Top 10 Most Hated YouTubers of 2017


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1 Jake Paul Jake Paul

Just watch Scarce. Lately ALL of his videos have been about him and the bad things he does.

He accused his neighbors of trying to kill him after he found out that something was wrong with the tire of the Team 10 van. And I wouldn't really blame them. I heard he is terrible to his neighbors, playing music very loud and making noise at night to the point where his neighbors can't sleep.
Jake Paul also filmed Post Malone's house and uploaded it on YouTube after he found out that Post didn't like him.
He was also fired from Disney's Bizaardvark because of the aforementioned (and more) drama surrounding him, but on Twitter he tried to make it look like HE was the one who chose to leave Disney.

All in all, he's a bad person, but he seems to be even worse at songwriting, i.e. "England is my city" - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Thank god Disney Channel got rid of Jake Paul. His fanbase consists of girls from the ages of 9-13 with missing brains. - Catacorn

England is a city? Thanks for spreading knowledge. - AlphaQ

He is a bully.

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2 Logan Paul Logan Paul

Not as bad as Jake though - TwilightKitsune

He is truly a disgusting human being. At first, I thought he was okay. He was a bit corny and stuck up for his bro, and made diss tracks and stirred up fake drama for views, but it was tolerable. Until, he posted THAT. I need not explain it as a lot of you have probably seen the video on LiveLeaks or something. He also disrespected the Japanese even though he said at the beginning of the video he was going to "respect" them. I honestly feel disgusted to be using the same site as him after this. - SkylarTheAngel

He was so disrespectful in the infamous suicide forest video and I don't think he truly realized his actions, it's all a big game for him. He has millions of people watching his videos and instead of using his platform to do something meaningful he is doing stuff like this.

Things he did:
-Be a racist
-Be a sexist
-Copyright infringement (changing like 3 lyrics in "handlebars" and then claiming it as his own song)
-Laughed at a suicidal person
lol I don't need to go on to every thing he's ever done.

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3 Onision Onision

I watch him when I'm bored, what he says confuses me sometimes but he still is entertaining. And what's with this "manipulative" stuff about him? - EliHbk

He's Emo and ugly. - AlphaQ

I think his motives are largely misunderstood by people who are looking for someone to hate. He is simply excersizing his God- given American right to have strong opinions. He even researches the topic at presents the information for you (the common public) to decide for yourself! I feel like people choose to dislike him because he presents truth and disregards political correctness. Unfortunately, people's self-righteous shenanigans have made him a broken man. Look past what you think he's saying ad looka t what he's actually saying, y'all!

Hate him

4 Fousey Tube

Fouseytube is as gay as they come, he's a manic unstable retards who thinks he will be a trillionaire one day lol. he's a joke

5 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere

Barely relevant, bad choice. - DapperPickle

Lol he's great. 12/10 - AlphaQ

6 SofloAntonio

Sofloantonio is a turd

7 Sky Does Minecraft

He isn't relevant anymore - ikerevievs

8 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 more.

PewDiePie's controversy temporarily caused a few non-English language YouTubers to get no money.
While internationally recognized YouTubers can get rich from YouTube, e.g. most German YouTubers have to frequently release videos to make a living. Some more than others, depending on circumstances such as product placement. Now since PewDiePie's scandal monetation got stricter and German YouTubers (who are generally a bit more liberal with their talks) could not monetize several of their videos for quite some time. As far as I know, everything is back to normal in the meantime, but this must have been fatal to some.

That being said... KuchenTV and JuliensBlog have this sort of humor throughout all of their videos. The "scandal" was ridiculous. - Martin_Canine

He's overrated. - Catacorn

Mainly due to the anti-semitism controversy he was temporarily a media target getting him hate. - jrodz

He’s a bit rude - ArcticWolf

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9 Trap Nation

Best youtuber ever

10 Rice Gum

Simply a terrible human being

Hate his Asian ass

Yeah he is terrible

Awful human bieing from the deapths of hell

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11 Magdalen Berns

Love her opinions, disagree with the stance on Trans issues but great female issues otherwise

She talk about women's issues. If it means hate for you maybe you're just mysoginist...

Smart and witty, videos are insightful,factual and educational, and also bloody inspirational.LONG LIVE THE LESBIANS AYY MAGDALEN REPRESNTS!

Transphobic trash

12 Toby Games
13 Riley J Dennis

Narcissistic, egotistical. Annoying.

Garbage man who belongs in the bin

He is simply homophobic and tries to disguise it with trans agenda

14 Roman Atwood

I strongly disagree with this. If anyone of you took the time to even watch is vlogs, you understand why he doesn't deserve to be here. Roman has done so much for vulnerable people. Have you seen his Make a Wish videos? How he brought one family an entire house to help one of the kids in a wheelchair. Not to mention that he brings such postive energy into his vlogs. Roman shouldn't be on here.

What did Roman do to y’all I love him.

You put roman atwood over jacob autistic and snake bitch

15 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius was born in Oklahoma. Jacob is a singer known for his top 90 hit Sweatshirt, which amassed over a million YouTube dislikes in less than a year, and other singles ABC remix and clips. Jacob Sarorius has a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media.

He is not cool at all people think he is awesome but he is not at all

Why is he still "famous"? - Catacorn

Coming soon from The Ultimate Daredevil... "To Give Jacob Sartorius a Chance"?

€�Cringe man”

16 Durv


17 Doodletones

She’s a damn attention whore.

I can’t stand this egotistical, manipulative, transgender bitch with an annoying voice. She likes to criticize even the minor problems of every Youtuber she sees and make a long-ass commentary about how much they suck because she thinks she’s perfectly right. She’s like Anika Sarkeesian.

18 BibisBeautyPalace BibisBeautyPalace

She is a beauty vlogger and lifestyle YouTuber who has one of the most subscribed channels in Germany. In 2017 however she released her debut single "How It Is (Wap Bap)" as Bibi H. and it caused a huge backlash. She was probably more hated in Germany for this song than Rebecca Black was for "Friday". - Martin_Canine

19 Boisilly Boisilly

Lol good content subscribe

Bad content. - Merggy

20 Miranda Sings

Just go Watch one of her videos

Her videos are very cringe - Kinda

21 Erika Costell

She's a dirty tampon and photo shops every thing

Only famous because of jake...

This bitch was pimping out Jake Paul by giving his fans plane tickets so they could sabotage Alissa's relationship with him. So Jake is a cheating ass hoe, but except him and his miss pimp wasn't getting the money.

Good thing Alissa left, but Jake is stupid for letting go a beauty with a good heart, and now is dating a snake who's face is so puffed up, it's like she did the Kardashian lip challenge with her whole face. Usually I wouldn't judge or make fun of someone's appearances, but when it's a bitch or bastard who has it coming, I don't care.

22 Tana Mongeau Tana Mongeau
23 Franchesca Ramsey
24 Sernandoe
25 KeemStar KeemStar Daniel M. Keem, better known online as Keemstar, Killer Keemstar, and formally DJ Keemstar, is an American YouTuber and online news reporter, best known for being the creator, producer and host of the YouTube drama show, DramaAlert, a source for news within YouTube. He is also one of the founding members more.

He spreads hate

He makes up lies

He only does YouTube for the money and doesn't care about his fans

He bullies innocent people

26 SSSniperWolf

Is Bad And A Liar

27 DanTDM DanTDM

He is the reason why random Bacon hair kids I don't know IRL are friending me on Roblox

He's a pretty good user you noobs

I no like him

28 TMossBoss

TMossBoss actually deletes comments and is more sensitive than Doodletones. He has also made videos crying about dislikes and Just a Robot and recently Mainstream Media Commentaries. He also has a big ego and says he's the hardest YouTuber in Washington state and he's a reactor that plays videos in their entirety and has no talent. He also ignored a suicidal girl that tried to contact him. Anyone that actually breaks the law is automatically the bigger lolcow, and the fact that he tries to defend stealing videos makes it even worse. Also, Doodletones' controversies happened mostly in 2016 and she wasn't that involved in the Alt and Neo CC dramas as people claim she is. Again, though, I respect your opinion on Doodle, but TMossBoss steals videos and is butthurt.

He also discredits people who don't show their faces.

What is this still doing in the "? "?


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29 Prankinvasion

Making little kids believe in his "pranks" should have a "paid actor" in HUGE font over the screen.

His videos are fake and they’re bad examples for young boys. Only 12 year olds watch them

Go watch his kissing prank videos, it’s SUPER cringe and creepy 😵🤢

30 Justin Bieber vevo
31 Austin Jones
32 Miniminter

He's an ass

33 KSI

He is full of spoilers

34 Officially Amy Slaton
35 Milo Stewart

Tries to impose opinions, soon to be on wrong side of history.

36 ArianaGrandeVevo
37 Daniel Simen

Search them on YouTube

38 TheBlackGamer
39 SuperMarioLogan SuperMarioLogan

SML is ok, pretty entertaining at least the entire video if not very entertaining - EliHbk

40 Ellis Browne

I'm finally on here and I am very underrated

42 Diamond Direction
43 Aussie Angler Pros

Such a douche.

44 Doctor Squish

Her voice gets on my nerves
I probably think she's racist

45 Social Repose
46 ItzArya
47 Drift0r

He has a way too exiting voice

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