Top Ten Best Hatsune Miku Derivatives


The Top Ten

1 Akita Neru Akita Neru

Are these all crappy Mike knockoffs? - TwilightKitsune

2 Yowane Haku Yowane Haku

Haku is very unique. Instead of a just being a recolored Miku with a few other changes, Haku wears a very different outfit from Miku, while still being Miku's derivative.

Haku is, in my opinion, more well known.

Haku and Neru are definitely the best two Miku derivatives, because they are already ascended fan derivatives (That means they're official vocaloids now). But I think Haku is better than Neru because of:
Yowane Haku's design has more thought placed into it. Neru's is simply a recolor of Miku Hatsune with a few changes. I am not bashing on Neru. I love Neru a lot. Haku is just the better Miku Derivative.
A lot of Haku's songs have a lot of emotion, because she is a depressed, sad vocaloid. There are also songs where she sounds completely drunk. Also, her voice is low, and it sounds really great in a lot of songs.
Haku even has her own song in the Evillious Chronicles. That shows that she is more popular than Neru.

3 Zatsune Miku Zatsune Miku
4 Tonarine Sai Tonarine Sai
5 Hachune Miku

She is a chibi version of her! She is not a deraive!

6 Juon Kiku Juon Kiku
7 Sakura Miku Sakura Miku
8 Yuki Miku Yuki Miku
9 Hatsune Mikuo Hatsune Mikuo

Terrible ripoff

10 Hatsune Zumi Hatsune Zumi

The Contenders

11 Hazure Miku
12 Hagane Miku
13 Aku Yamine
14 Meikane Kiru
15 Mouya Mete
16 Zatsune Mikuo Zatsune Mikuo

so cool!

17 Hatsune Mikudayo
18 Calne Ca Calne Ca
19 Matsume Hika
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