10 Most Hated Things About Elementary School

Some kids think elementary school is fun. Some think it's the most fun they will ever have in their lives. Well, it's not fun; it's prison

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1 Looking at the same teacher all day

SO TRUE...especially if your teacher is mean to you. You have to deal with the teacher for 8 hours every day while in middle and high school if you have a mean teacher you just have to suffer for 1 hour per day.

Laugh out loud yes! At least in middle school, high school, and college you have a bigger variety of faces each day to look at - NerdyPweeps

I HATE seeing the same teacher - mykaela

It really is annoying - mikeyjay

2 Walking in a single file line


And in the right side of the halls

Tell me about it

3 No lockers

Almond tree school sucked thank god I graduate - Comparisans

4 Being quiet in the hallway

I really hate it when teachers tell you to be quiet in the hallway. It's necessary on stuff like state test, but I hate when the teacher leaves the door open and still yells at the students to be quiet. Honestly, use common sense and close the door. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 No chewing gum

Some biches be havin bad breath - mykaela

6 Class punishments

In special ed miss roe’s class (she is now called Mrs skeborski now! ) I then that time was put in the dark room wanted revenge when I was participating in therapy afterwards they talked to me about that no longer consumed by my anger then that love _ KB

When I was in 1st grade kids were forced to stand in the "dunce corner" (really a small a carpet with large "X" duct taped on it) whenever they did something bad. They also had to face the back of the classroom. Talk about early public humiliation!

7 Coffee breath teachers

I'm a freshman in high school. ALL 8 YEARS, I HAD TO DEAL WITH THAT.

8 Dress code

They still have this in middle school and high school

9 No freedom

EVERYONE tattles over EVERYTHING! Hug someone really tightly: OOOH I'm WRITING YOU UP! Bring Pokemon cards when the teacher never said anything against them: OOH I'm WRITING YOU UP! And the teachers are the same, ask for a pencil whispering to your neighbor because you broke yours, DETENTION, (that actually happened to me except the punishment was a safety patrol STICKING HER NOSE IN MY BUSINESS SOME REASON, GOING OUT OF HER WAY TO WRITE ME UP :l)

10 Holding you back for not being "socially ready"

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11 Bullies Bullies
12 Old teachers

I had old teachers in 1st and 2nd grade and they were SO MEAN to me. They would forcefully grab me by the arm and either pick me up/drag me somewhere that I didn't like.

Seriously, how can elementary school get away with abusing/scarring innocent young children like this? Those teachers should've been fired!

According to the school district's website, she is still not fired as of 2018.

13 Singing baby songs
14 Playing the recorder
15 Immature kids

That means all then. We are immature at that age lol.

When I was in 3rd grade, one of my younger cousins was in the 1st grade. We went to the same elementary school. Sometimes when we were walking in the halls with our classes she randomly yelled out hi to me (and in my Chinese name, too! ). My classmates would give me weird looks and ask me questions while I had to explain to them that she was my younger cousin. It was so embarrassing!

Those kids who carry lunchboxes

16 Sick kids
17 Short recess

We only have 20 minute recess and I have spent about a month trying to do a backhand spring on the playground but have not had enough time to do it with the 20 minutes

It's unfair because in middle school high school and college you won't have recess.

18 No phones

This applies to ALL schools, not just elementary.

19 Gross school food

Once I bought lunch in 1st grade and I vaguely remember that I purchased a square pizza and PB&J sandwich with juice and an orange I think? and I refused to eat it cause it looked frozen and gross? (this was in the late 90s)

20 Lunch meals

Our school lunch is great!

21 Nose pickers

Tell me These Kids Wipe there (Boogers On the wall) My best Friend Leo Picked His nose In class
And I am a girl I was Laughing for 2 Sessions - BraixenBreak

22 The work

Math drills...ugh

23 You have to act mature in 5th grade

When I was in 5th grade I read a comic book once and the teacher told me that I wasn't supposed to read it cause "it wasn't appropriate for 5th graders"

24 Halloween parade

Mostly kindergarten and 1st grade kids bring their costumes to school and walk around the school grounds in a line while their parents take pictures and videos of them. The pictures may become very embarrassing once you reach high school and college age.

25 No official graduation ceremony for 5th graders

I had a ceremony for Kindergarten graduation but I didn't get one for 5th grade graduation.

26 The struggle of beating Treasure Mathstorm

In elementary school I played a game in the computer lab called Treasure Mathstorm and it was so hard. I couldn't beat it!

27 Gym class

I had to climb a rope, scoot on our butts, and do chin-ups!

28 It ends at 3:15 PM
29 The kid with the 64 pack of crayons
30 Mean/strict teachers

In 1st grade I had a teacher who got me in trouble for nothing CONSTANTLY.
In 5th grade I had a teacher who hated comic books.

31 Standing on the corner waiting for the bus

Especially during cold and inclement weather

32 Can't talk quietly in the library

In middle and high school you can talk quietly in the library but not in elementary

33 Misdiagnosing autistic kids as adhd
34 Forcing autistic kids to take unnecessary adhd medication
35 Math drills
36 Rope climb
37 Chin ups
38 Fractions

I had to add, subtract, multiply, and divide them

39 When your parents won’t give you money for the book fair
40 Being quiet during fire drills

In high school and college students were allowed to quietly talk during fire drills. The only exception was my high school special ed teacher.

41 Standardized testing

You have todo them in 3rd and 5th grade

42 No junk food allowed

Elementary school allows snacks, but they must be healthy.

43 Banned books
44 Bouncy balls

So boring

45 Assigned tables during lunch

In Elementary school I had to sit with my class during lunch and had no friends. All of my friends had different teachers.

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1. Looking at the same teacher all day
2. No lockers
3. No chewing gum
1. Class punishments
2. Being quiet in the hallway
3. Bullies
1. Looking at the same teacher all day
2. No chewing gum
3. No freedom


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