Top 10 Most Hated Pokemon Shippings

NOTE: This is NOT a worst shippings list. This list ranks on the hatred of the Pokemon shipping's fanbase, notoriety, and "wtf why is this a ship" moments.

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1 Amourshipping (Ash x Serena)

This is a very marmite ship, either you love it or you hate it. The hatred of this ship can be stemmed off Serena's anti-feminist, too-cute-to-be-true drama queen attitude which can annoy some fans, the fact that it's close enough to sink any of the other Ash ships, the loud, provocative fanbase (Amourshippers literally berated the makers of the anime over TWO separate shippy-like episodes that didn't go their way and can be VERY provocative against other Ash shippings), and some people hate them, for just simply EXISTING in general. Now that I think about it, Amourshipping is kinda equivalent to Chelsea FC, a soccer/football club with a more recent success history with loud, sometimes-obnoxious, marmite fans. (go search it if you don't know what it is) - CanadianInfernape

I don't understand why this is hated. Ash and Serena are cute together.

This is a awful shipping based around white knight syndrome and a really forced back story that is never addressed they have 0 chemistry ash never notices her advances or ever cares

I swear I tried to love Amourshipping and Serena but her entire crush on Ash is just too much.. annoying? I dunno. It was cute at first but then I just can't stand it. I did love Manga! Serena though.

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2 Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty)

Apparently Misty and Ash both have feelings for each other but it's not reasonable why they like each other. Georgio called Misty beautiful in A Date with Delcatty and she blushes, but Ash didn't call Misty beautiful, not even pretty or nice, he only said her bike was a dumb old one. Misty ends up following him I think she likes him, but she says that he has to replace her bike then she will leave him. When he does Misty did leave, she didn't have any more excuses to follow him apart from she liked him. She won't tell him that, but Ash told Max that he had a friend who will always be his best friend and "I miss her everyday". May was still there Ash doesn't like May and Dawn didn't appear yet so the only girl could be Misty, But this is a hated ship and I don't really like Poke

I don't see the appeal of this ship, or ships like it. Yeah 4kidz sreached the shipping hints, but even then ash's side of interest was still lacking and them ending up together would realistically have them in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship. They argue way too much & rarely (if even), apologied to each other, and had to had Brock (and sometimes Tracey) intervene. Even when misty wanted to cheer ash up, in the end she only made things worse and got upset over him. They where at best, 'friends,' worse, the real brother/sister like relationship

Yeah gotta say why isn't Misty at the #1?

Worst ship ever.

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3 Negaishipping (Ash x Iris)

We all know what happened to Iris. She was suppose to be the next Kasumi in the first place, but Iris didn't have the bad ass character like Kasumi, she was more like mocking everyone who has a character like Satoshi (little kid) which made her being hated by many fans during the first season of best wishes.

Honestly, this is a pretty questionable one. It's the most underrated Ash shipping by far, but a lot of people seem to utterly DETEST Iris as that annoying dragon-type obsessed girl. I heard the BW series which Iris appeared in turned a few people off the anime until XY, partially because of Iris. I really don't know how to feel about this one. The reason this is controversially #1 is because it was never part of the flamewars like the main Ash shippings were, but that also points out how hated this shipping is. Most people seem to just avoid it like the plague. - CanadianInfernape

This is the worst ship ever

They always fight together you know.
So this should be on number 1

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4 Contestshipping (May x Drew)

Drew and May are stupid donkeys, guys (Said coolly)

The biggest rival to Advanceshipping. If you ask me ADVANCE ALL THE WAY!

The hatred for Contestshipping stems as Contestshippers share a deep rivalry with Advanceshippers (which side of Hoenn are you for? ). - CanadianInfernape

Ehh contestshipping is not that hated it seems more liked than advanceshipping. And not only did advanceshippers had to deal with contestshippers, but the loud & in your face pokeshippers (who where more often than not also contestshippers as well but still).

5 Palletshipping (Ash x Gary)

Ash is clearly not a homosexual. Gary is just a retard.

No. Just No.

Honestly, you'd think this would be #5 on the list due to homophobic reasons, but no, not even close. If you look up the 'History of Pokemon Shippings' on Bulbapedia, you will see that Palletshippers also was considered a 'counter-ship' as contrasted to Pokeshipping. The page then goes along stating how Pokeshippers and Palletshippers had huge wars and eventually made a peace treaty with Pokeshipping over a shipping called 'Pact of Pallet'. Seriously guys? - CanadianInfernape

Is it weird that I can only find same-sex video game couples acceptable in Undertale? No offense meant, I mean, I specifically SAID "video game couples" so... But yeah, this is just weird. Gary is a °°HEE-HAW°° and Ash is an idiot, and Gary hates Ash and Ash hates Gary, like for real, how did this become a thing?

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6 Kissshipping

I don't ship Ash and Melody, I find Kissshipping boring. But I like it just a little bit because it even surpasses Ash and Misty's relationship! *braggy dance*

The shipping Pokeshippers hate times a million. Mainly because Melody kissed Ash in Pokemon 2000. - CanadianInfernape

7 Ikarishipping (Paul x Dawn)

Many people just do not see the point behind this ship seeing as though Paul and Dawn never really interacted with each other in the anime, but yeah, I don't really have anything else to say about this ship. - CanadianInfernape

I think it's cute

Dawn X Barry FOREVER. Lol

The best shipping ever not pearlshipping

8 Geekchicshipping (Clemont x Serena)

I think the majority of people who hate this shipping are Amourshippers. However, the reason this ship made the list was its status as a counter-ship as opposed to the more attention-seeking Amourshipping. Most of this ship's fanbase are composed of Pokeshippers and other Ash shippers who desperately want to use the ship to keep Ash away from Serena. I've barely seen any people from this ship that legitimately like the ship because they like the idea of Clemont and Serena being together. Most of the time it's used for " GTFO ASH" - CanadianInfernape

Never gonna happen

This should be higher than palletshipping, or they should at least switch spots. Amourshipping is very popular believe it or not, and they all seem to dislike this ship (understandable as it's a rival ship despite the little interaction they have). Also Serena haters/clemont fans also hate this ship.

Palletshipping is not really on the radar anymore and is not too hated but no one really cares about it that much like in the past. If there is hate for this ship than its more homophobia nowadays than anything else

This shipping doesn't make any sense xyz episode 47 proved it when they all were remembering they memories at end we can check that clemont flashback was more about ash his pokemon and invention while serena flashbacks were about her competition,Seriously this ship was created by pokeshipper to seperate ash and serena and have to say serena had crush on ash since beginning and this ship really is worst of all.And I remember clemont actually likes also a girl in xyz episode 21 and bonnie is finding elder girls for clemont or else she would ask serena that the biggest proof that clemont and serena doesn't make any sense

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9 Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)

The reason why I don't like this shipping is because of the obsessive shippers

Not a bad ship, but if you ever search up 'Pearlshipping Vault' on Google, you will come across a forum where they host 'shipping duels', where they debate their beloved Pearlshipping with other shippers, and also have their own subforums where they berate other ships and point out their negative qualities as opposed to Pearlshipping. Pearlshippers also have an air of infamy to be cruel, vicious, but very cynical (unlike other fangirls who cry their hearts out and berate other ships (*cough* Amourshipping *cough*) - CanadianInfernape

Dawn is cute, but has terrible character.

This is not exactly very bad. In fact I don't find it bad at all. Unlike Misty, May and Iris, Dawn asked to follow Ash. Then there's that part when Ash wanted Dawn to go to Unova with him. It's totally, How, I find it rather stupid. Yep Ash and Dawn is popular through Pokemon but I actually find it sickening when Dawn is my fourth Pokegirl. It's not exactly the worst in my opinion, just not the top ship for me. Like, I'd find Amour a bit interesting.

I don't like Poke, but Pearl not that great either, to be honest. Truthfully I've always shipped Ash and Dawn but after years I found Pearl a bit boring. Ya I found Amour boring too but at least Pearl is not as hated... I hope?

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10 Advanceshipping (Ash x May)

Don't get me wrong : I quite like this ship, but it's perfectly obvious May thinks of Ash as 'common' or having a 'misunderstanding of females'. And May is the girly girly type. She is sometimes really mad that Ash doesn't give time for her to look in the mirror, or check if her hair's all right. She doesn't have a crush on him, it's obvious she's impressed by Drew. Ash isn't much better, but there are hints that he MIGHT like May, but this isn't a high chance.

Just added into this list mainly because of its part in the shipping war with Pokeshipping, Amourshipping, and Pearlshipping. Otherwise is at the bottom of the more noisy three. - CanadianInfernape

I don't know why but it feels to me like the least 2 bashed on "Main Ships" of Pokemon would be Advanced and Pearl, I think they should be sharing a spot.

Think about it this way. There are not many advanceshippers out there and everyone who doesn't ship it hates it. This is the most hated ship I've ever seen. This ship isn't even that bad and why does it get so much hate.

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11 Morrison Shipping (Alain x Marin)

What why can this be a ship?

So this ship is hated and for quite a few good reasons:
1_the age difference:
Alain is,I am guessing here, 16-18 and Marin,being a rookie trainer must be 10. So yeah this ship is basically paedophilia.
2_the philosophy
This point is basically criticism of Marin's aka πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©'s character. Alain and Marin basically had any interaction because Marin started stalking him. When Alain pushes Marin away we think -aww he is trying to protect her. But what if Alain is annoyed of Marin who could blame him if he isπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
3- fanbase
A Morrison shipping fanfic makes me retch miserably 😷😷😷. Why oh why you ask my inquisitive frie nd? b ecause Marin is Bella and Alain is well...Alain.
4- NO
j ust no.I can see two ten year olds dating, a person dating a Pokemon and even amourshipping but not this not paedophilia.
If we cannot ship Garyand ash or dawnxzoey just because it's 'wrong' can't we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of a platonic ...more

12 Fourthwheelshipping (Max & Bonnie)

Wow. They don't even know each other. Just because everyone thinks they are like five years old then that's an excuse to ship them.

So cringe I agree

13 MommyShipping (Ash & Delia)

Who the hell dates their own MOTHER?! That's just the icing on the crappy anime cake. Delia gave birth to Ash. She thinks Pikachu is a bit weird, anyway.

14 Ripoffshipping (Pikachu & Togedemaru)
15 Penguinshipping (Dawn & Kenny) Penguinshipping (Dawn & Kenny)

Completely one sided. Only Kenny has feelings for Dawn. And Kenny was always a massive jerk to Dawn

16 BrightTomorrowShipping (Shauna & Calem)
17 Alfshipping (Ash x Max)

Honestly, this has to be one of my favourite ships. You just have to consider that these two characters hated each and teased each other when they met for the first time in Petalburg Gym, and later became very close friends. I love it when the development of characters is handled in a proper way. Alfshipping4ever!

18 CavilerShipping (GaryxDawn)
19 CutenessShipping (Togepi x Pikachu)

They are sooo cute

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