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1 Alastor

I just love his voice, his design and his personality plus he is funny unlike most villains that, I feel makes him unique...but I have to wonder I think ANGEL DUST should be at LEAST second...

Best character out of this great cast. Everything is amazing from the design, the voice, the personality, the backstory, and the aura of mystery. Also, he is quite charming and hilarious at the same time.This is the character that draws you into the show.

What can I say? He's so mysterious, he deserves the first place

He is an interesting and mysterious character

2 Husk

OwO I just love him, his purrsonality as well, I adore how he's like an alastor fuzzball. So cute

Great character



3 Charlie

She is the cutest character I have ever experienced in this show. It is the way she cares about her subjects, her positive mood and a very passionate personality. I also love her voice as well. It just suits her of being...well...her. I just...just love this innocent sweet bean and I want more of her when the pilot comes out.

she so cute
I can squeeze her

4 Angel Dust

Bruh this dude has got to be on the wrong list. I thought FOR SURE that he'd be in second! No hate to the other characters, just that I think he deserves more than fourth place.

*sigh* Obviously There is something wrong with the Ranking list... Looks like they got Angel Dust in the Wrong rank. Jeez... He should be after Alastor or even the First!


Shouldn’t he be, like, number 2 or even 1?

5 Baxter

I really don't understand HOW he is Viv's least favorite character.

6 Vaggie

She's so underrated. She is loving and protective of Charlie and anyone who she thinks will be hurt by Alastor.

I wanted to spread a fan theory on how this character died I believe that vaggie was kidnapped and assaulted due to this she started to develop ptsd and took pills she eventually had enough so she had commited suicide thus why shes in hell due to the belife of suicide being sinful. she is one of my favorite characters as well. -cascade

7 Blitzo

he's the best

8 Sir Pentious

he good enough


9 Niffty

Nifty is such a young child so how did she get to hell you ask well me and a small fandom percent think she was a troubled abused kid and she was small enough to fit in the chimney thus around hr time people pushed small children into chimeys to clean them and she died once when the flames were intentionally not extinguished but why is she in hell then well I think that she had been a acused witch and even the so called loving god sought her inner evil so she is trapped in hell now. -cascade

She’s cute

10 Cherry Bomb

Not much is known about cherry bomb other than her destructive mafia like roots exactly like angel dusts now in the pilot she recruits angel dust to help her so they may have known each other before death cherry bomb was mst likely killed by a bomb because of her oneeye and in her original art she had as a pupil a bomb. -cascade

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11 Crymini

Wolfie be cute

12 Moxxie
13 Tom Trench
14 Dazzle

Another floofy goat man

15 Vox
16 Stolas
17 Lilith
18 Razzle

Adorable goat man

19 Millie
20 Katy Killjoy

No one has a single theroy on killjoys death but I think since shes a reporter that she was just reporting on a crime that happened but she was partially involved with leading to a broken neck leaving her to her devices at home but no one forgot the famous reporter killjoy. some had a biased on her so when killjoy was going outside defenseless killjoy had been killed by an anvil set by people who wanted her gone. this explains why shes in hell and why every time she moves you hear extreme crackling noises from her body. -cascade

She's so underrated but amazing

21 Mimzy
22 Velvet

Adorable lil overlord

23 Lucifer


24 Roo
25 Harold Von Eldritch
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