres
31 Ray Boccino
32 Sonny Forelli

He is just a backstabbing good for nothing weirdo

33 Lazlow

I hate Lazlow so much, he is such a prick!

He honestly should be #2 I'm happy jimmy is #1

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36 Kate McReary

Hardly ever saw much of her in the game so the character was just a name to me. They built up practically no emotional attachment.

She's so damn picky on where you take her on dates when SHE herself calls you for them. She also gets pissy if you reject her date and ignores you for some time.

Good thing shes dead in my playthrough, she's so judgemental about what car you have, where you take her and what you wear. - danielwotsits

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38 Evan Moss

Evan is my favorite Grand Theft Auto character but very annoying and dumb

39 Mikhail Faustin

Mikhail fauston was awesome he didn't shoot roman ok dimitri did and mikhail he even gave up when you kill him

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40 Dwayne Forge

DWayne gives you 2 people to roll with you and you get his friends pent house

How could anyone hate Dwanye? He's so loyal and cool, he's never mean to Niko, not like Playboy. - danielwotsits

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