Why I Hate : Uplay

Skullkid755 Ah, Steam. You know, discussions, modding, chatting, PC gaming. It was so great. It still is great. I have Game Maker Studio, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Binding of Isaac, and Team Fortress 2 on my Steam account. I plan on getting Cities : Skylines on Steam also, and maybe even, Terraria. Yep, I've had it for a few weeks, and I love it. Valve is so amazing . . . Half Life, Portal, they are so awesome. And Steam has Minecraft clones too. And speaking of clones, we'll be hating on a very notorious PC gaming platform, made by Ubisoft, known as Uplay! Yep, anyone with a Steam account knows how bad this platform is. I do. And I have good reason to hate it, and that reason is called "personal experience."

So, you may be wondering how I came across Uplay in the first place. Well, I got a game once this year called "Far Cry : Primal". I saw the commercials and thought "a game that takes place in the stone age, I want that." So, wanna know something, I read a review of the game after a while, and someone said it is a more limited version of Far Cry 4.
Lesson : Read Reviews before buying.

I then find out you must use a CD key just so that it can make sure your copy isn't pirated. Well, Ubisoft, if you'd improve your platform, you'd decrease piracy a lot. In fact, just allow people to pay for the CD itself, have something incrypted into it, and finally, just let them put the CD disc in, and let the game install from the disc without Uplay trying to use up all your internet. We understand the need for patches Ubisoft, but there is a huge difference between 7 GB from a disc and 20 GB from the Internet. You can install the game from the disc, but it still wants to install the game using your internet.
Good, now Ubisoft is suddenly for people with unlimited internet. Woo hoo! I got 10 gigs and must use 20! Woop woop!

Next, we have the download speeds. It starts off downloading at a good speed, and eventually says it will take 200 hours to download. I must wait over a week to play a game I already own physically. Okay, I am not angry at you people right now. Not at all, I am only righting this rant because I'm a troll ... NO! I am not gonna please you Ubisoft. Go ask someone else, I won't praise Uplay for all the cash in the world.

Finally, here's what pushed me over the edge. The suspension of my account. I failed to log in so many times, my account was suspended. Why? What kind of security is that? I must reset my password to get back in. So, you allow the hacker to know my email address, which could be used in order to reset my password. And I may not find out until they finish the reset. Good security system!

So, in conclusion, Uplay is a bad platform by a good game company which gave us Assassin's Creed and more great game franchises, and has now proven they are good at making games, and that's what they're good for. Why did Uplay need to be invented. I just want one platform running everything for good convenience and less reasons to hate game companies. So, bye bye Ubisoft, I am not gonna get involved with your games on my PC anytime soon. This rant is complete, and bye.


Uplay sucks now a days but Ubisoft as a game company and Assassins Creed are epic just don't use Uplay on Computer - 2storm

Good - bobbythebrony

Nice rant - Nateawesomeness

This is a very good post! You've really improved on your grammar and punctuation a lot. I hope this post gets classified as high-quality! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It was - Skullkid755

Good review - Martinglez

Good enough reason, I guess. - visitor

I don't ever use uplay - visitor

Uplay isn't actually that bad, I was able to install Far Cry Primal a week ago with no problems. And I had no trouble getting back into my account. I actually regret this rant. - Skullkid755

And far cry primal is great - Skullkid755