Top 10 Most Hated Movie Characters

The top most despised and hated characters in movie history.

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21 Warden Samuel Norton - The Shawshank Redemption
22 Ian Breckel - The Condemned

He gathers all these criminals make them fight to the death films it and puts it on the internet all the while he rigs the whole game by supplying weapons to certain individuals and all the while he does not once feel guilty for what he's doing. - ZZDOORAL

23 Timon - Lion King Timon - Lion King

He and Pumbaa ruined the movie that is why I hate them both

He's gay

24 Buzz McCallister - Home Alone Series

He's a butt hole

Buzz is a jerk who is rotten to the core. He should get mauled by a grizzly bear, tiger, and a pack of wolves for being a pure bully to Kevin. There is a devilish look on Buzz's face and I hate it.

Buzz is cruel and downright selfish to Kevin. I deserves to be torn to shreds by a grizzly bear, a Bengal tiger, a pack of wolves, and then get stung by a bunch of scorpions after.

25 Suge Knight - Straight Outta Compton
26 Aunt Petunia - Harry Potter

evil woman

Worst person ever

a jealous female dog

27 Steele - Balto

Steele is an egotistical jerk who prides himself on being the best and only cares about himself, after he and the other dog sled team get stranded while delivering medicine for the children Balto comes to his aid but Steele being the selfish jerk he is refuses to let him help a fight breaks out and Steele falls of the edge but survives and to insure Balto and the team don't make it back he gets them lost by marking all the trees so Balto can't find his way back, the fact that he's willing to let innocent children die just to keep Balto form being the hero is just plain despicable. - ZZDOORAL

28 Lex Murphy - Jurassic Park
29 Darren Cross - Ant Man
30 Dennis Nedry - Jurassic Park

He caused so many people to die because of his greed

I loled at the slip sound when the fat sack of crap slipped down the muddy hill lol I bet he gave that Dilophosaurus a good feed

I hate this guy

31 Caledon Hockley - Titanic
32 Evelyn Draper - Play Misty for Me
33 Hopper - A Bug's Life

He forces the ants into gathering food for him and the grasshoppers, and when he realizes after Flick stands up to him all the other ants might rise up against them he goes back with the intention to kill the queen to remind them who's boss. - ZZDOORAL

34 The Grand Duke of Owls - Rock a Doodle

He sends a stranger to fight with Chanticleer to keep him from crowing and when the sun rises without him everyone turns on Chanticleer causing him to leave for the city and plunging the country side into darkness, he also strangles Edmond after he tries to rally the other farm animals behind Chanticleer. - ZZDOORAL

35 Eddie Kim - Snakes on a Plane

He plants a whole bunch of poisonous snakes on plane all to kill the one guy who is suppose to testify against him and bring him to justice add to the fact that he's also willing to kill an entire plane full of innocent people just to do so. - egnomac

36 The Hunter Who Shot Bambi's Mom - Bambi
37 Jack Byrnes - Meet The Parents
38 Rachel Dawes - Dark Knight Trilogy

She gave up on Bruce and choice Harvey Dent

She died in vain when Harvey became a villain and Catwoman became Bruce's new love interest.

Rachel died alone

39 Earl Montgomery - National Security

He is a lair and racist!

40 Doug - Doug's 1st Movie
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1. Nurse Ratched - One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest
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