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1 Game of Thrones Game of Thrones Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones.

Now this is what I am looking for if hbo cancels this show which they are and try to make a show that's better they would not make it better by the way I have been watching this show since the beginning

I was skeptical until I watched the show...can't wait for the last season

This is the only right answer to question...

Such a great show

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2 The Sopranos The Sopranos The Sopranos is an American crime drama television series created by David Chase. The story revolves around fictional New Jersey-based, Italian American mobster Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini). The series portrays the difficulties that he faces as he tries to balance his home life and his criminal organization. more.

Redefined what a television show can be and set the standard for subsequent HBO programming - Billyv

3 The Wire The Wire The Wire is an American crime drama television series set and produced in Baltimore, Maryland. Created and primarily written by author and former police reporter David Simon, the series was broadcast by the cable network HBO in the United States.

My favorite show of all time. I think the reason that puts this show a step ahead of my other favorite shows: (The Sopranos, GOT and Breaking Bad) is that the problems presented in the Wire seem so real. And Baltimore is a state away from where I live. The Wire can be boring at times, but those final season montages are AWESOME. Kima's undercover mission was the most tense moment I've seen on T.V.. I recommend the Wire to anyone who enjoys a good drama, or anyone who is tired of the way the United States is currently going. In the words of Bodie: "We either step up, or step the bleep off! "

Baltimore at it's best, which is always fun.

4 Boardwalk Empire

The Most Cinematic Television Show of All-time. The Godfather of Television.

5 Curb Your Enthusiasm Curb Your Enthusiasm Curb Your Enthusiasm is an American comedy television series produced and broadcast by HBO that premiered on October 15, 2000. The series was created by Larry David, who stars as a fictionalized version of himself.

This show is hilarious. If you like Seinfeld you would probably love this show and have a lot of laughs.

6 Oz

So many life lessons in this series and some of the finest acting ever cast.

7 True Blood
8 Veep

I love this show. It is so funny and well-developed. The whole cast is great.

9 Sex and the City
10 True Detective True Detective True Detective is an American anthology crime drama television series created and written by Nic Pizzolatto.

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11 Todd McFarlane's Spawn
12 Girls
13 Deadwood Deadwood Deadwood is an American western television series created, produced, and largely written by David Milch, that aired on the premium cable network HBO from March 21, 2004 to August 27, 2006, spanning 36 episodes and three seasons.
14 Silicon Valley

I have been watching this show for a month and I instantly hooked. It is very funny and well-developed. I hope that it does not get cancelled any time soon.

I started cracking up watching this less than ten minutes into the first episode.. This show is hilarious

15 Westworld
16 Carnivale
17 Rome Rome Rome is a British-American-Italian historical drama television series created by John Milius, William J.

Why isn't this higher? One of the best shows ever. Albeit it had a short run.

18 Six Feet Under Six Feet Under Six Feet Under is an American drama television series created and produced by Alan Ball. It premiered on the premium cable network HBO in the United States on June 3, 2001, and ended on August 21, 2005, spanning five seasons and 63 episodes.
19 The Newsroom
20 Band Of Brothers
21 Tales of the Crypt


22 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Best variety show ever! He knows what is happening in the world around him and adds great humor to it.

Nothing is better than watching a bank accountant parrot talk about the end of the world

23 The Leftovers
24 Entourage
25 Crashbox

Awesome HBO Family show! - pikacory02

26 Real Time with Bill Maher
27 I Spy
28 Penny Dreadful Penny Dreadful Penny Dreadful is a British-American horror drama television series created for Showtime and Sky by John Logan, who also acts as executive producer alongside Sam Mendes.
29 Sesame Street Sesame Street Sesame Street is a long-running American children's television series, produced by Sesame Workshop and created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett.
30 Divorce
31 Crashing

This is such a hilarious show. It stars Pete Holmes and it is really funny. I hope that season 3 will continue to bring the same laughs.

32 Barry

This is such a great show with an amazing cast and brilliant writing.

This show has a stellar cast and great acting.

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