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1 Relakan Jiwa

This song gave me chills every time I heard it. Beautiful, powerful Hazama appreciation in this song. Everynight before I sleep I heard this song. Good job to the singer and the composer of this song. You make me very happy (even though this song is sad) every time I heard this song and you gave me inspiration when I heard this song. Thank you so much Hazama. You are awesome.

Best Hazama song ever, a heart touching voice and a very good appreciation and a strong melodies and lyrics. No one Hazama song in this list can ever beat this song.

Best Hazama song ever, beautiful melodies. I'm kinda dissapoint that this song not joined a Anugerah Juara Lagu because this song deserve to join because the great melodies.

Perfect touch by Manusia Putih (adi 6ixth sense), Litterally best Hazama song ever sang ever!.

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2 Malaikat
3 Sampai Mati

Great song by Hazama, nice appreciation by Hazama and he singing with his heart man. Should be in at least top 2.

Perfectly perfect appreciation by Hazama voice in this song plus the great melody that composed by Omar K and Audi Mok. Hazama sing this song truely honestly from his heart man.

4 Di Amaran Mama

Literally a catchy song, catchy lyrics, a different style from the Hazama song. This song definitely awesome. Put it on top 2!

I don't know why this song isn't in the top 2, Catchy cheesy song. Perfect touch by Ajai. Please guys please, vote this song until top 2!

A great R&B song by Hazama.

5 Cinta Teragung
6 Simetri
7 Penglipur Lara

Penglipur Lara in no 7!? , what, This song should be higher. Unique and catchy tune, with a powerful voice by Hazama, creative lyric. Vote it in top 3 guys!.

8 Noktah
9 Aku Mau Dia
10 Aku Yang Sebenar

Love this song! - mukhlzaxc876

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