Most Hated Marvel and DC Comics Superhero Movies


The Top Ten

1 Batman and Robin

This was pretty awful it took to long and it was boring.

Wow This Film is GARBAGE - VideoGamefan5

Two words; Bat Nipples. enough said.

2 Catwoman (2004)

What A Trashy Piece Of Junk The Effects Are Laughable And Cheap - VideoGamefan5

3 Superman IV: Quest for Peace

I hated this movie so much it hurt - Skyleesue811

What Is This Crap? The Effects Are Cheasy Crap The Story Is So Bad - VideoGamefan5

4 Fantastic Four

Worst Marvel Movie, Screw This Crap The Cgi Sucks The Visuals Are Garbage - VideoGamefan5

5 Elektra

Yeah was bad but watchable

6 Howard the Duck
7 Steel
8 The Punisher (1989)

Piece Of Junk Bad Acting, Bad Action, Just Boring And Lame - VideoGamefan5

9 Green Lantern

This Movie Is So awful, I Mean Lantern Had A Retarded Costume that Looked Like Garbage - VideoGamefan5

10 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Worst movie I have ever seen - Floxoll

The Contenders

11 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It’s not that bad

12 Batman Forever

This Movie Is Actually Pretty Decent, Compared To Batman And Robin - VideoGamefan5

13 Spiderman 3
14 Captain America (1990)

That movie is so bad - Triceratops

15 Suicide Squad Suicide Squad
16 Man of Steel
17 The Dark Knight

Why is this on this list - Floxoll

18 Batman (1989)
19 Batman Returns
20 Batman Begins
21 The Dark Knight Rises
22 Superman the Movie
23 Superman II
24 Superman Returns
25 The Lego Batman Movie
26 Lego DC Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom!
27 Lego DC Super Heroes: Justice League: Gotham City Breakout
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