Top 10 Most Hated Types of People

Well, there are tons of people who are hated the most. These are some of them.

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1 Arrogant People Arrogant People

Oh, I really dislike arrogance in a person, especially in a man. Loud, cocky, arrogant men are awful. - Britgirl

Totally agree, arrogant people are one of the worst types of people to land on Earth!

Don't like arrogant people. I can do this, I can do that, I am the best. Blah, Blah... - zxm

2 Rude People Rude People
3 Stupid People

Most of the world fits this category - bobbythebrony

4 Racist People

You have to feel sorry for ignorance. - Britgirl

There is nothing to to be proud of if you're born white.

Well I'm not black.And I don't I like white people harassing black people because of their color

What if you were born black? - zxm

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5 Dishonest People
6 Trolls
7 Pessimistic People

"I am the essence of pessimism." -Me, to my friend. - Merilille

I don't like pessimism. I like to be more of an optimistic person. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I am the biggest pessimist I know. And I am an awful person. - NoEntranceHere

8 Hypocritical People

I Hate Hypocrites - christangrant

9 Haters

Irony is that haters hate something too - Neonco31

10 Selfish People

The Contenders

11 Crazy People
12 Feminists
13 Homophobic People
14 Meninists
15 Beliebers

Say something good about Justin, everyone on TheTopTens will get you! Caution! - Neonco31

Maybe. But honestly, I didn't add this. - zxm

16 Over Confident People

Comes under arrogance... - Britgirl

17 Temperamental People
18 Nazis
19 Cyber Bullies
20 Bullies
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