Top Ten Most Hated Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus Characters


The Top Ten

1 Octavian - Legacy of Apollo

He sucks, worst character ever! It's like umbridge, the male version.

He is such a butthole! And I agree he basically IS umbridge.

I hate him so much.

2 Drew Tanaka - Daughter of Aphrodite

Bad but imagine life after Piper comes back from Rome and saves the World. - francesco

3 Kronos - Titan of Time, King of the Titans

Hey, he is badass

4 Gaea - Primordial Goddess of the Earth, Mother of the Titans

Grandma earth go back to sleep! You made the seven's lives that much harder!

5 Ares - Lord of War, Bloodthirst, Combat Etc

He is awesome but very, what's the word, gorey?

6 The Earthborn Gigantes - Sons and Daughters of Gaea and Tartarus
7 Rosa Valdez - Aunt Rosa

Figures Leo is devil spawn - Aquaman101

8 Hera - Lady of Marriage, Family, Queen of the Heavens

She is so whiny, and only wants a guy to love her, it's like teenage years 2.0

She tried to kill Annabeth and threatened Thalia multiple times. So annoying

9 Zeus - The Titan's Curse

Paranoid king who disregards the work of demigods and locks down Olympus only for his own benefits - Aquaman101

... He is a coward

10 Prometheus - Titan of Forethought, Son of Iapetus

No good, tricky, sly wordsmith and Greek version of Loki - Aquaman101

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