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1 Beliebers (Justin Bieber)

I don't know why people hate him so much, sure he's not GREAT but there are plenty of artists worse than him. - MoldySock

Justin seems like a cool kid with talent. I'm fine with him, although he did do some crazy. but the fans are just too much. I mean like, if it weren't for the crazy ass fans, I wouldn't of disliked him as much I do now.

So sorry that I can just vote once, I had left Directioners and Swifties behind - Eiffel

Beliebers walk around screeching "BABY BABY BABY OOHH" at the top of their voices, and they hate everyone who doesn't like Justin Beiber.

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2 Directioners (One Direction) Directioners (One Direction)

Because they are too annoying! They have disgraced musical preference by setting a new standard of liking music artists: by their looks! What happened to don't judge a book by it's cover?

They hate each other
Shouldn't it be that they need to help and respect each other

This needs to be number 1, they send death threats to people who dislike this terrible band. One direction, take a look on the monsters you have created - kidlava111

This needs to be #1. Directioners are bat ship crazy. They pick fights with other fandoms, threaten to set people's houses on fire, and every girl that they get involved with gets slut shamed

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3 Swifties (Taylor Swift) Swifties (Taylor Swift)

They defend themselves for the dumbest things. Someone says "Your shorts are a little too short. Make sure you don't go crazy " then they'll be like "Oh my gosh! You REALLy offended me! You are just mean and stupid, you think you are so cool, well you're a bully! " Taylor is so sensitive and would cry over dumb things. She causes all her boy problems. In the beginning of her relationships she says "Oh you're so amazing! I love you! " then later on she'll say "You don't show up to my date 'cause you have an "important meeting? " WHY WOULD YOU UGH WE'RE OVER YOU STUPID LITTLE KID! " Then she writes a song about it! Her boyfriends are very nice people, she's a loser who hangs out with stupid Disney stars UGH I HATE HER FANS AND HER - maddyparrot22

Swifties never ever start a fight and we're definitely not annoying. We adore Taylor and unlike the so called beliebers and directioners who send hate to anyone who doesn't like them, we actually believe that every fan base should be respected. And FYI people who say that Taylor only writes about her exes don't know anything about her so they should just shut up.

Swifties are delusional, they will aggressively defend Taylor Swift no matter what, for example, in a video on twitter comparing live performances of Ariana Grande who lost Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammys and Taylor Swift who won it, Taylor Swift's vocals were awful, but there were Swifties replying that it had been edited and it was fake, just because they couldn't accept that Taylor can't sing live. They are also incredibly arrogant and obnoxious, they think that people who aren't Swifties are the minority. Swifties tend to trash other artists who are better than her, they think that Taylor Swift is the current Queen of Pop over greats such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

These sluts should number 1
they send dead threat to haters
even tell them to commit suicide
I hope their slut idol will going to flop after 3 years vacuum

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4 Selenators (Selena Gomes)

They so rude. They talk like her idol is only one singer in the whole world. Oh shut up. Yes she is only one singer who have no sense of music and have worst voice ever. She have to use autotune and can't sing live so accept this reality stupid fans.

Selenators should be #1. If you don't like selena they tell you to kill yourself

I can definitely see why Selenators are this high up on this list. Literally the rudest fandom, quite contradictory to what their "idol" Selena tells them to be, as she is always preaching about "class". Which in turn, makes the Selenator fandom hypocritical, being that they are essentially one of the most harsh and disrespectful fandoms out there. Selena Gomez is the least convincing musician of all the 2nd generation Disney stars and the fandom fires at anyone who is intelligent enough to have realized that. Disrespectful, disfunctional fandom over all...

Selenators appear to be the most immature and rude fanbase. They literally cannot accept any constructive criticism about Selena and refuse to acknowledge that not everyone HAS to like her. I have noticed that most other fandoms do, in fact, admit when their idols are in the wrong but Selenators defend every single thing Selena does, even if she is in the wrong. They just won't accept that she makes mistakes like any other human being. She tells her fans to always be kind, yet they bully and demean people for not sharing the same opinions as them. They judge and talk badly about other artists (mostly Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus) for doing exactly the same things Selena does - yet while Selena is apparently classy, Demi and Miley are branded sluts. Quite frankly they are the biggest hypocrites out there, and it's no wonder many people have a negative opinion of them.

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5 Little Monsters (Lady Gaga)

Why is her fanbase even called that?!

They are the most hatred, terrible, zoned-out people on earth. At least Katy Perry and her KatyCats don't send death threats to everybody and their brother.

I love Lady Gaga but I don't know why Little Monsters are so childrish calling that she is the queen of pop, showing her grammys, her oscar perfomance, etc. But there's some people who respect other fanbases and who are not. :/

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7 ELF (Super Junior)

Everyone knows they are the enemy of music fans in south korea, they are too over protective against super junior, they also had to make a girl committed suicide because they were terrorized and they are the worst fans ever - black_army

They betrayed cassiopeia. they hacked one website for award, stole tvxq's vote, then said sorry but not returned the vote. I hate them.

Just to remind U. The ones that do bash others r sasaeng E.L.F. I'm a normal person. - E_L_F

And also an elf - E_L_F

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8 Slash Gash Terror Crew (Blood on the Dance Floor)
9 Sone (Girls' Generation)

Geez. Sones, Sones, Sones. They keep making fun of Twice. I left the fandom because of that. Please grow up.

Once they've become the hated fandom, but now slowly people began to support them - black_army

They're have bad attitude. Uh.

I think that they are so immature and insult other idol group

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10 Jonasheads (Jonas Brother)

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11 Katy Cats (Katy Perry)

They keep bragging that their idol is more successful than any other music artist. They are Nazis when it comes to boasting/defending their favourite singer.

They are always starting fights with other fan bases, dashing that their favorite is more successful, has more #1, is hotter,

They refuse to accept the fact that the reason their idol doesn't have any Grammys is because it's badly written and needs 20 producers

12 Comate (Cowboy Junior)
13 Lovatics (Demi Lovato)

I love Miley, demi and ariana. I never find lovatics in rude. They are very nice. Also with smilers

At least we don't go hating on Taylor and every other music artist

They think she is "such a great role model", when she has so many issues. "Kids - in - my - school - bullied - me" issues, "I'm - so - fat" issues, a lot of ISSUES, ISSUES, ISSUES. The only things she teaches young girls is eating (and other! ) disorders.

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14 BVB Army (Black Veil Brides)

I wouldn't really say that black veil brides's fanbase is very hated, but many (not all) of their fans can be really annoying. Their are some fans that are perfectly fine, but many fans won't stop raving about how bvb "saved their life" (uhh no they didn't save your life, you saved your own life by deciding to stop being suicidal) or how hot Andy Biersack is (in fact, some bvb fans left the fanbase and stopped listening to the band because Andy biersack took off all his
makeup). What is more hated than the fans though is the band itself for bringing hair metal back to the music industry, which is hated by many.

The fanbase consists of retarded emo teenage girls. - emilk

Often thought about as devil worshiper, emo.

15 5sos Fam (5 Seconds of Summer)

They are the most nicest fandom in the world. They sometime only argue on the biggest things,Half of them go crazy,and half of them try to calm them down. That's what makes it a good fandom.

16 EXOtics (EXO)

The fans are immature! One time when an EXO member (Baekhyun), dated a (n) SNSD member (Taeyeon), they went crazy & bashed & hated on SNSD. THEY SHOULD BE NEXT TO DIRECTIONERS! These fandom's fight all the time! They also talk about sex to each other!

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17 Harmonizers (Fifth Harmony)

They are mean and they insult other bands and their members. Like 5 seconds of summer and their drummer Ashton Irwin. telling Irwin he should self harm again.

Worst fandom in the history of fandoms. annoying, always trying to make fights, horrible.

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18 Maggots (Slipknot)

Because their fanbase is full of edgy middle-class suburban tweens who constantly brag about self-harm when their usually too scared to do so

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19 Blackjack (2NE1)

They have the most conceited and mean fans. They go around calling other fandoms names & saying how other fandoms had plastic surgery. When one of the member in their group had the most plastic surgery than girls' generation

We have no issues with 2ne1, but maybe their music style isn't suitable for everyone. But we're all fine with that, these 4 talented ladies do what they love and that's the meaning of life! But we're having issues with their fans, there's no need to bash other kpop idol groups and be sore losers ;~; For example bashing Girls' Generation, f (x), KARA, etc. and calling them trash, etc.

They are all mean and think that 2ne1 is the best thing since sliced bread. Pft no.

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20 Arianators (Ariana Grande)

Ariana is a great Music Artist but her Fans think she made this alone, or what? She is copied Selena Gomez. Like the Music Video from Selena. She is a CopyCat and a wrong woamen. The Only one what she is need is Money Money Money MONEY!

Laugh out loud when Selena was having a bath at the bottom of the charts ariana was slaying with 3 songs on the first second and third place.

Her fans are such bullies to other fan bases, they start so many fights and tell people to kill themselves.

They are constantly defending her diva behavior and bulling other artists and fan groups

This is tied with Swifties

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