Top 10 Most Hated YouTubers

I'm not saying I hate these YouTubers, but I'm just making a list of people who are hated for reasons.
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Jake Paul

He is a idiot, all he cares about is money and views and doesn't care about his fans when they are the ones who got him where he is. He is worst than his brother Logan Paul, all his videos are clickbait and shouldn't be watched. He might be nice in videos but real life, he isn't, he is rude and disrespectful. He steals smaller youtuber videos and gave them a copyright strike when he was the one who stole it, he belongs in hell. He is so fake in videos and in real life, most of team 10 members left because he was being so rude and mean to them. He doesn't have feelings for anyone, not even his own brother and parents, that's probably why Erika broke up with him, maybe he faked all that and just trying to get attention. Jake Paul should be the most hated person, not just on Youtube

He brainwashed and continues to brainwash kids for views. He is in it for the money and tries to do "good" things to cover it up. He clickbaits like none other. You really can't trust him at all. My younger brothers were fans and started acting obnoxious and rude, just like him. He is very disrespectful and doesn't really care about anyone but himself and his lambo. His career doesn't really benefit anyone but himself, in fact it makes things worse, kids are beginning to get the wrong idea of how they should act towards others and themselves. Jake has too much pride and you can clearly see that in his videos. He has done many bad things, and his followers see it very well, but are to brainwashed to think in any other way towards him and look at the other side.

I hate this guy this guy literally talks about himself and his ugly mansion. He has so much ego and no respect. He cheats, lies, and click baits in his videos. He made fun of Tessa, He bullied the Martinez twins, He cheated on Alissa, and faked his marriage with Tana just to get views, and money. That's why these team ten members left. Not only that, he also accused Faze Banks of assaulting his manager. After that came out to the public, a team ten member max Beaumont left after this information came out.

He is a total spoiled snotty nosed dependent unreliable awful person I don't know if he is the paul boy who yelled at a little boy who was a big fan but both logan and jake needed disipline growing up

Logan Paul Logan Alexander Paul is an American social media entertainer and actor. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine, in which the athletic Paul engages in physical comedy, including slapstick pratfalls and public splits.

He may have done something that most people found disgusting, but his sense to be apologetic and caring towards the organization that prevents suicide from occurring. Not to mention, you can see from his more recent videos that he has really grown as a person and wants to go out of his way to be a good person and kind to others. At this point, the internet hates him so much that everyone is trying to point out the little things he does and tries to surround him with controversy. Seriously, people need to not go out of their way to make someone else feel bad about themselves and everyone (especially Logan Paul) needs a second chance. GROW SOME THICKER SKIN HATERS!

No matter what you do, you can't overwrite around with a dead body. It was most probably a student who committed suicide. All other controversies aside, this should be more than enough to get him off of all internet platforms, but apparently not.

Despicable, the fact that he uploads a video of someone who committed suicide is just vile, disgusting, and just wrong. And of course, somehow he still got massive amounts of subs from it. He knows how to fool the algorithm, and he makes huge amounts of money from his disgusting, brain-washing, and overall morally wrong videos.

Logan Paul is disgusting.
To laugh at a suicide victim and film his corpse is absolutely cruel and sickening. I never had a problem with this man before he did this. It's inexcusable and he should've suffered more consequences.

Onision Gregory Daniel Jackson, known by his YouTube username Onision, is an American YouTuber and Internet personality.

No explanation needed, but I'll give one anyway. Only in 2019 he commit various crimes and various previous crimes had previously commit came to light. A disgusting, grooming creep. Hell, Chris Hansen went to his house, that quite the indicator, (although Hansen went about it incredibly poorly).

Changed his name to 'James Jackson', his wife Taylor (laineybot) claims to be trans and changed her name to 'Kai Jackson'. As of September 2019, multiple people associated with the "Jacksons"/"Avaroes" have come forward to out their child-grooming and sexual exploitation of minors - including the child they took into care at 16. Taylor/Kai has been accused of sending nudes to multiple MINORS & despite many people calling her a 'victim' of Onision's abuse, has demonstrated she is equally complicit in behaving inappropriately, illegally and with predation toward MINORS. Boycott them and boycott their advertisers!

Totally unacceptable due to the damage he's doing to the poor youtubers out there and I am pretty sure that millions of youtubers want him completely off the platform entirely and it makes me feel patronized.

Quite possibly the worst human being to ever exist on the face of the earth. The fact that he lives on the same planet as me makes me depressed.


So DISGUSTING. The upcoming generation is our future. You should be taking care of them, NOT screwing them up to have all of these developed mental illnesses.

Genuinely the scum of the Earth. I really hope he's been prosecuted and punished for what happened.

This guy is a maniacal, abusive psychopath and should be on the top of this list

Abusing and tormenting your children, like breaking their Xbox one. Hate this guy.

RiceGum Bryan Le, known by his online pseudonym RiceGum, is an American YouTube personality and musician. As of May 2018, his main YouTube channel, RiceGum, has 10.4 million subscribers, with an additional 1.5 million subscribers on his second channel, RiceGumExtra.

He knows his channel is for kids, he knows it and he promotes gambling websites. His repetitive content and boring personality is only made up for with the size of his wallet; let's be honest, nobody watches RiceGum for his Vlogs, people watch it to see bullying. On that note, his racist behavior in China which he played off as a joke when he, once again, faced backlash is just humiliating, I feel embarrassed for him.

Did you guys see his fortnite videos for every time he killed a player the girl had to take one piece of clothing off? I was like 9 when I accidentally watched that (even though it was more likely fake it wasn't appropriate at all). AND THE DISTRACKS! There's no need for them! Don't forget the time he made a video about the Theodd1sout.

He's a bad influence in the media, with his obsessive bragging and constant lies, clickbait, criticisms that don't make sense and cyberbullying, which could be excused if it was actually funny and justified, but isn't.

This is an Asian who hates his own race but is constantly reminded by his white and black friends that He Is Asian

James Charles

If you guys still hate him for the Tati scandal. Then you guys are living under a rock. He debunked everything that Tati claimed. Tati is the manipulator. She did this just for her company. Basically ruining James Charles is a pr stunt. Jeffree star is just a bandwagon. I feel sorry for him and I'm not a fan of him

He didn't make any mistakes. That's an excuse. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing and betrayed the trust of many. Manipulating straight men also is not "Just a mistake" He KNEW what he was doing when he was approaching those straight men. There are no excuses for his behavior.

I think James just made a mistake and all of you people who are talking bad about him are haters. Everyone makes mistakes, if you think you are perfect then you are self-centered and you think too highly of yourself. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. to be honest if Tati is so nice wouldn’t she just forgive and forget what happened and let him live a normal life. I never liked Tati and now I for sure will never subscribe to Tati in my life, that’s a promise. James hang on and please try to learn from your mistakes and use those mistakes as an opportunity to learn and become a better person.

I missed the good old days when makeup used to be a minimal essential in every girls closet, but these douchebags absolutely ruined it, and they also ruined YouTube.

Keemstar Daniel M. Keem, better known online as Keemstar, Killer Keemstar, and formally DJ Keemstar, is an American YouTuber and online news reporter, best known for being the creator, producer and host of the YouTube drama show, DramaAlert, a source for news within YouTube. He is also one of the founding members more.

He ruins lives, he supports slavery, he makes fun of people with CANCER, he causes people to go on full meltdowns and even suicidal thoughts, either get off this planet or get off the entire internet and be remembered as the most hated person to ever exist on YouTube.

He is so...oo annoying. His voice and his attitude
are VERY annoying, and he's kinda creepy. He is an a-hole, and deserves to kicked off of YouTube. Some days I wonder if youtube will get worse. I was wrong. When I heard of keemstar I think I got problems. Without being said...I HATE KEEMSTAR! Sry if this didn't make sense but now you know I hate keemstar.

The man absolutely exagerates some of the things he reports. Stuff that may ruin some poeple's lives. Creating drama where there is none. Most mainstream media nowadays I suppose

He fabricates stories for money from YouTube. He is a parasite of YouTube which we don't need.

PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, more.

Is Pewdiepie a Nazi? An alt-right? I don't know man, we don't know. He seems like a genuine dude who just makes mistakes. Like a person.

The problem is it doesn't mean I can cancel out the fact that he reeks of those bad qualities. With that big of a fan base, being a nice guy isn't just enough. It's an especially big responsibility since that fan base comes with Nazis you need to tip-toe around and not accidentally pamper their propaganda.

I've got beef with him because his usual response to the criticism of how he's not handling the responsibilities of his huge platform is to laugh, and continue with his videos. Maybe we'll get a short post about it if we're lucky.

It's the awful truth. This 'good guy' has this much power, when's he going to be responsible?

I AM ONLY VOTING FOR PEWDIEPIE FOR THE COMMENT. Do not get me wrong, he should not be on this list. People envy and hate him, just because he has 100 million subscribers. What's wrong with being good at youtube? They should see him as a role model (not the cussing). Even if he does cuss though, he is kind at heart. He should not be on this list.

how is he annoying?
he cares about the environment, he is good to his fans and he is a good Youtuber and people are just hating on him because of two reasons

1: he has 100 million subscribers

2: everyone is hating him because others do and they are trying to fit in

he is my favourite Youtuber and before seeing him on the worst Youtuber list, make your own opinion.

Pewdiepie is on here because a lot of people (unjustly) hate him. Because he has so many subscribers, a lot of YouTubers and corporations are jealous. He doesn't deserve any of the hate though. He is honest and funny, unlike a lot of other YouTubers on the list.

Sam Pepper

Why, of all YouTubers, do I have to share a birthday with this terrible person?

A rapist should never get a second chance no matter who the are

Not only rapist but does "social experiments"

He is a wiener and he bullies his friends


When my little brother started watching his cringe filled videos it got me wondering about how his mother was basically a good example on how he is now. When morgz broke up with kiera bridget it was because his mom thought it was a good idea to make it sound like she cheated on him. Watching that video made me say wtaf!

I used to be a fan and I hate him now he always copies mr beast and he is so loud I watched him didn’t realise the volume was on 100 and he was screaming and my ears nearly broke, he copies mr beast not even that well -_-. He should die in a hole

He abuses his parents, all for views and money. His videos are fake. He copies Mr Beast directly. His parents let him do this for MONEY and he acts like he owns the world.

Loud, annoying, overly exaggerates everything he does. He even drags his parents into this (poor people). He's just a cringy content creator for stupid children

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He manipulates other Youtubers such as Elvis The Alien, Herotic, etc. He rants at every single so called 'cringey' person possible. He uses others, but never credits them (example= HeyWatchYourMouth). He is unique at first but his videos becomes more repetitive over time. His fanbase is annoying and rude. He backstabbed Keemstar (even though Keemstar is worse). And many more.

Actually someone that deserves to be on this list

Crap and hates onision


Shane Dawson Shane Lee Yaw, known professionally as Shane Dawson, is an American YouTuber, writer, comedian, actor, director, musician, and media personality.

I wonder how people are going to react to this now since he's being cancelled. He knew that he drug James Charles down, and he also use Eugenia Cooney for monetary purposes. He also wore blackface in the past. *sigh* I can't believe I thought he was funny a decade ago.

He doesn't even deserve to be one the list of hated people. He deserves way more than that.

Why is he 3rd!?! Shane is hilarious! I love Shane! Go check him out and you'll love him too! He's my favorite youtuber!

His channel is great! I love watching a racist manchild wear blackface and promote obesity! Yeah! He's great!


He isn't funny, he is just irritating. However, he's not the worst. Channels like Onyx Kids, FUNnel Vision, DaddyOFive, Onision, Goo Goo Gaga, and Durv are much worse.

He is worst. But not like Onyx kids, FUNnel Vision, Onision, Goo goo Gaga

No super super bad


An inhumane, self-righteous, non-for-profit; the kill the animals they "save" when they realize that they cannot pay for their lives.

I'm gonna eat a hamburger and pet my dog. The funk you gonna do about it?

I threw up after reading the channel description.

PETA needs to burn in Hell for all eternity.

Jacob Sartorius Rolf Jacob Sartorius (known by his middle name), born October 2, 2002, is an American singer and internet personality, who rose to fame via social media from posting lip-syncing videos on and his Vines (on Vine). In 2016, he released his debut single "Sweatshirt", which reached the Hot 100 more.

I do understand he mean well, but he does also need to focus more on school, not girls. All of the songs he write are about breakups or the girl he is love with this week. I would have rather watched paint dry, than hear him sing. One day, just one day maybe auto-tune will die out, and he will be an amazing singer. For now, he just needs to think about his song choice.

Why is he behind shane dawson shane is the best yall don't know what your talking about you have to watch his videos... way better

Annoying and full of himself. This is why growing up rich and famous is bad for you.

A younger version of Jake Paul. This spells the end of humanity


If you pay attention to the music video, there is a TERRIBLE sight gag. He is in the car, with his phone in one hand AND THE STEERING WHEEL IN THE OTHER. This means that he PLAYS Pokemon GO WHILE DRIVING. Worst, most inappropriate, terrible, pointless, badly encouraging, joke. (If it even WAS a joke! )

He dissed JackSepticEye, he thinks he is hard, ruined Nirvana and Linkin Park songs, compared Trump (who is OK I think) to Hitler, can't sing/rap/dance and gives buck teethed kids a bad name.

He is the creator of the cringeworthy songs and he threatened to kill meat eaters

The only I like misha BUT it was a little to inappropriate for a kid to play pokèmon go!


His channel consists of him with a voice changer that makes him really high pitched and practically screams into the microphone. He really does not deserve as many subscribers as he does other people should have way more than what they do!

He was just a hyperactive character who filmed with an extremely shaky camera and just screamed around and acted high and crazy. His jokes were n't that funny like his fans say they were and he was talking too fast to keep track of what he was saying. I mean how did he become the 1st to get 1 million subs? Thank god he stopped doing that.

He was so annoying with his hyperactive behavior, high-pitched voice & excessive shaky camera work. He acted crazy & messy. I can’t believe he was the 1st to ever get 1 million subs & over. At least he was original though.

Daddy0five doesn't deserve to be on here. People hate hkm because Philip Franco made false rumors about him. I've watched Daddy0five many times before and he isn't a child abuser

Jack Doherty

He is cool... makes really cool vids and I think he should not be on this list.. he does not talk bad about people he makes them laugh and happy...

Literally the worst behaved kid on the planet. One day he will grow up and he won’t make it in this world. I hope he messes with the wrong people.

He is cool like is videos don't put him on the bad list and morgz I like his videos but not the pauls jake and logan ug they were mean to the Martinez twins

Legit his videos suck and he sounds so fake


T-Series does not really care about YouTube. They just register Indian music for sale and also promote it. By the way they do a lot of charity work in India.

They shouldn't be #1 on YouTube, they just release trailers and songs from Indian guys. PewDiePie does content he created, while T-Series "makes" content from others.

I think t serious should not be here as I read a article which said that t series is actually donating money and even doing social work. Please don't hate the company and I don't think they use bots to subscribe the channel after all you tube is a huge community.

They cheated the sistem because google was getting people from india to make Youtube accounts and guess who is on the top of recomended when you make an indian youtube account... that's right, T-Series

Vegan Gains

Unpleasant is a very tame word to describe him. I would use the words "insane" or "mentally impaired". It's incredible that a piece of crap like him is still walking the streets. You'd think that the police would of confiscated his knives or put him on a watch list.

Vegan is all you really need to know about this guy...Although he is also insane

Stop trying to force vegan ideas down our throats goddammit.

As the name suggests..Another cringy and unpleasant vegan


Disrespects the dead and their families, however he does make fire music

The devil died and re-incarnated into Golden Cookie. Douchebag.

Behold, GoldenCookieYT: The dickwad who uses dead celebs for fame and fortune.

I will come to your house and find you.


This dude is hated cause he dislikes very popular YouTubers like Smosh, Shane Dawson and RayWilliamJohnson. And this person to me is a pretty good YouTuber. So if you want to surport Underrated YouTubers. Then PMRants is for you.

He is ok? Sometimes

Whoa Vicky

Thinks she black but isn't and is a prick

And she be offending her own race she white! sorry to say

She is weird but kinda funny

no racist

The Irate Gamer

I hate him so much I smells like cheesy feet

Unbreakable mirror.

JustinBieberVEVO Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

Like wow. He just sucks so badly. He is one of the worst singers ever! Just admit it, he gotten into SO MANY scandals, he’s rude to his fans. He has some of the most hated music videos ever. His songs are trash. He can’t sing very well. He just needs to go.

He’s the reason why I hate the word “baby” now. He’s not even a good singer. Also, his fan base is mostly teenage girls and older(ish) women who were teens back when he was big.

He went on stage, and took all his clothes off. This guy is a pervert.

Justin bieber sucks and his music and carrerr should go burn in hell, with stink bugs.

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