10 Most Hated Things About Elementary School

Some kids think elementary school is fun. Some think it's the most fun they will ever have in their lives. Well, it's not fun; it's prison

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1 Looking at the same teacher all day

I HATE seeing the same teacher - mykaela

Laugh out loud yes! At least in middle school, high school, and college you have a bigger variety of faces each day to look at - NerdyPweeps

It really is annoying - mikeyjay

2 No Lockers V 1 Comment
3 No chewing gum
4 Walking in a single file line

Tell me about it

5 Coffee breath teachers V 1 Comment
6 Being quiet in the hallway

I really hate it when teachers tell you to be quiet in the hallway. It's necessary on stuff like state test, but I hate when the teacher leaves the door open and still yells at the students to be quiet. Honestly, use common sense and close the door. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 Dress Code
8 No freedom

EVERYONE tattles over EVERYTHING! Hug someone really tightly: OOOH I'm WRITING YOU UP! Bring Pokemon cards when the teacher never said anything against them: OOH I'm WRITING YOU UP! And the teachers are the same, ask for a pencil whispering to your neighbor because you broke yours, DETENTION, (that actually happened to me except the punishment was a safety patrol STICKING HER NOSE IN MY BUSINESS SOME REASON, GOING OUT OF HER WAY TO WRITE ME UP :l)

9 Class Punishments
10 Short Recces

We only have 20 minute recess and I have spent about a month trying to do a backhand spring on the playground but have not had enough time to do it with the 20 minutes

It's unfair because in middle school high school and college you won't have recess.

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11 No phones
12 Lunch meals

Our school lunch is great!

13 Holding you back for not being "socially ready"
14 Immature kids V 1 Comment
15 Nose Pickers

Tell me These Kids Wipe there (Boogers On the wall) My best Friend Leo Picked His nose In class
And I am a girl I was Laughing for 2 Sessions - BraixenBreak

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1. Looking at the same teacher all day
2. No Lockers
3. No chewing gum
1. Looking at the same teacher all day
2. No chewing gum
3. No freedom



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