Top Ten Most Hated Sparta Remixers

Today we count down Top 10 WWWOOOORRRSSSTTT sparta remixers EVER found in the community.

The Top Ten

1 Azero9009

Azero9009 (Also known as AeroZero) is one of the worst remixers known to community. He's a gorestar, psychopath, suicidal, next-gen keemstar, aspie and a horrible ugly person, who gains fat to suicide and insult people for NO reason. - Trickstarx77

2 Alex The Savior

Remixes are too loud and has an attitude of a 9yo MLG 360 Dank Meme kid. - Trickstarx77

3 TehCanadianSpartan

Repeats the same crappy pitch shifts over and over and reuses his sources over and over again, he also gets really pissed off when someone tries to make a fake account of him, especially if its caylin, he mostly uses pitch shifts and all his sparta remixes has literately no variety

I'm imature -Foxy

4 EpicRemix o_0

A sexual anime freak with glasses, equipped with the worst attitude known to Pre-Adults. - Trickstarx77

5 TehEstonianSpartan

A 12yo kid who steals your friends, disrespects wiser people and has an immature attitude. - Trickstarx77

6 RazeMaza

(the Pekos). A really REALLY bad guy who you don't want to mess with. - Trickstarx77

7 Glamorous
8 Vibrant

I hope vibrant dies of cancer

Nobody likes Vibrant

9 Bazzie-D Spartan

Yes this is written by me (Bazzie-D Spartan). I am pretty bad at Spartas. I just use GarageBand and I can’t do Vegas well. Most of my GarageBand remixes are just of some GarageBand sample, without choosing a good and creative source. At least all the other contenders on this list have more talent than me (especially on Vegas).

10 O/

The Contenders

11 TehGerman Spartan

TES's (TehEstonianSpartan's) DOX buddy. - Trickstarx77

12 Cody Nutt

He overuses object shows and now is gonna overuse Ed Edd N Eddy

13 WBC
14 Lee Lee Lee A.K.A. Riceman

Forced me to choke on his rice

15 John Quacks

Don't Subscribe To John Quacks

He Likes Blossom

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