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21 6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne

This got quite a lot of hate especially when it was new. This is one case where it was truly deserved, as it's completely lazy, tuneless and painful to listen to for even a minute. - Entranced98

This is a great song! Maybe the lyrics might be crude at points, but the flow and lyrics are really good!

I admitted to liking so many hated artists, I can as well say Lil Wayne is one of my favorite American rappers. I LOVE his raspy voice and slurry flow, and he is one of he few American rappers that use puns and word play like German rappers.
The only thing I can see why is hated is occasional objectification of women... but that's kind of part of the rap persona.
Kollegah's pimp persona for example includes carrying women on a leash. - Martin_Canine

22 Miracle - Kimbra

Who keeps adding Kimbra to all these negative lists? - 445956

23 7 Years - Lukas Graham
24 The Ketchup Song (Asereje) - Las Ketchup

One of the most successful songs to make this list. It's like the 21st Century version of the Macarena. This song has also recieved massive hate. - EpicJake

I hate this song - 445956


This was one of the first favorite songs I had at age 6.
Don't know if it was hated back then, I was too little to know, but nowadays it still gets frequent airplay in summer and is something like an evergreen (at least over here). - Martin_Canine

25 Boyfriend - Justin Bieber

Another one of Justin Bieber's hated songs, just not as hates as Baby. - EpicJake

Baby is actually better. - 445956

I like this song. It's a good and catchy pop jam, the beat and Bieber's vocal delivery have the perfect tone for this kind of tune. He tip toes towards RnB, and he has more charisma than Usher, Chris Brown and the others.
In the past, Bieber's problems were his voice before puberty voice change (he also sang too "loud" and without feeling) plus way too cheesy and pretentiously cheerful melodies. Both was gone by the "Believe" album. Sure, it's not "Purpose", where he essentially made indie music, but it's fine pop. - Martin_Canine

I actually like this song

Yes, hate on me all you want. But this song is really catchy and I used to love it, I use to love Baby but when I became smarter I realized how terrible it was. - venomouskillingmachine

26 We are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

I really love Taylor. Yet, none, and I mean none of her hits are good. She always picks the worst songs to put as her singles. WANEGBT is one of the worst. If you want a good Taylor song, try State of Grace, Holy Ground, The Lucky One, Treacherous, This Love, Ours, Mary's Song, Invisible, Cold As You, Long Live, Innocent and Never Grow Up

Back to December and Teardrops on My Guitar are amazing though. I agree that songs like State of Grace and Treacherous are better though. - NiktheWiz

It's not a terrible song, but it's definitely a major understatement to Taylor's songwriting talents. I will say this though: this should definitely not be above I Kissed a Girl. - NiktheWiz

She writes to many break up songs - CartoonsLoverForever

To the person who said, "Yet, none, and I mean none of her hits are good.", I disagree with you a whole lot. While Bad Blood is plain pop manufactured bullcrap, and WANEGBT is definitely not her best, she has some other fantastic hits. "Blank Space" is a genius song satirizing the media's perception of her as boy-craving, rich girl, and she has many other amazing hits, as well.

Also, Cold As You is her worst song, by far. It's so unattractive.

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27 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

God, this song is so bad that it would be the soundtrack for a movie about poop. - 445956

28 Bon Appetit - Katy Perry

Look Katy. Really? Are you really spread like a buffet for seduction? Just stop! Now you're making me not want to eat anymore! I wish you'd just stop because your career is over. And another tip: Don't do ANY more songs like Peacock

I never got why it's hated. She uses tame food metaphors for sex. So what?
She is Katy Perry as she always was: a fun pop singer with often goofy lyrics and maximum catchiness. This is pure pop pleasure. Perry often stands for something such as tolerance, self empowerment and individuality, and in between she also delivers songs that are simply fun, like this one here. She sticks to the concept of food metaphors throughout, and that's actually more creative than just regular sexual lyrics. - Martin_Canine

29 Stimulated - Tyga

How is Shake It Off above this definition of disgusting? - 445956

Come on, guys. We really need a pedophile anthem in the top 20 at least. - NiktheWiz

Kool Savas, honorific title King of Rap, is widely regarded as one of the greatest lyricists in German hip hop with several full scores in serious music critic circles and one of his most acclaimed songs is pornographic and a bit fetishy with all the dirty details. Dirty details very literally. Very, very literally. He released the song "Pimplegioneah" in 2000, and since then it has received the status of a classic in German hip hop.

Why are people still so touchy in 2017 over the word "stimulated'? - Martin_Canine

It's not that we're touchy about that. It's that this song happens to be about Tyga bragging about raping Kylie when she was 17 (in other words, pedophilia) over Robert Miles' Children. - NiktheWiz

30 Knives and Pens - Black Veil Brides

Did this recieve hate?
Over here, this band is almost unknown, I just stumbled upon them on this website on the list about best emo bands, and everyone I played this song to liked it at least, if not loved it.
To me, this shows what reputation can do.
Nickelback, BVB, Insane Clown Posse, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Limp Bizkit - none of them is hated over here, they all are fairly well recieved. And I am sure that is because none of them ever had a true hype. BVB and ICP are secret tips (the critics love ICP though)? Limp Bizkit had one hit with their cover of Behind Blue Eyes), and Nickelback, Nicki and Wayne are well known but never were "the biggest" at the moment. They are all "easy to avoid" if you are not into them. - Martin_Canine

31 Never Say Never - Justin Bieber
32 How It is (Wap Bap...) - Bibi H.

This is annoying. Good German music is Beethoven and Bach. - 445956

The hate this song gets in Germany is insane. It's used synonymously with terribleness since it was released earlier this year. The entire German YouTube scene was talking about it and everyone made at least one video bashing it.
I initially didn't like it. It's so in-your-face cheerful that it ends up slightly annoying. But also: I heard worse. It's not a good song, she tries too hard to sound like artists such as Marit Larsen or Maria Mena, but while they are uplifting and refreshingly light-hearted (and rightfully receive positive reviews), Bibi comes off as too forced. But it's not the worst song if all time. Everyone who listened to Soulja Boy's debut album knows that there are miles between her and the bottom of the barrel.

People hate it mostly because she is a sell out YouTuber who sang this song only to make money and didn't even write it herself. She is a famous beauty and lifestyle YouTuber who is among the country's top 5 most subscribed channels but is also ...more - Martin_Canine

33 Hot Problems - Double Take

If there was a country called "awfulland" this would be the national anthem. - 445956

34 Best Song Ever - One Direction
35 All About that Bass - Meghan Trainor

I don't care about your bass or your music, I can't stand this song. - EliHbk

Its not a bad song..its supposed to teach people that its okay to be "fat". But on the other hand, it shames skinny people. - Catacorn

36 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
37 We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
38 Wiggle - Jason Derulo
39 Booty - Jennifer Lopez

This has to be one of the laziest songs about sex ever written. - NiktheWiz

Lazy song and terrible lyrics. How many times do they say the word "booty"? I counted, 49 TIMES. - Catacorn

We don't need songs about sex, ok?

Because sex is something bad? It's the most natural thing and it inspired artists of all kinds over the centuries. - Martin_Canine

It,s so weird

40 Juju on that Beat - Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall

Worst rap dance song of all time; enough said. - NiktheWiz

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