Top Ten Signs Someone You Might Know is a Serial Killer, Stalker, or Psychopath

Note, just because someone acts like this does not mean that they are in fact a serial killer oe psychopath. They might be. Or they might not. But either way it's best to be careful and prepared. If your best friend or someone you know is not who they seem… you might want to know in advance… before they hurt or even kill someone.

Also, this list should not be used as a diagnosis. These items are just things that serial killers do in order to get people to trust them. It is not an official document or an official way to tell if someone is a serial killer.
The Top Ten
1 They act very clingy

Serial killers and psychopaths tend to hang around their victims as much as possible, in order to gain their trust and learn more about them, such as their victim's address, phone number, and other personal information that can eventually lead them to where you live so they can hurt you.
also. these are only the signs that you can see, not the signs on other lists like "they abuse animals" and stuff that they do in secret. this is how they act in front of others.

Should I be nervous that you know all these things? Great list!

uh oh, all of these apply to... me! Aieee

2 They always ask for personal information

In order to find you or break in at night, instead of during the day, serial killers will get to know you a little, they will get you to trust them, and then they will ask for personal information like your address. Then they will use that information to track you down and kill you.

This seems really scary to be honest, you’re asleep so it’s hard to help it.

3 They are very nice and extroverted

like Ted Bundy, for example. he was very nice around his peers and friends. very charismatic and charming guy. people trusted him.
and that's how they lure you in. they act nice and kind. they get you to trust them. you lower your guard.
and then they kill you.

4 They seem to always be where you are

stalkers in particular will always seem to be wherever you are. following you around like a puppy dog. a big mean angry killer puppy dog. you may not see them, because they are excellent at hiding. if you see someone in a car who seems to be following you, get on a highway or someplace with a lot of people. do NOT go to a secluded road.

5 They remember everything you say about yourself

they remember what you say and store it for later use. information such as what you look like, where you live, places near you, anything and everything can be stored in their minds and used to track you down and possibly hurt or kill you.

6 They act mysterious and off

possibly the most obvious item here. the loners tend to be the ones who are monsters inside, they act seclusive and unemotional, they do things that seem normal to them but not to others.

7 Their happiness and joviality seems forced

ever met a person who you can tell is faking a smile? the smile doesn't quite reach their eyes. they will pretend to be happy, pretend to be friendly--all the while faking their joviality.

8 They don't tell you any of their secrets

they make you share your secrets, let you open up to them, but they never open up to you or tell you their secrets.

9 They agree with everything you say

so as to not raise suspicion. they don't want to do anything to make you not trust them. they want your trust so they can take advantage of it.

10 They follow all your social media and ask questions about it

so as to gain personal information and have a way to verify it.

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