Top 10 Most Hated Peoples by Countries

The Top Ten

1 Serbians

Every Serb I have known have been selfish, predatory, brutal monsters

They were just like monster toward poor bosnians.

2 French

They think they are best...

I love the French girls. They are really friendly and not stuck up ( maybe some are but exeptions doesn't make the rule ).

This is funny, because as a french person, I had better contact with people that don't live in the same country as mine.

well, it depends wich person, but still.

3 Israelis

Cruel people

Really? Try living in a tiny country where every nation surrounding you wants you wiped off the map. Imagine fearing every day that a mortar shell will drop into your house or a terrorist will blow up your loved ones. Jews have been the scapegoats for so much hatred for centuries. Why? because they were shrewd businessmen? Didn't force feed their religion on others? Lent money because Romans and Catholics thought it was beneath them? Talk about a group of people who have every right to be pissed at just about everyone but aren't. If America was in the same situation as Israel, there would be a lot a dead people in the surrounding nations...if those nations even continued to exist.

You are turning back what happened to you in the holocaust to Muslims, If you don't like something for yourself then don't do it to others. - Monys

They think that they are the chosen people ( meaning that they think that they're better than the rest of humanity ), they think that Israel is their country because it was promised by god ( meaning they think that they have the right to take over a country and killing everyone who fight against it ), they think that they are the only people who suffered trough history ( meaning that they think that they have more rights than others because and that we have to hear about their non-stop self pitty. ).No wonder that many people hate those stuck up " supreme " ( always braging about their culture ) peoples.

Israelis enemy of humanity. they believe they are has holy spirit every body else is equal to animals. Beta all humanity came together work together do something about this people

4 Indian

Every religion enjoy equal rights here.

Perverted, Abusive, Dishonest

We are most loving people in world

There is no place in India for minorities... If u r not Hindu... They will torture u untill u lost your life...
Too much secularism...

5 Americans

Americans need to quit shooting each other, getting high on meth and providing health care only to those who can afford it. They also need to quite raising ignorant offspring lead to believe that there is literally nothing outside of American boarders and if their is... It doesn't matter. These are all traits of the modern American. A gun obsessed nation that prides itself on being obnoxious and unsavory. Hey America! CLEAN IT UP!

I may be American but I have to say that the reason for my kind to be number two on this list is because nobody will respect other people's opinions about something and our government uses our money for useless things like obamacare. I love the president in all but don't use up money for useless junk. When us Americans learn about something new, everyone rushes into the store to buy that object

Yes, I'm American too, and people wonder why people waste so much money on useless things. - emi

Because trump - ihatetrump

They're Stupid, Fat that it

6 Mexicans

They are the perverts 100000%
Bad hombres

7 Pakistanis

Many of my best friends are Pakistanis and by the way they are very easy to get along too.

They are in fact really nice guys.

Pakistanies are nice people but somewhat foolish

The most backward,greedy,animalistic parasites that ever walked the earth,should be annexed back to India.

8 Syrians
9 Japanese

When I went to Japan. It was awesome. But a lot of Japanese boys or men was a pervert. They were looking in a magazine of girls and stuff. Japanese people help American people really nice. But inside there just doing that because they want the American to be more happy in only Japan. Some people just help them butb70% of Japanese people help people by making them like Japan better than other countries. I know his because I went to Japan. - Crystal12345

10 English

So, Theo, u called us English and the Jews "enemies of humanity". Hitler would have agreed with you 100%.

"Enemy of humanity". Lol. Sir, you have been brainwashed by hate.

These, along with Israeli people, are the enemy of humanity. They cannot change that fact, so the only way we can "change" those people out is if we exterminate every single English Nazi there is. - TheoHel

I love everything to do with England! This should be number 1 for best countries ever! - lizard302

The Contenders

11 Chinese

Terrorist, dirty, animals abuse! Yucky!

12 Iranians

But they are very nice!

It's a joke that we're required to lie based on our religion (I'm Iranian!)
Perhaps you should study more about shia Islam and get the information from its origin not from the media

Don't believe whatever Iranians say. They are required to lie according to their religion- Shi'a Islam.

Don't get me started on their gov.
But people are great there

13 Koreans

Fake, both inside and out. They hate the other Asian countries and think they are so much better, then get plastic surgery to hide their faces. They idolize the west so much they get surgery to be white.

Some Korean people are nice. Last time I went to South Korea for a visit. A lot of people helped me and they were sooo nice to me. Yes some of the Korean people are stubborn or fake. But if we be nice they will be nice too. - Crystal12345

They are arrogant and fake -- not all, but most. - emi

14 Arabs

They are the worst people on earth after people of Israel

15 Aussies

I am so sad

16 Danish
17 North Koreans

The government (specifically kim jong jun) is insane. They execute their people for no reason and isolate themselves from the rest of the world

It's not the people's fault, if they act out their whole family for 3 generations will work in a labour camp because of the dictatorial regime. - KimJongFun

Don't hate the people there! They have no choice but to worship Kim jong un who is purely evil

18 Filipino

A bunch of close-minded nationalist who have a 'crab' mentality.

Filipino people give food to whoever come to their home, they are good samaritans. Do not underestimate them because they try hard and they are your best friends. Think, what have the filipinos do to other countries. They want to help other countries and be a good neighbor to other Asian countries that need help.

19 New Zealanders
20 Angolians
21 Burmese
22 Egytians
23 Greeks

They know how to have fun

They make me always angry

24 Malays
25 Croatians

Nazia and hate Serbia

26 Germans
27 Austrians
28 Italians
29 Laotians
30 Yemenis
31 Somalis
32 Vietnamese
33 Sri Lankans Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and known from the beginning of British colonial rule until 1972 as Ceylon, is an island country in South Asia near south-east India.
34 Swedish
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