Top 10 Most Hated YouTubers


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21 Bart Baker Bart Baker
22 Durv

An official god of clickbait. Boss baby answered FaceTime,! Come on, that's disgraceful. What's worse is that some people believe these videos are real.

23 Vegan Gains

Mentally unstable

24 MattyBraps

This Kid Is So Annoying his fanbase consists of screaming 9 YEAR OLD GIRLS WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT QUALITY CONTENT IS.

25 TheFineBros
26 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere

He is actually one of my favorites. You realize that he criticized as a joke. That is why he has a disclaimer. - Gbs21

Crap and hates onision

Cyber Bully.


27 Eugenia Cooney

She's a horrible human being. Yes, I know she has anorexia (everyone knows) but that doesn't gain her any sympathy points. She KNOWS that her oufit videos showing off her anorexic, dying body are influencing young girls who want to look like her. Instead of stopping she smiles and says that 'she's not trying to influence them'. Well she can stop doing the videos then! She doesn't care at all about those girls she's influencing which makes her a selfish girl. I honestly don't have any sympathy for her.

28 BigBrudda
29 Nicole Arbour

She is mean and hates nice people who she's never met

30 PinkSheep

He is a minecraft youtuber (minecraft is over rated in my opinion) and he OR she uses text to voice, which is a pain to my ears

31 ApoRed ApoRed
32 Gligar13Vids
33 DashieXP

NO! His mortal kombat videos are Hilarious!

Dashie is a funny YouTuber gamer and content creator. His content is original. He may be loud but its who he is. He respects his fans and takes in their opinion. Whether he decides to follow their opinion or not, he always stays true to himself. He should deserve more positive recognition. Hopefully when his mixtape drops in 2050, people will be blessed my his rapping skills. XP

34 XboxAddictionz
35 Master of Luck
36 Dillon The Hacker
37 Sedona Pecucci
38 Mariotehplumber
39 Da Bezd Chanl
40 LifeInATent
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