Top 10 Reasons Why Abortion is Not Okay

Liberals think abortion is okay. What kind of thought is that? Abortion is NOT okay and here's why...
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1 It's the killing of an innocent human being

So what? Just because someone has the right to life, it doesn't mean they have the right to use someone else's body, without their consent. End of discussion. If a women didn't consent to be pregnant, then the fetus has no right to live of using her body, just like if someone didn't consent to donate their organs, then no body has the right to use their body. Why give a fetus the special right to use someone else's body, if no one else gets that right? Because the women put the fetus their in the first place? So what, we should all get equal rights, and not be giving that special rights to the fetus.

2 It destroys the work of God

You mean from a book OF LIES. People who are around 500 years old in THE BIBLE. Oh haha people could live that long, why can't they now. How could Noah build an Ark at that age? I'm surprised he could even WALK. Tell me why was it a SERPENT talking to Adam and Eve instead of SATAN. How could someone SURVIVE in a stomach of a WHALE. Giants and talking donkeys NO that's just STUPID. Hey lets put a baby in a basket and send him down the River Nile. So when is this RAPTURE with things that have happened MANY times War, Bad weather? So you are WRONG there is NO Christian God the Bible is a LIE.

3 It's a sin
4 It's an unsafe procedure

To be fair, pregnancy is pretty unsafe as well.

Giving birth is dangerous but way safer.

5 Life starts at the moment of conception

Okay, let's say that there is a fertilized egg in a petri dish. A random person comes along and destroys the fertilized egg. Should they spend life in jail, or even be eligible for the electric chair?

Once the sperm and egg combine, life begins. So yeah, abortion is murder

What does that have to do with this?

6 It violates civil rights

Those in favor of abortion, who were fortunate not to be aborted by their own mothers, deny the rights of others to be born and have life. How selfish and unfair.

The woman isn't allowed to do what she wants with her own body but the fetus has every right to use someone else's body. Nice.

What about the right of someone to regulate their own body?

7 It's damaging to families and relationships
8 People think it solves their problems, but it just creates new ones
9 It compounds tragedy
10 It costs more money than just buying condoms
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11 It shows how people are irresponsible for their actions

And we should be punished for that for 18 years.

12 It breaks the abortion cycle
13 You could just put the baby up for adoption
14 The person inside you is not part of your body
15 It encourages unsafe sex without consequence
16 It normalizes ableism
17 It can hurt the mother mentally
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