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21 Journalist

They say they are fair and balanced but that's a lie
No way to tell an entire story in 90 seconds
They slant every story they do and anchors will sometimes add their personal comments which is a no-no
So called investigative usually has minimal research but they will only use what fits there slant.
How can you ask someone facing criminal charges for a on camera comment knowing anything said can be used against that person and call that fair
T.V. reporter's are spineless scum

22 Artist

Artist? They're beautiful people with beautiful hands. - Britgirl

Live in a fantasy world playing pretend NO wonder drug use is so high and the rehab centers are packed

Many are very creative but almost all lack common sense and are out of touch with reality and people!

23 Psychiatrist
24 Principal

Most are mean but my principle happens to be my stepmother and I love her and she loves me and I can get away with anything. Life is good to me. - michaeldivine

25 Authority Tow Truck Driver
26 Car Salesman

What a bunch of vultures

We aren't that bad

Trying to make a living like anybody else, but lying comes natural, compassion is unheard of, and customers are 'targets' and 'chumps'. There's bound to be a special place in hell for this class of crooks...


27 Mechanic

The days of being able to depend on someone being honest with you are about done...Some mechanics I know Mean well, but the shop they work for insists on finding or causing additional problems so they can make more money Now, instead of building Trust with customers who would recommend that shop...I have no shop that I would recommend to Anyone!

Does anyone like taking their car to a mechanic shop? Don't you always feel taken advantage of?

28 TV Reporter

Liers by choice as bad as Politician's Lawyers and Used Car Salespeople

They never tell the entire truth
They leave out facts that don't support the slant they want on their gossip because without all facts it's not news it's gossip

If the average person researched what they where being told you would learn not to trust anything that comes out of their mouths they are hoping your to lazy to do that
No class at all from the anchor person unsolicited comments at the end of a field reporter's story to the weather person telling you how your supposed to feel about the weather.

29 Priest
30 Manager
31 Supervisor
32 CPAs

Not all accountants are bad and can't group them together since there's SO many specialties within accounting. But, the ANAL ones tends to be CPAs arrogant and close minded and Auditors. Both groups can be VERY anal, arrogant, close minded and unwilling to change or to listen to anyone else but their opinionated opinions

33 Safety Officer

Responsible for making the work place safe. But, they seem to love the letter of the law and get off on their power.

34 Architect
35 Pilot
36 Sports Referee
37 Busker
38 Lobbyist

There are way too many reasons that American's hate lobbyists to list, but feel free to add yours.

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